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Shareboard A Beautiful Horse! - $250.00

If you have always wanted to own a horse but never had the money or time for the committment you can still make your dream come true through SHAREBOARDING. We have 12 horses at our ranch and all of them are gaited, which means that they are unusually smooth at the jot or "trot" compared to Quarter horses, thoroughbreds and other non-gaited breeds of horses. These horses are so smooth at the trot you can sit to it without bouncing violently. You will enjoy all of the privileges of ownership - visiting the horse whenever you wish, riding whenever you like, and bonding with the horse - but without the tremendous responsibility that goes with ownership.
We have four (4) gaited horses for you to choose from for your shareboarding experience:
1) LINCOLN : This handsome man is the black, brown and white horse in the pictures. He is the perfect height at 15.2 hands, and an unusual breed called a Missouri Fox Trotter. Fox Trotters are non-spooky, calm to ride, smooth-gaited and very beautiful. Lincoln can be ridden by any child or adult beginner rider. We have used Lincoln in horse lessons, parade performances and he has covered hundreds of miles of trails.
2) TRINITY: What a stunningly beautiful pony, only 14.1 hands and the gorgeous chocolate color with blonde mane and tail for which Rocky Mountain horses are famous (pictured with white blaze). Trinity has been shown competitively in mounted shooting classes, ridden hundreds of miles of trails and is used in lessons for children in our outdoor ring.
3) MONTANA: This beautiful brunette is the daughter of Trinity. A Rocky Mountain mare, only 8 years old and gentle enough for children to ride in the ring or on trails. Montana is one of our steadiest horses, trustworthy for any beginner rider.
4) PHOENIX: Tall, blonde and handsome, Phoenix is a cool 16 hands of Missouri Fox Trotter (like Lincoln). He is a pale blonde coloring (pictured), gentle-natured and so smooth at the trot you could drink hot coffee off his back while he glides.
You select from these four (4) horses at our ranch and rent the horse by the month for $225/month. We are a public stables and very family-like and down-to-earth so you will always have people to ride with you. As part of your monthly share-board we will teach you all of the background things you need to know, from understanding horse behavior to riding safely both English and Western. Wildfire Ranch is located in Spring Mills, just 25 minutes from State College. Call Cynthia: 814.422.ZERO534. Visit our website:
Title:  Shareboard A Beautiful Horse!
Price:  $250.00
Posting Category:  For Sale / General
Address:  332 Harter Road
Spring Mills 16875
Phone:  1. 814. 422. 0534