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Area deed reports

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June 11 -15



Manufacturers & Traders Trust Company and Paul M. Corman Estate to Ken F. Engel and Caroline Banton, 214 N. Allegheny St., $1


Ken F. Engel and Caroline Banton to Salt and Light LLC, 214 N. Allegheny St., $457,000


Liudmyla A. Reinhardt to Alyson M. Hoegg, 322 S. Spring St., $130,000


Maria Di Mele Lease to Ancdi Bellefonte LLC, 104 N. Allegheny St., $875,000




David A. Capperella and Traci A. Capperella to Allyson Sherlock, Jennifer Meengs and Bradley S. Holzappel, 402 Front St., $110,000





Leslie R. Burkholder and Holly L. Hamilton to Jesse D. Clark and Megan L. Clark, 105 Penn St., $184,000


Mary L. Marcum to Robert Cowher and Kristen Cowher, 141 W. Main St., $209,493



Cheryl D. Krebs and James P. Krebs to George C. Padisak, 209 N. 11th St., $87,500


Raymond E. Conklin, Stanley D. Conklin and Rick L. Conklin to Stanley D. Conklin and Holly C. Conklin, 500 N. Ninth St., $1


Robert A. Smith Sr., Carol J. Smith, Robert A. Smith Jr. and Terry L. Smith to Joshua Potter and Dana A. Potter, 516 N. 10th St., $169,000




Moses D. Ling and Susan M. Ling to Sven G. Bilen, 1344 S. Atherton St., $159,000


Jason D. Krasowitz and Adrienne J. Krasowitz to Mahest Kumar Krishnamoorthy, 1047 Crabapple Drive, $389,500


Ronald F. Maceyko and Mary M. Maceyko to John D. Potochny and Tracy T. Potochy, 500 E. College Ave., $210,000


Joseph J. Angelelli and Isabela Angelelli to Scott G. Shamrock and Marissa D. Shamrock, 208 Easterly Parkway, $175,000


Lora L. Zimmerman, Lora Zimmerman Lattanzi and Mark R. Lattanzi to Jeffrey J. Swab and Lorraine G. Swab, 320 Adams Ave., $393,000


Thomas J. Whipple and Joann Whipple to Jason D. Krasowitz and Adrienne J. Krasowitz, 966 Crabapple Drive, $575,000


Dawn Ebbs to John Houston Gardiner, 726 Hillcrest Ave., $670,000


Francis J. Hoey, Leslee M. Hoey and Jaxson T. Hoey to Gong Chen and Jie Xu, 322 Arbor Way, $545,000


Noah T. Coleman to Lily Feng and Jingzhi Huang, 516 Orlando Ave., $117,043


Lee Lasley Lewis Estate and Christopher Lewis to Rafael E. Tamargo and Alicia C. Tamargo, 300 S. Allen St., $325,000


Timothy M. Murtha Jr. and Erin E. Murtha to Douglas James Cramer and Erin Marie Cramer, 456 Hillcrest Ave., $375,000





Routes I-80 & 115 S Milesburg LLC to CK Capital LLC, 1019 N. Eagle Valley Road, $1,650,000


Fulton Bank to Richard D. Thomas, 706 Old Curtin Road, $25,250





Cindy L. Heichel to Sarah M. Haines and Terry T. Haines, 144 German Settlement Road, $28,000





John D. Reese and Jillian P. Reese to Scott A. Eisenhuth and Kathryn K. Eisenhuth, 901 Greenbriar Drive, $1


S & A Homes Inc. to Patrick B. Deberdt and Laura A. Henrickson, 147 Mansfield St., $425,624


Howard T. Woodruff and Dawn E. Woodruff to Philip M. Garvey, Pike Street, $45,000


Weber Irrevocable Grantor Trust, Karl R. Weber and T. Rachael Weber to Ryan W. Yoder and Megan R. Yoder, 944 Houserville Road, $232,000


Kimberly A. Dick to Robert Dirico and Wendy Dirico, 2514 Buchenhorst Road, $220,000


Ludivina Montero Irrevocable Trust, Richard Kiraly, Carmen Kiraly and Consuelo Garcia to Twelve-Two LLC, 148 Kuhns Lane, $115,500


Joyce S. Waterman to Luke E. Massaro and Katarina K. Massaro, East Branch Road, $72,500


Stearns Boal LP to Chad M. Eichfeld and Sarah M. Eichfeld, 134 Primrose Court, $185,000


Todd C. Lajeunesse and Sara Drake Lajeunesse to Roberto Iglesias-Prieto, 730 Tussey Lane, $284,900





Mary Jo Luebbers, Mary Jo Lauchle and Raymond J. Luebbers to Stephen W. Brown, 3013 Sheffield Drive, $255,000


Paul D. Vandette and Jacqueline F. Vandette to Zhiqiang Mao and Yu Wang, 1227 Longfellow Lane, $600,000


Thomas S. Schrack and Shari A. Schrack to Andrea K. Mitchell, 674 Berkshire Drive, $321,000


