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Letter from the Editor: A Meeting at a Courthouse

by on February 01, 2019 1:38 PM

I met my wife at a libel trial.

Thankfully, neither of us was on trial. I was covering the case for a local newspaper in Connecticut, and Paula, a reporter at a different paper, had been called to testify.

The introduction outside the courthouse was brief and our paths did not cross again for a few months.

The next time I saw her was at the scene of a crash in which a car smashed into the front of a video store (remember those?). We were both there to cover it and she gave me a roll of film (remember that?) because I was out.

We met for a third time a couple of months later when we were both covering a murder trial, a crime sparked by a love triangle. That time, our meeting wasn’t so fleeting. The trial, which involved a claim of self-defense (the defendant was eventually acquitted), lasted a few weeks, and Paula and I sat together throughout, comparing notes.

Not the most romantic of beginnings, but it worked for us. That was more than 33 years ago and we’ve been together ever since, married now for almost 31 of those years. I’m still out of my league.

Paula and I are relative newlyweds, however, compared to some folks we’ll introduce to you this month, as we mark Valentine’s Day. These six couples, whose marriages range from 37 years all the way to 69 (!) years, share the stories of how they met and their secrets to making a marriage work through life’s highs and lows. Here’s one hint: Help mom stir the bean soup.

We’ll celebrate winter this month by taking you inside Pegula Ice Arena. You’re likely familiar with how the arena helped to transform Penn State men’s hockey from a club sport to a nationally ranked program within a few years.

But the arena has meant much more than that to the community. Youth hockey, figure skating – even broomball and curling – have grown tremendously in popularity since the arena opened in 2013.

We’ll also take you outside to the slopes of Tussey Mountain, where writer Vincent Corso – always up for an adventure – takes a stab at skiing for the first time. We’re pleased to say he was able to walk back into the office the next day none the worse for wear.

And, as we do each February, we’ll celebrate some of the people who make THON one of the great charitable events in America. The Family Relations Committee is at the very heart of the effort, working with local Four Diamonds children and their families. It’s a life-changing experience for all involved.


Mark Brackenbury

Editorial Director

[email protected]

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