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Where Are We Now? Where Are We Now?
6 days ago - - Judy Loy
Due to COVID-19, the United States posted a negative 32.9% annualized rate of GDP for the second quarter of 2020. To put this in perspective, this is the largest drop in U.S. GDP since 1945 (the year World War II ended). In the 2008 “Great Recession,” GDP only dropped 8.4%. Of course, this GDP i [Read More]
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The Year-End Financial Wrap-Up The Year-End Financial Wrap-Up
35 weeks ago - - Brittany N. Cox
This time of year involves a lot of wrapping. We are wrapping gifts, wrapping up the year, and even wrapping up a decade. With holiday spending in full swing and tax season on its way, you’ll want to include a financial wrap-up, too. Doing this before the end of the year gives you the chance to ma [Read More]

Music to Your Ears Music to Your Ears
37 weeks ago - - Judy Loy
Just like my musical tastes, a lot has changed in the music industry through the years. When I first listened to music, I would throw a vinyl record (LP) on and listen to it from start to finish. The album was king. Album sales in 1978 were $14.6 billion, with 63.7% coming through sales of LP/EP or [Read More]

Black Friday Finances Black Friday Finances
39 weeks ago - - Brittany N. Cox
From a financial perspective, holiday shopping accounts for more than a quarter of annual U.S. retail sales so it’s easy to see why businesses like to get the season started so soon. Walmart started its sales on October 25, the earliest they ever have. [Read More]

What to Do for Your Year-End Financial Planning What to Do for Your Year-End Financial Planning
41 weeks ago - - Judy Loy
The last quarter of the year brings fall, winter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Besides the change of seasons and holiday celebrations, people can do several things to save themselves taxes in 2019 or set themselves up for a successful 2020. [Read More]

Cybersecurity for Your Finances Cybersecurity for Your Finances
43 weeks ago - - Brittany N. Cox
It’s not uncommon to see a news headline about a data breach at a large company that has the information of nearly every one of us. [Read More]

Let's Talk About It Let's Talk About It
45 weeks ago - - Judy Loy
When is it okay to discuss money? I would say it’s OK with close friends if you don’t compare yourself to others. All people have different circumstances, values and incomes, and that’s OK. And there are some key points when it's important to honestly discuss finances with family and advisors [Read More]

A Portfolio for All Seasons A Portfolio for All Seasons
47 weeks ago - - Brittany N. Cox
Your investment portfolio should be prepared for all seasons. Different sectors of the market perform better than others at different times. Even though they cannot be differentiated by season, it still makes sense to have them coexist in your portfolio to capitalize on opportunities when they arise [Read More]

401k vs. IRA 401k vs. IRA
49 weeks ago - - Judy Loy
401k plans are synonymous with employer retirement plans. While many types of employer plans exist (Simple IRA, Sep IRA and 403b), most employees call their retirement plan a 401k. Many people wonder if they should contribute to their 401k or an IRA. An IRA is an account setup by an individual with [Read More]

What Is the Inverted Yield Curve, and What Does It Mean for the Economy? What Is the Inverted Yield Curve, and What Does It Mean for the Economy?
51 weeks ago - - Brittany N. Cox
There have been some turned heads this week about the inverted yield curve. Some of you may be asking what is an inverted yield curve? It is a phenomenon in the bond market in which longer-term interest rates fall below shorter-term interest rates and has historically been a warning sign that a rece [Read More]

The Ins and Outs of a Roth IRA The Ins and Outs of a Roth IRA
53 weeks ago - - Judy Loy
A Roth IRA is a mirror image of a traditional IRA and the real advantage of a Roth comes in retirement. When you begin pulling, qualified distributions are tax-free. All the growth will never be taxed. [Read More]

The Effects of Inflation The Effects of Inflation
55 weeks ago - - Brittany N. Cox
It’s hard to read the news in the morning and not see a reference to inflation lately, so I feel it is worthwhile to talk about what inflation is and what it means for us. [Read More]

Facebook Challenges Bitcoin Facebook Challenges Bitcoin
57 weeks ago - - Judy Loy
Facebook is not aiming low with its currency and said it hopes it will “transform the global economy.” [Read More]

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