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Frank Bodani, Town&Gown

Frank Bodani, a beat reporter for the York Daily Record, has covered Penn State since 1994.

Articles by Frank Bodani, Town&Gown

In the Trenches Against Cancer In the Trenches Against Cancer
37 weeks ago - Town and gown
Devon Still wanted to give up football again. He was ready to walk away in the middle of his NFL career and forego the big salary and his teammates and doing what he loves —all of it. He went through this once before, but that was more about immaturity and impatience. Back then, he was in his [Read More]
Life Lessons Life Lessons
61 weeks ago - Town and gown
The man in the wheelchair continues to teach the up-and-coming football star. Tom Kirchhoff, maybe the best quarterback ever from Cedar Cliff High, can no longer walk or even talk clearly enough for most to understand. He’s still only in his early-40s. Penn State’s Adam Breneman, who [Read More]
Perfect Timing Perfect Timing
89 weeks ago - Town and gown
In many ways, the Bill O’Brien Age at Penn State was like fast-flowing fuel. It ran quick and hot and drove a program further than most could have imagined. Sparks always seemed to be shooting for one reason or another, mostly away from the field. And just when everyone truly started to [Read More]
Beyond the Headlines Beyond the Headlines
99 weeks ago - Town and gown
The premise for the Penn State movie was set. All that was needed was the right director. The goal was to present a slow-cooked and evenhanded view of how the Penn State community is dealing with the Jerry Sandusky scandal as it continues to ripple out, two years later. It would be a [Read More]
Snapshot: Eric Shrive Snapshot: Eric Shrive
120 weeks ago - Town and gown
Eric Shrive grew up in one of the larger extended families in West Scranton, one of 25 grandchildren. There was always someone to help, some fundraising effort to support, some cause to join. It began with his two older brothers’ sports teams (sub sales, pie sales, pizza sales) and with his [Read More]
To the Class of 2012: Thank You! To the Class of 2012: Thank You!
154 weeks ago - Town and gown
There was little time to sleep. Mike Mauti’s cell phone wouldn’t stop beeping — constant calls and text messages from friends and supporters as well as from coaches at other schools who wanted him to leave Penn State. [Read More]
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