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Letter from the Editor: It’s the Guys’ Turn

by on April 01, 2019 9:22 AM

In March, we celebrated some of the remarkable women who make Centre County such a great place to live. This month, some of the men who make this community special get their turn in the spotlight, beginning on page 60.

It’s also a good time to meet the men in our office who – along with the women we introduced you to last month – work so hard to produce Town&Gown.

We’ll start with our art director and photographer, Darren Andrew Weimert. One of the things readers tell us they like the most about Town&Gown is the photography. Darren is the man responsible for much of that. The majority of our cover photos are shot by Darren, as are many of the photos that illustrate the longer features inside the magazine. Darren and our creative director, Tiara Snare, take the editorial content on the pages you are reading and make it look good. When he’s not creating photos or designing pages, Darren loves spending time outdoors and is our resident mushroom expert.

If you’re a regular reader of Town&Gown, you’re no doubt becoming familiar with staff writer Vincent Corso. In addition to authoring one of the primary features in the magazine each month, Vince this year has gamely taken the lead in writing a first person column – Help Me! – in which local pros help us learn new skills. So far, he’s taken on a wardrobe makeover, a downhill ski lesson, and a ballroom dance lesson – and he’s none the worse for wear. His cushy assignment this month is to learn how to brew beer. Vince worked in social services prior to becoming a journalist. In his off hours, you’re likely to find him running up a mountain.

Nelson Cano joined our staff in January as an account executive, helping local businesses to grow. Nelson holds degrees in computer network technologies and in radio broadcasting. He worked as a public relations manager for a radio station in Gainsville, Florida, and has also held jobs in radio advertising and broadcasting, and customer service relations. With his engaging, upbeat personality, Nelson is already a big presence in our office.

Like me, our publisher Bernard Oravec has shared his story in his own column that runs each month. Bernie, a Johnstown native who has lived in State College since 2004, joined us in December from the Williamsport Sun-Gazette. In his free time, Bernie is a drummer and percussionist. He hasn’t brought his Ludwig drums into the office, but it’s a talent we’re definitely looking forward to hearing!


Mark Brackenbury

Editorial Director

[email protected]


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