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David Pencek is editor of Town&Gown magazine, Town&Gown's Penn State Football Annual, and Town&Gown's Penn State Winter Sports Annual.

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Letter from the Editor Letter from the Editor
5 days ago - Town and gown
This region loves and supports the arts year-round, but July is the month when the art scene in Happy Valley just explodes. The visual arts are, of course, showcased in the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, People’s Choice Festival, and now the newLemont Fest. Music is highlighted at [Read More]
Letter from the Editor Letter from the Editor
6 weeks ago - Town and gown
It’s summertime! As you can see from our cover photo, kids in Happy Valley are ready for school to be out and summer vacations to begin. Just the word “summertime” is enough to cause a smile and conjure up images of beaches, pools, amusement parks, baseballgames, and barbecues. [Read More]
Letter from the Editor Letter from the Editor
9 weeks ago - Town and gown
Frequently, I have used this space to write about the aspects of life here in Happy Valley that make it such a great place to live and why I’m proud to call it Home. This time of year offers some great examples. One simple reason is the fact that we’re in the middle of spring and can [Read More]
Bringing Home to Work Bringing Home to Work
14 weeks ago - Town and gown
On April 23, moms, dads, children, and businesses around the country will participate in the 22nd Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. The program started in 1993 as Take Our Daughters to Work Day, but expanded to include boys 10 years later. It occurs every year on the fourth Thursday in [Read More]
Bringing a Hero Home Bringing a Hero Home
14 weeks ago - Town and gown
Every day, for 10 years, Elizabeth Smith sat down in her Bellefonte home and wrote on a piece of paper — front andback — a letter to her oldest son, Lewis, whom she called “Skip.” She wrote to him about everything that was happening in her life and about his father, Earl, and [Read More]
Letter from the Editor Letter from the Editor
14 weeks ago - Town and gown
Many of you have likely known this for sometime, but it bears repeating given what happened in February with a certain ESPN personality. The fact is that no matter what good things Penn State does — like helping kids with cancer, forexample — no matter that the consent decree between the [Read More]
Letter from the Editor Letter from the Editor
18 weeks ago - Town and gown
The incredibly handsome photo you see on this page might fool you into thinking that I’m some sort of fashion expert. Let me dispel that rumor quickly — I am not! I feel unqualified to even be writing about fashion, but it goes well with this month’s issue that includes Jodi [Read More]
Q&A with Matt Jordan of College Town Film Festival Q&A with Matt Jordan of College Town Film Festival
19 weeks ago - Town and gown
For the past few years, members of the Penn State and State College communities have looked for ways to end State Patty’s Day, the student-created event centered around drinking, or at least lessen the negative effects of it. This year comes THAW Festival, a sort of Arts Festival in winter. [Read More]
A Diamond Among Us A Diamond Among Us
23 weeks ago - Town and gown
When Craig and Tiffany Benner of Bellefonte took their son, Noah, to Hershey in 2012 for the first of what has turned out to be three surgeries to remove tumors from his brain, they watched their 7-year-old son skipping down the hallway with the neurosurgeon who would be performing the [Read More]
Letter from the Editor Letter from the Editor
23 weeks ago - Town and gown
I can’t recall if I read this somewhere or someone told me, but I believe it’s a great point. It’s the fact that we go to school, take classes, become interns, and basically do whatever we can to prepare us for whatever career each of us wants to pursue, yet, there’s really [Read More]
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