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FREE Mindfulness in Everyday Life- the Why and a few How’s at the BPS Zen Den


Mindfulness is a more mainstream term these days but you may not really understand what it refers to...Or what it might mean to your life. Join me for a chat and a practice that is applicable to your real life!

Living in stressful states and responses enables the recurring feelings of worry, anxiety, anger, judgment, resentment, impatience, overwhelm and self-doubt often consume a large part of our energy and dull our day-to-day life experiences. Emotional resilience can be explored and deepened through practicing mindfulness meditation.

Research shows that a high level of resilience is important not only for bouncing back from challenging situations, but also for preventing unnecessary stress reactions (frustration, impatience, anxiety), which often lead to further energy and time waste and deplete our physical and psychological resources.

With The Zen Den Mindfulness Space, Associate Professor of Theatre Elisha Clark Halpin presents her ongoing explorations and practices on demystifying the science of the stress responses.

Halpin’s intention in her teaching and sharing is in creating accessible and engaging ways in which practitioners can:
➤reduce stress
➤increase creativity
➤bring more fulfillment to their lives.

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Start Time: 12:00 pm
Location: Borland Project Space (125 Borland Building)
Address: Curtin Road, State College, PA, 16802 (map)
Phone: 8148654710
Email: [email protected]
Occurs: January 11th 2019 at 12:00 pm

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