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Use your mind for health and wellness

by on January 11, 2018 1:00 PM

STATE COLLEGE — Are there things about your attitudes or behaviors that you would change if you could? Are you sick and tired of dealing with a problem and looking unsuccessfully for solutions from others? Are there physical or emotional things that are unwanted, unhealthy, annoying or out of control? The truth is that each of us has the power within to take control and make changes, rather simply.

We begin this life with a long path of learning ahead and we store information in our mind as we go.  We experience the hot stove burner through burned fingers in early years and store that information in the subconscious mind as a folder with an image and emotional tag.

Next time we see the stove, the conscious mind recognizes the image, recalls the bad experience and makes the decision not to touch.

This lesson is stored as part of us, part of our automatic behavior files. In other words, as adults, we do not stand in front of the stove and wonder if it would be alright to touch the red, hot burner. We just “automatically” know and avoid the behavior. Our experience is stored as information which determines our beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. 

Some of us have stored files that say it is OK to smoke, to eat unlimited amounts of food and to always be late. Others have stored files that cause them to always be afraid of something, or to respond to challenges with anxiety or to worry or expect the worst. Some have files that say they’ll never be successful or not as good as others. Some have stored files saying that you just have to put up with hot flashes, with pain or high blood pressure. We store millions of things in our minds, some good, some bad and some of them no longer useful. The good news? We can change any files, any attitudes or behaviors at a chosen time. We simply go to the storage location by using a natural state of mind, that shift in consciousness known as hypnosis. You can undo or change things just as easily as you created them. 

Have you ever spoken or heard these words? “I changed my mind.” “I used to think that, but now I think... .” “Mind over matter.” “Automatic pilot.”  

We are actually speaking about the process that occurs in our mind.

Hypnosis is very widely misunderstood even by some professionals. The biggest obstacle in choosing to use hypnosis and hypnotherapy is the lack of real understanding which creates fear and doubt. Lots of people think it is some odd state of mind produced by a performer on a stage who somehow gets control of our minds.

Not true.

Hypnosis is not brainwashing. In hypnosis, no one can control your mind or make you do anything you do not want to do. You are always in control.

Hypnosis is simply a state of relaxation and concentration with a shift in consciousness. It is not sleep. You experience this shift in consciousness naturally every day. We fail to recognize a hypnotic state because we think hypnosis is something else.

Some of the confusion is related to the fact that you are aware of things going on around you while in this state. Day-dreaming is one example of this hypnotic state. Sometimes you shift into it while watching TV or a movie or while driving. Have you ever driven somewhere and all of a sudden you arrive realizing you do not seem to remember the trip?  You had shifted into a state of hypnosis.

Now that you understand hypnosis is not what you were led to believe, you are free to “change your mind” about it. You can now begin to think of making those changes you want to make, once and for all, safely and successfully using hypnosis and a hypnotherapist as your guide.

At Changes Hypnotherapy, most changes require just one session, which lasts about an hour.  Some, such as smoking cessation and weight loss, require at least two sessions. You can use hypnosis for hot flashes, pain management, stress, anxiety, confidence, surgical preparation, healing, cancer recovery, fears, sports performance, public speaking, wart elimination, allergies and so much more. 

For more information, and to start your changes today, call (814) 422-8783.

The author, Lynn Ralston, is a certified hypnotherapist, a registered nurse and owner of Changes Hypnotherapy.


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