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Intersections: A musical medley by Arthur Goldstein

Intersections is a miniature music festival that features the work of Arthur Goldstein in 3 different idioms: a solo piano recital of traditional and 20th century classical music, a performance of post-bop by his jazz quartet, and a finale by the recently reunited Archie Blue, a progressive rock group, performing a set of original music. The concert hours are 4,7, and 9pm respectively. Steve Bowman(saxophones), Jim Robinson(bass), and Kevin Lowe (drums) round out the jazz group. In addition, Archie Blue also includes: Barbara Neumuller (clarinet, kybds), Christopher Younken (electric guitar), Harry Werner(electric bass), and John Raiser(drums). Please join us for a day of expansive and eclectic music.
Arthur Goldstein has said of this event: ” I’ve titled it after the name of my 2nd solo CD. While working on that record, I realized how contemporary some of Bach’s dissonance sounded, and how deeply rooted in Bizet Jelly Roll Morton was, among other things. Aside from the vastly important matter of cultural context, I still believe there may be such things as musical tropes or archetypes that all music shares, regardless of era or style. Does this mean it’s ‘all good,’ as we commonly say today? No, but it all may become good, as Gunther Schuller has so eloquently stated. So, until I write my jazz/rock/classical/reggae/bluegrass/mixed media opus, I’ll continue working in these idioms separately and find joy in their commonalities. My hope for this day is that audiences for these different aspects of my work coincide, or ‘intersect.’ Aside from the copious amount of music that emanates from the University, I do find it meaningful that an event like this is made available in our little neighborhood community.”

Make a day of it at the State! Stay for each of Arthur’s concerts and join us in The Attic between the shows! With a Behind the Scenes Exclusive Pass for $100 (Includes a $50 tax deductible gift to The State Theatre)**, enjoy beverages and delicious food items from Zola’s between the 4p and 7p concert. Satisfy your sweet tooth with dessert and coffee, served after the 7p concert. Behind the Scenes attendees will receive an autographed CD from Arthur and a special gift from The State Theatre!

** Please contact The State Theatre Box Office at 272-0606 to purchase. A limited number of Behind the Scenes passes will be offered.

Regular tickets: Festival Pass for all three concerts $27
Adults: $12 (Adults and Festival Pass add $3 ticketing fee per ticket)
Seniors and Students: $10 (Plus $1 ticketing fee per ticket)

Start Time: 4:00 pm
Location: The State Theatre
Address: 130 West College Ave, State College, PA, 16801 (map)
Website: http://
Phone: 814-272-0606
Occurs: June 15th 2013 at 4:00 pm

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