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Letter from the Publisher: See You in September

by on August 30, 2019 10:35 AM

The students have returned to campus and another football season is upon us. Only a few universities across our great country can match the pageantry of a Penn State football weekend. The annual ritual of alumni and fans returning to Happy Valley, all decked out in blue and white, never gets old.

I enjoy State College the most during fall semester, when all the students are in town. They bring a special kind of energy to the community that helps us all feel a little younger. Even walking down College Avenue still feels the same as it did when I was attending Penn State. Sure, many of the stores and restaurants have changed, but that college-town feel is still present. 

It is very important that our business community continues to embrace the students, so that they, too, will want to return often after they graduate. Our community is built around loyalty, tradition, and a sense of belonging. While the names and fashions may change with the times, the support and love of Penn State and State College will not.

My wife, Diane, is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh. We have discussed the differences in fan and alumni support between the two schools. She is amazed at the level of alumni loyalty to Penn State and even the quantity and variety of school merchandise available, as compared to her alma mater. She is correct.

Growing up in western Pennsylvania, most of my friends and high school classmates attended Pitt, IUP, and a host of other schools in the area. They simply do not seem to hold in their hearts the same love of their school as you and I do for Penn State. I am sure this is a similar observation for those Penn State alums from the eastern part of the state and New Jersey.

Penn State and the State College community is truly a special place.

One of our favorite fall activities is visiting and walking on campus. The campus is always so beautiful this time of year. The variety of trees and flowers is amazing. We always take lots of photos, especially of the friendly squirrels and rabbits. I like to point out all the buildings and share stories of my adventures in each of them as an undergraduate. At some point, we take photos at the Nittany Lion Shrine. As a Penn Stater, one can never have too many photos with the Nittany Lion. Of course, all our walks seem to end at the Creamery. 

I feel the same love and pride in Penn State today as I did when I first set foot on campus, all those years ago. I hope you do, too.

Welcome back!


Bernard A. Oravec


[email protected]


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