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Letter from the Publisher: Christmastime is Here Again!

by on December 02, 2019 12:12 PM

It’s the holiday season! A joyous reminder that another year has passed. It’s also the most wonderful time of the year for our cats.

I enjoy the holidays. I don’t mind putting up and decorating the Christmas tree. I like Christmas music. I enjoy watching toy trains making endless loops around the tree, chugging past a holiday village and Nativity scene. I’m not even really bothered by the fact that our cats will inevitably knock ornaments off the tree and roll them all over the house. However, it drives me crazy when the cats decide to jump or climb up into the tree and crush the branches down onto unsuspecting villagers and baby Jesus below.  

You have to be a special kind of crazy to live with cats in the first place. I know, because I have been for the past 25 years. Usually two, but sometimes three. During the holidays these furry guys are the focus of almost all our holiday photos. Typically, my wife, Diane, will take at least 100 cat photos for every one of a human. For the first 20 years of cat cohabitation, we never had an issue with cats in Christmas trees. The cats that lived with us then simply slept under the tree. During the past five, however, it’s been a challenge.

Now, I often encounter our kitties removing sheep from the Nativity scene, leaving claw marks in candles, knocking over moving trains like Godzilla, sleeping on wreaths or centerpieces, walking across the fireplace mantle, and jumping into the tree. Once in the tree, they just lie there. So, the only point to this activity was to simply jump into the tree. Even when attached to the wall with a wiring system that would make any suspension bridge engineer proud, the tree simply can’t take the weight. Of course, they will do this right in front of us.

They can get away with all this because they are cute bundles of fluff. It makes me genuinely happy to see all the joy Diane gleans from our kitties. Their antics certainly make the holidays memorable. In exchange for all the love and joy they provide us throughout the year, we can make it through two weeks of Christmas kitty mischief. I cannot imagine a holiday without them.

Both of our cats were shelter rescues.



Bernard A. Oravec


[email protected]





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