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Fear Leads to Economic Disruption Fear Leads to Economic Disruption
2 weeks ago - - Judy Loy
Store shelves are clear of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. In one day, the stock market drops 900 points then goes up 1,000 then ends the trading day down again. “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy” are taping without studio audiences. The Federal Reserve makes a surprise rate cut. Penn State [Read More]
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Always a Trade-Off Always a Trade-Off
148 weeks ago - - Judy Loy
Investing and life are a series of trade-offs. Every day we are faced with a series of decisions on how to spend our resources, including time and money. [Read More]

Investing in Your Child’s Future Investing in Your Child’s Future
150 weeks ago - - Brittany N. Cox
It’s no surprise that college tuition rates are increasing. Tuition hikes have outpaced inflation by a large margin. The key to being prepared for these expenses, like any other financial goal, is early planning. [Read More]

The Economy of Dogs The Economy of Dogs
152 weeks ago - - Judy Loy
The cost of owning a pet is high and so is the time that is needed. The cost of dog breeds varies by size, type and desires, but a recent study estimates the average lifetime cost of raising a dog is $23,410. [Read More]

My House Is a Time Machine My House Is a Time Machine
154 weeks ago - - Dan Nestlerode
I have reluctantly arrived at the downsizing phase of life, and I am amazed by the timeline of technological development that my collection embodies. Technologies arrive and are supplanted with better, faster and cheaper methods which are then supplanted by even better technology. [Read More]

The Persistence of Change The Persistence of Change
156 weeks ago - - Judy Loy
Change keeps coming at home and abroad — governmentally, economically and technologically. [Read More]

The Bannon Lesson in Consequences The Bannon Lesson in Consequences
158 weeks ago - - Dan Nestlerode
Michael Bender, a writer for the Wall Street Journal, recently wrote a piece on the Bannon family and some of the experiences that galvanized their economic thinking and that may well be shaping current national economic policies. [Read More]

Should I Use a Financial Advisor? Should I Use a Financial Advisor?
160 weeks ago - - Judy Loy
Before you decide to “do it yourself,” consider your options among advisors and varying levels of assistance. If you decide a financial advisor is the right thing for you, decide what your top priorities are and find an advisor who fits you. [Read More]

Much Ado About Everything Much Ado About Everything
162 weeks ago - - Dan Nestlerode
Change is here and we need to adapt and recommit to those things that are dear to us. It is time for critical thinking and careful consideration. [Read More]

You're Retiring. Now What? You're Retiring. Now What?
164 weeks ago - - Judy Loy
For decades, financial planning has concentrated on preparing and saving for retirement. With the ongoing elimination of pension plans, this generation has become more responsible for their own golden years. With 401k and Individual Retirement Accounts being the majority of the Baby Boomer generatio [Read More]

The Investment Markets Ahead The Investment Markets Ahead
166 weeks ago - - Dan Nestlerode
Policy changes alone are not necessarily the end point for the markets. Ultimately, any policy shift will have to reflect measurable positive economic changes. The investment markets will not wait for the actual economic numbers but will most likely anticipate better numbers and react accordingly. [Read More]

Should You Be Making Roth Contributions? Should You Be Making Roth Contributions?
168 weeks ago - - Brittany N. Cox
Isn’t it exciting when you finally become eligible to contribute to your 401(k) at work? It provides that feeling of having a financial future. However, those feelings are usually abruptly interrupted by the extensive list of options from which to choose. [Read More]

A Holiday Reflection A Holiday Reflection
170 weeks ago - - Dan Nestlerode
I closed out my 50-year investment career in April of last year and have been directing my attention toward family and charitable efforts in the Pine Creek Valley. As time goes by, I am getting a better perspective on my career and what now matters in life, at least for me. [Read More]

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