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January At the Bellefonte Art Museum

Windows Gallery - "Shale Play: Poems and Photographs from the Fracking Fields"
January 4 - January 27, 2019

Penn State faculty members, Julia Spicher Kasdorf and Steven Rubin will share their stories and images about everyday life from Appalachian Pennsylvania and the Marcellus Shale region in an exhibition of works from their book, Shale Play. Kasdorf and Rubin joined forces and art forms to better tell the stories of the fracking fields. Shale Play is an exhibition of documentary poems and color photographs created between 2012 and 2017 in response to the rush to mine the Marcellus Shale natural gas formation in Pennsylvania. The words and images amplify many voices and points of view to establish the complexity of the issues.

Community Gallery - Christine Staver
January 4 - January 27, 2019

For the last 35 years, quilting has become my obsession. The inspiration for my quilts comes from nature, my love and fascination with old buildings as well as my attraction to things like cement works, astronomy, and meteorology has had a strong influence on my art. This can be seen particularly in my energy/environmental series.

Photography Gallery - Brienne Brown
January 4 - January 27, 2019

Brienne's passion is watercolor and plein air painting. "I find beauty in everyday life, the so called mudane." Her plein air paintings remind her of where she was, the experiences she's had, the sounds, smells, and the people she has met.

Pottery Gallery - Linna Muschlitz
January 4 - January 27, 2019

Working with clay has been an integral part of my life. The learning years gave me the basic knowledge and exposed me to famous potters and their techniques and styles. When working at the wheel, I like to stretch the clay just to the brink of collapse and then allow it to be.

Print Gallery - Nancy Brassington & Alex Ramos
January 4 - January 27, 2019

Sieg Gallery - Jim Jackson
January 4 - January 27, 2019

My art work is generally inspired by nature and various cultural art, especially the Pacific Northwest Indians. I work in a variety of mediums, including stone, copper, watercolor and everything in between.

Cool Beans Gallery - Marianne Fyda & Linda Hale
January 1 - February 28, 2019

Marianne Fyda - Visual arts are a part of me, through them I have learned to see.

Linda Hale - While a photograph is a representation of the subject caught in a fraction of a second, a fine art image captures something that can be felt by viewers over time.

Twiga Museum Store - New merchandise arriving monthly. Open regular museum hours, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 12:00 - 4:30 p.m.

Dates: 01/04/2019 - 01/27/2019
Start Time: 12:00 pm
Location: Bellefonte Art Museum For Centre County
Address: 133 N. Allegheny Street, Bellefonte, PA, 16823 (map)
Phone: 8143554280
Email: [email protected]
Occurs: Ongoing from January 4th to January 27th 2019 at 12:00 pm
  • - Sunday
  • - Friday
  • - Saturday

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