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For Puppies and People, It's All About Consistency For Puppies and People, It's All About Consistency
24 weeks ago - - Patty Kleban
The lessons of consistency in how we conduct ourselves and how we interact with others are applicable in many situations beyond the challenges of puppy training. When people or objects or situations are inconsistent, we learn to doubt. We learn to not trust. [Read More]

Change Is Upon Us (Again) Change Is Upon Us (Again)
34 weeks ago - - Dan Nestlerode
The markets are changing again, but understanding why and where exactly the economy is headed is a challenge for any one investor or institution to know, writes Dan Nestlerode. [Read More]

Seeking Clarity Seeking Clarity
42 weeks ago - - Dan Nestlerode
There are a few people in our business that we should all listen to; not because they can foretell the future, but because they have made the effort to ground their notions about the future of the economy and the investment markets. [Read More]

Stay the Course Stay the Course
44 weeks ago - - Judy Loy
The good news is a long-term bull trend is in play and declines in stocks are a natural, normal part of the investing process. If investing in stocks was easy and there was no risk, there would be no returns. [Read More]

Disappointed, But Not Hopeless Disappointed, But Not Hopeless
46 weeks ago - - Dan Nestlerode
I have a personal list of companies that are ready to blossom when the restraints are removed from industry. It is there that I am looking for significant growth and expansion as well as advances in stock prices. [Read More]

The Consumer: Why 2016 is Poised for a Bull Stock Market The Consumer: Why 2016 is Poised for a Bull Stock Market
48 weeks ago - - Judy Loy
The first trading day of 2016 was a doozy. I awoke to my iPhone alarm and updates from CNN Money and CNBC. The good news is that 2016 is poised to resume the long-term bull market of which we are still in the midst. Why? Because of you. [Read More]

2015 In Review and a Look Ahead 2015 In Review and a Look Ahead
50 weeks ago - - Dan Nestlerode
The stage was set for an optimal year to be invested in stocks, but at some point the markets ran off of the expected track and left us with a pretty blah year. The stock market does not always follow its historical patterns. [Read More]

Demographics Changing the World Demographics Changing the World
52 weeks ago - - Judy Loy
With changing demographics, there will be less people in the workforce and with less supply, prices will go up. Workers will have the power to demand wage increases and reverse the long trend of the riches only going to the rich. [Read More]

What is Powering the Market Ever Higher? What is Powering the Market Ever Higher?
54 weeks ago - - Dan Nestlerode
Stock prices are the direct result of supply and demand for shares in the overall market. Buyers generally set prices for stocks as the supply of stock is more stable than the demand. So, what are buyers of stock likely to want in the future? [Read More]

Quick Change on Social Security Quick Change on Social Security
56 weeks ago - - Judy Loy
There were many strategies that couples could use to claim at full retirement and still maximize their higher earner’s benefit at 70. Sadly, in a quick move by Congress, most of the social security strategies were eliminated in the budget compromise without any warning or discussion. [Read More]

Stimulant Overdone and Overdosed Stimulant Overdone and Overdosed
58 weeks ago - - Dan Nestlerode
The monetary policies that were instituted during the recession of 2007-2009 have long outlived their usefulness. Long periods of very easy monetary policy have consequences that are detrimental to the economy and the investment markets. [Read More]

Seeking a New Understanding Seeking a New Understanding
66 weeks ago - - Dan Nestlerode
If history is a guide for the coming months, stock prices should decline in September and sometimes for a few weeks in October and then rise in the last two weeks of October through the end of the year. [Read More]

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