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DVD review: 'Argo' is a classic DVD review: 'Argo' is a classic
271 weeks ago - Centre County Gazette
Fresh from it's best picture win at the Oscars last week, "Argo" is riding a wave of success and critical acclaim that few movies get to experience, beating off such strong competition as Steven Spielberg's masterly "Lincoln" and Tom Hooper's evocative "Les Miserables." It certainly has become a [Read More]
DVD review: 'Flight' DVD review: 'Flight'
274 weeks ago - Centre County Gazette
From the very start of this movie we know without a doubt that Whip Whitaker — Denzel Washington, an ace veteran jet pilot — is both morally bankrupt and arrogantly selfish. He is certainly no hero. Yet, within no time at all, due to a catastrophic mechanical failure whilst in-flight, [Read More]
DVD review: 'Hotel Transylvania' DVD review: 'Hotel Transylvania'
274 weeks ago - Centre County Gazette
Adam Sandler is not well known for being involved with animation movies. His only other venture into the the world of the cartoons was in the small budget 2002 movie release, “Eight Crazy Nights,” which he wrote, co-produced and voiced the main character. “Hotel [Read More]
The Oscar race is on The Oscar race is on
275 weeks ago - Centre County Gazette
The nominations are in, and this looks like one of Oscar's better years. “Lincoln,” with 12 nominations, leads the field, with "Life of Pi" close behind with 11. "Beasts of the Southern Wild," "Silver Linings Playbook" and "Zero Dark Thirty," all smaller, more independent productions, [Read More]
'Dark Knight Rises' is good, not great 'Dark Knight Rises' is good, not great
283 weeks ago - Centre County Gazette
Writer/Director Christopher Nolan brings the trilogy to a close with as loud a bang as possible, but, for me, it was a rather muted and confusing bang. Although a very entertaining rendering of the Caped Crusader saga (I think Tim Burton still had the best take on it) Nolan certainly knows how to [Read More]
'Madagascar 3' does not disappoint 'Madagascar 3' does not disappoint
286 weeks ago - Centre County Gazette
There is no doubting the superior quality of the work that comes out of the Dreamworks Animation Studios these days. The “Shrek” series, “Shark Tale,” “Over the Hedge,” “How to train your dragon,” “Kung Fu Panda” and “Puss in [Read More]
'Prometheus' is 'Alien' all over again 'Prometheus' is 'Alien' all over again
289 weeks ago - Centre County Gazette
It's been 33 years since Ridley Scott's “Alien” literally burst onto our screens, and into movie folklore. Who can forget that ominous tagline: “In space, no one can hear you scream.” Then came James Cameron's excellent sequel “Aliens” — and the franchise [Read More]
DVD review: 'The Avengers' is an amazing ride DVD review: 'The Avengers' is an amazing ride
289 weeks ago - Centre County Gazette
With $1.51 billion grossed worldwide — now the third biggest movie of all time — and critical acclaim from both skeptics and fans alike, there is no doubting its newly-crowned “king of the superhero movies” title goes to “The Avengers.” Writer/Director Joss [Read More]
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