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Ending Life: When Is It Right? Seminar

The Central PA Chaplain Corps is presenting a seminar exploring the ethics of ending life support, the grief and loss experienced, and the healing that can come when making life ending decisions. The seminar will be lead by chaplain/author Nancy Magargle.

This three-hour seminar explores end-of-life decisions from the perspective of biblical ethics. It will be followed by a Question & Answer session.

Nancy Magargle’s struggle, depicted in her book, A Time to Die, A Time to Live, Making and Moving Beyond End-of-Life Decisions, illustrates the need to know the will of God when faced with life and death dilemmas. Nancy’s own struggle regarding the care of her daughter who was left with the shell that held her eternal spirit after being fatally injured in a traffic accident provides the backdrop for this discussion. Her daughter’s death left her feeling empty inside and wondering if God could ever love her after making the decision to withdraw life-support. This seminar will facilitate others to move through the grief process and beyond the guilt associated with loss, to a place of intimacy with the Lord.

Loss often catapults us into a crisis of life and faith. Magargle’s motivation is to help others see that their intrinsic value originates from the image of God within them. Her story illustrates the need to forgive self and others, to show compassion toward those faced with life-altering decisions, and to become aware of judgmental attitudes. In this age of bioethics, we as Christians must articulate and defend the biblical foundation that sets us apart from a utilitarian-dominated society. With today’s medical advances, discussions surrounding end-of-life decisions are necessary. It is critical to sort through the individual, moral, spiritual and scriptural ramifications of these issues. In doing so, others may come to realize the truth of God’s love, provision, forgiveness and his unique purpose for every life.

Nancy uses her family’s experience to frame the bioethics of end-of-life decisions in three perspectives: Biblically, ethically, and in light of public policy issues.

Nancy’s book will be available for sale following the seminar.

Please register by Sunday, October 1st by emailing or calling (814)799-0325.

A $15 donation is suggested for this seminar, but not required.

Start Time: 9:00 am
Location: Hope Community Church
Address: 1520 11th St, Altoona, PA, 16601 (map)
Phone: 814-799-0325
Occurs: October 7th 2017 at 9:00 am

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