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Letter from the Editor

by on April 28, 2017 12:44 PM

Back when I was a Penn State student (and the one year I was a freelance writer based in State College), this area was a place I lived, but I never really considered it my home.

For the past nearly 12 years, however, this has been a place I can proudly call my home. And thanks to this position as editorial director of Town&Gown that I’ve held, I’ve become more knowledgeable about and connected to this area. Through the stories we’ve done, the businesses that have advertised, and the organizations we’ve worked with, I’ve gained an amazing amount of appreciation for and inspiration from the people of Happy Valley — whether it’s those who do charitable work, are entrepreneurs, students, athletes, coaches, teachers, or just about any other walk of life.

I will take that appreciation and inspiration with me as I move onto the next chapter in my life. State College will still be my home — and I will still be with Town&Gown on a part-time/freelance basis for the foreseeable future (so you may still see me and my name in the magazine) — but I have decided to take on some new adventures. Later this summer, I will start seminary school. I also have taken a position as communications manager for Schlow Centre Region Library, one of those places that, I believe, is another reason why so many of us love living in Happy Valley.

Mark Brackenbury, who has done a tremendous job as editor for the Centre County Gazette the past several months, takes over as editorial director of Town&Gown, starting with the June issue, and Barash Publications. He earned his master’s degree from Penn State and brings a wealth of experience.

While I am looking forward to this new path, leaving my position at Town&Gown was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make. Through the years, I have worked with some incredible people and made some great friends that will continue on after I leave. While it might be my face you see whenever you rst start turning the pages of Town&Gown each month (well, my face and, of course, that of founder Mimi Barash Coppersmith in her “Lunch with Mimi” columns), it’s the staff (both current and former) that has made and continues to make this publication, and all of our publications, what it is.

Often, the work that the staff does in putting together a magazine isn’t recognized as much as it should be. It takes a creative director who can put together award-winning designs, a photographer who can capture people in a different light, sales people and ad coordinators who can sell, design, and have ads ready to go for each of the 50-some publications (I’ve lost track!) Barash does each year. One of the things I’ll miss most is the back-and-forth, collaborative effort I had with people in putting together each publication.

Since my time and space are running out, I just want to say Thank You to everyone — co-workers, readers, writers, anyone who has been a part of this magazine since I became editor in 2005. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had.

I’ll see you around in Happy Valley!

David Pencek is editor of Town&Gown magazine, Town&Gown's Penn State Football Annual, and Town&Gown's Penn State Winter Sports Annual.
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