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for Thursday April 17, 2014

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Horoscope: This is a good day to get new projects off the ground as your instinct is strong now, and you have insight about things that aren't quite right. However, your boredom threshold is very low, so there's a danger that you could jump quickly into action just to avoid the tedious process of making considered decisions. Take account of all the facts before making your move.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 518

Financial Outlook: Fair

Compatible Sign: Virgo


Horoscope: You're on an adrenaline rush today and want to pack as much into your schedule as possible. If you go with the flow, you can motivate and encourage companions to join in. They'll appreciate the freshness of your approach and your unique way of seeing things. Be careful not to be too sensitive and interpret as criticism things that others say which were never meant to hurt. Don't over-react.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 734

Financial Outlook: Good

Compatible Sign: Scorpio


Horoscope: You're feeling a bit wound-up today, but you can make good use of your hyperactive state. You'll be absolutely on the ball where discussions are concerned, having more than enough ideas or witty suggestions to keep the conversation flowing. You have a really sharp, fast-moving mind now, but remember to write things down since you could forget your brilliant inspirations as soon as you have them.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 513

Financial Outlook: Very Good

Compatible Sign: Libra


Horoscope: A bright, breezy mood will keep you very busy. You want to know the commonsense reasons for doing things and are irritated by workmates who rattle on about grand ideas and indulge in flights of fancy. Let a little of your own creative imagination get to work. If your feet are too firmly on the ground, you won't get very far.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 604

Financial Outlook: Very Good

Compatible Sign: Capricorn


Horoscope: You're thinking and moving a lot faster than usual right now. The planetary influences around you put you in a fidgety kind of mood. Your mind is flitting around all over the place, and you see no reason to pull your verbal punches, so your mates need a thick skin. This is not because you are malicious, but because you treasure the truth. You have strong hunches that turn out to be surprisingly accurate.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 197

Financial Outlook: Weak

Compatible Sign: Cancer


Horoscope: You are in mental overdrive, zipping on so quickly that you might miss opportunities. Pause to collect your scattered wits and you will achieve more. If you rush ahead too fast, you may get careless or cut corners. You are more stubborn and intense than usual in discussions. Confront those who share joint responsibilities with you to sort out better agreements.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 190

Financial Outlook: Good

Compatible Sign: Scorpio


Horoscope: You're inclined to spread yourself a bit thin today because you're trying to handle a lot of things at once. Get your list of priorities straight before you start the day. Tick them off as you go along, and you will end up feeling more than pleased with yourself. At the moment, you can act the diplomat par excellence. Your harmonious way of expressing yourself and desire to keep the peace is doing wonders for your popularity.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 933

Financial Outlook: Good

Compatible Sign: Leo


Horoscope: Your mind is leaping from subject to subject, but companions may be slower-witted than you, so slow down once in a while to check they are actually hearing what you have to say. Be clear about what may seem unimportant details. You notice differences and distinctions others regard as too trivial to bother about, but it does mean you spot what they overlook, and that can be highly useful.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 924

Financial Outlook: Good

Compatible Sign: Leo


Horoscope: Too many ideas are chasing round inside your head, and you are at risk of getting in a muddle. You have got to have some kind of structure to what you are saying; otherwise, you will not communicate clearly. You may be ignoring certain details in your determination to see the broad sweep at the moment, but because of your carefulness and long term vision, your plans will pan out. Just make sure that you keep your feet on the ground.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 366

Financial Outlook: Very Good

Compatible Sign: Aries


Horoscope: You're full of bright ideas and determined to get your views across, but try listening as well since communication should be a two way process. Write down a few bullet points before you start and that way you won't be distracted from your main points. However, watch you are not getting too close to subjects to be able to see them clearly. You may be taking too narrow a view of one situation, selecting some facts and ignoring others for no good reason.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 080

Financial Outlook: Fair

Compatible Sign: Leo


Horoscope: Get everything in shipshape order before you launch into activities or heated discussions. Sometimes it's a good idea to be self-critical, particularly before other people get a chance to get in first and criticise your schemes. That way you can forestall criticism or complaints and appear very efficient. You're making it your business to know everything about everybody at the moment: you want to have all the necessary facts at your disposal.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 439

Financial Outlook: Fair

Compatible Sign: Taurus


Horoscope: This is definitely not a day for sitting still. You'll whizz around on short-distance journeys, write more letters than usual and make phone calls galore. Just watch a tendency to tell other people exactly what you think is wrong with them, as it won't go down well. Your thinking and speaking will be directed at the moment to whatever has a practical or financial purpose.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 582

Financial Outlook: Fair

Compatible Sign: Sagittarius