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Tracey M. Dooms is a freelance writer in State College and a contributor to Town&Gown.

Articles by Tracey M. Dooms, Town&Gown

50 Years of Town&Gown: Research & Technology 50 Years of Town&Gown: Research & Technology
4 weeks ago - Town and gown
Thanks to Penn State research transfer to the private sector, the State College area is home to a wealth of high-tech companies that are transforming the local economy. State- of-the-art local businesses are profiting from recent developments in cloud computing, nanotechnology, genetic analysis, and [Read More]
50 Years of Town&Gown: Business and Real Estate 50 Years of Town&Gown: Business and Real Estate
8 weeks ago - Town and gown
Fifty years ago, State College was a “company town,” with the company being Penn State. However, industrial employment was gaining ground, and the outlook was promising for more manufacturing operations to set up shop here. The retail sector focused on mom-and-pop shops downtown, [Read More]
50 Years of Town&Gown: Population 50 Years of Town&Gown: Population
13 weeks ago - Town and gown
In the early 1960s, Philadelphia-area high school student Consuelo Miller narrowed down her college choices to two — Penn State in rural Central Pennsylvania and Howard University, a historically black university in Washington, DC. She chose Penn State so that her parents wouldn’t have [Read More]
50 Years of Town&Gown: Health Care 50 Years of Town&Gown: Health Care
17 weeks ago - Town and gown
(Editor’s note: Each month in 2015, as part of its 50th-year celebration, Town&Gown will take a look at various parts of life in Centre County and how they’ve changed over the past 50 years, and what may happen in the future.) Charles Rohrbeck was just a few years out of medical [Read More]
Just for the Fun of It Just for the Fun of It
43 weeks ago - Town and gown
Remember when you were a kid and summer was for sleeping in, staying up late, and having as much fun as possible in between? Yeah, you have to go to work now, but you still can have lots of summer fun. Cheer at a ballgame, explore a festival, see a show, go to a walk-in “drive-in” movie, [Read More]
Sports & Recreation Fun Sports & Recreation Fun
43 weeks ago - Town and gown
Last winter was rough, but warm summer weather is finally here. Take advantage of sunny days, no-jacket- needed temperatures, and long summer evenings to paddle, pedal, or putt your way to fun. If stormy or steamy weather hits, cool off indoors on the ice. Not only will you have fun but you’ll [Read More]
Educational Fun Educational Fun
43 weeks ago - Town and gown
For kids, summer is all about having fun. That fun also can be educational — just don’t tell the kids! Here are five of our favorite local spots where the whole family can have a great time together on a summer day while also learning about nature, science, books, and more. The best part [Read More]
The Future of State High The Future of State High
57 weeks ago - Town and gown
When Isabella Teti started ninth grade in 2010 at State College Area High School, it didn’t take her long to learn why renovation of the high school buildings was under consid- eration. After attending the newer Mount Nittany Middle School, which opened in 1995, in ninth grade she sat in hot [Read More]
The Joy of Giving The Joy of Giving
73 weeks ago - Town and gown
Christmas was approaching, the SEAL wrote, and his unit was deployed at a remote location with no running water, and what seemed like no chance of a holiday celebration. Then, on Christmas Eve, a helicopter dropped boxes that contained MFM stockings. [Read More]
Renaissance Honoree of the Year Renaissance Honoree of the Year
82 weeks ago - Town and gown
Kay Kustanbauter’s first visit to Beaver Sta- dium was as a member of the Bellefonte High School marching band on Band Day in the early 1960s. Back then, Penn State football games didn’t sell out, so the university invited local high school bands to attend games and play at [Read More]
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