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Movie review: Total Recall Movie review: Total Recall
300 weeks ago - Centre County Gazette
“Total Recall” is the latest, but probably not the last in a long line of movie reboots. Now, I have a confession to make. I have never seen the original “Total Recall,” which was released in 1990 and starred Arnold the former Governator so I will be judging this movie based [Read More]
Moview review: The Dark Knight Rises Moview review: The Dark Knight Rises
303 weeks ago - Centre County Gazette
One of the summer’s most highly anticipated movies is “The Dark Knight Rises,” which brings Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy to a resounding conclusion. The movie brings a definite and satisfying end to the story of Bruce Wayne although it does take the better part of [Read More]
Movie review: The Amazing Spider-Man Movie review: The Amazing Spider-Man
304 weeks ago - Centre County Gazette
In a summer filled with superhero movies, “The Amazing Spider-Man” is probably the least hyped movie because it arrives between the long anticipated “The Avengers” and “The Dark Knight Rises.” Despite this, the movie stands very well on its own primarily due to [Read More]
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