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Aimee Morgan, Town&Gown

Aimee Morgan is a freelance writer in State College. She enjoys sharing the beauty of the town with friends, family, and her two dogs, Willy and Danny.

Articles by Aimee Morgan, Town&Gown

Land Protectors Land Protectors
160 weeks ago - Town and gown
New construction seems to be happening all around us. We can see new buildings and projects rising up with the anticipation of bringing new businesses, places to live, and more to the region. But along with those endeavors, there continues to be the effort and growth in keeping much of Centre [Read More]
History Comes to Life History Comes to Life
213 weeks ago - Town and gown
The word “passionate” comes to mind when listen- ing to the stories of local Civil War reenactors. They have a passion for history — and a passion for honoring the brave men and women of the Civil War era. “I do a lot of reading on the Civil War. You have to be somewhat of a [Read More]
Opening Movements Opening Movements
230 weeks ago - Town and gown
“It can make you laugh and it can make you cry. It touches your emotions in ways that no words or pictures can,” says the 15-year-old passionate violinist Juliette Greer. “My favorite part about playing the violin is the enjoyment of creating music with my own body and having the [Read More]
The Great Pumpkin — And All of Its Possibilities The Great Pumpkin — And All of Its Possibilities
242 weeks ago - Town and gown
Recently, I tried pumpkin pancakes for the first time at a quaint diner in Pittsburgh. It was the per- fect pumpkin pancake, if there ever was one. It had me thinking about not only how delicious pump- kins are but also how many uses they have. Pumpkins can be in your favorite soup, ravioli, [Read More]
A New Class Begins A New Class Begins
247 weeks ago - Town and gown
Fall classes have already begun at Penn State, and, with them, more than 15,000 first-year students are starting their academic journeys at the university — close to 8,000 of them will be at University Park, with the rest at one of Penn State’s commonwealth campuses. “We have [Read More]
Health & Wellness: Blueberries Health & Wellness: Blueberries
256 weeks ago - Town and gown
It’s a warm July day with a slight breeze. You are walking through a field where you can hear the birds chirping above three acres of bushes that are heavy with plump, juicy, dark blueberries. This scene is one that you may experience when visiting one of the many blueberry farms across the [Read More]
Populating the Talent Pool Populating the Talent Pool
276 weeks ago - Town and gown
Businesses in State College and Centre County have continually tried to sell students on remaining in the area for internships and, after their graduations, to be part of the local workforce. [Read More]
Ain't It Grand! Ain't It Grand!
290 weeks ago - Town and gown
The smell of sage and pepper filled my grandma’s kitchen every Sunday. Granddad was in charge of cooking the sausage, while Grandma made her famous pancakes They were light and fluffy — Aunt Jemima had nothing on “Gram.” This is just one of the many memories I have of my [Read More]
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