Timothy A. Townsend and Erika R. Townsend to Brian A. Aynardi and Whitney D. Aynardi, 300 Rosemont Drive, $424,900


Joan Marie Hitchings to Kyle J. Courtney and Phuong T. Courtney, 3115 Sheffield Drive, $263,000


Steven H. Zarit and Judy M. Zarit to Thomas Whipple and Joann Whipple, 1321 Deerfield Drive, $700,000


Jill A. Tiracorda and Jan E. McKenna to Jill A. Tiracorda and Jan E. McKenna, 2286 Bristol Ave., $1


Jian Wu and Meng Zhao to Enoch Hsinhong Lin and Yica Yichya Lin, 737 Teal Lane, $295,000


Venkata R. Vepachedu and Renuka Devi Vepachedu to Zheng Tian and Yuanyuan Zhao, 725 Linnet Lane, $300,700


William W. Beck and Kay F. Beck to Donald E. Shawley, 696 Devonshire Drive, $325,000


Sean R. Powers and Karen A. Stoehr to Paige O. Lucas, 1590 W. Gatesburg Road, $285,000


Fei Liu and Gang Luo to Linhai Song, 723 Sowards Place, $522,000





Gerald H. Goodhart to Wolfe Brothers Land LLC, 488 Green Grove Road, $300,000


Craig H. Collison and Michelle C. Collison to Stephen Siller Tunnel To Towers Foundation, Grenoble Lane, $130,000





Matthew Eckley and Bethany Eckley to Bethany Eckley, 761 Loveville Road, $1


Grayden Matthews Smith and Holly N. Smith to Ryan Harpster and Claire Harpster, 815 Loveville Road, $241,000





Eric V. Schramm Estate and Christina M. Piepenbring to Karen L. Eklund, 122 Settlers Way, $312,000


James P. Johnson and Barbara A. Johnson to Clara E. Strausser, Lawnwood Avenue, $237,500


Rebecca J. McKinstry and Dennis W. Gladfelter Separate Share Trust to Brookside Property Holdings LLC, 109 Woodside Drive, $234,000


Rebecca J. McKinstry and Dennis W. Gladfelter Separate Share Trust to Brookside Property Holdings LLC, Woodside Drive, $57,000


Long Zhang and Ziaohua Mao to Jose M. Pinto Duarte and Maria Rita Mastro, 129 Kaywood Drive, $348,000


Robert F. Leitzinger and Kirsten O. Leitzinger to Edward G. Jones and Anna B. Jones, 218 Fairfield Drive, $449,500


Richard E. Wilber to Sheron S. Bell, 132 Plymouth Circle, $370,000





Edward G. Jones and Anna B. Jones to Tyler Howell and Michael Howell, 515 Henderson Road, $232,000




Thomas M. Galbraith Estate, Daniel T. Galbraith, Crystal Haagen and Cheryl K. Myers to Red Door Investments LLC, 11053 N. Eagle Valley Road, $100,000


Northern Marcellus Land Holdings LLC and Donald R. Fuller to Heather R. Zeamer, Turkey Trail Road, $240,000


Samuel L. McGhee Jr. and McGhee Scrap Company to Robert L. McGhee Sr. and McGhee Scrap Company, 112 Birch St., $1


Harold T. Parker Jr., Robert S. Parker and Tania L. Parker to Tania L. Parker, 122 N. Liberty St., $1





Daniel J. Brigham to Michael A. Freiman, Elk Creek Road, $70,000





Traci L Richardson to Pinyao Guo, 662B Oakwood Ave., $240,000


Patrick M. O’Connor and Ina W. O’Connor to Jeanette Kay Miller, 180 Tradition Drive, $444,900


HSBC Bank USA to Yellow Birch Holdings LLC, 1948 Park Forest Ave., $157,500


Jeanette Troup to Jason P. Troup and Tana E. Troup, 130 W. Clearview Ave., $237,000


Ryan M. Houseknecht and Jamie L. Houseknecht to Kevin Kuczynski and Taryn R. Kuczynski, 2036 N. Oak Lane, $267,500


Paul J. Beauchemin and Michelle Beauchemin to Ryan M. Houseknecht and Jamie L. Houseknecht, 123 Cherry Tree Lane, $515,000


Michele M. Almeida, Patricia L. McClellan, Madeline Harmeling, Suzanne Alonso Wright and Michael J. Wright to John H. McClellan, 104 Seymore Ave., $1


Roy J. Carson and Vera V. Carson to Dustin Carl Fleck and Sierra L. Deitz, 5070 Buffalo Run Road, $220,000


Tiffany Barto Weaver, Tiffany L. Barto and Theodore G. Weaver to Justin Whitmer, 3550 Circleville Road, $284,900


Robert P. Replogle and Carol A. Replogle to Timothy L. Edwards and Amy S. Edwards, 113 Honors Lane, $350,000


Andrea L. Berger, Andrea L. Hoffer and Adam F. Hoffer to John F. Hanratty and Mary Raffetto, 161 Whisper Ridge Drive, $305,000




Rhett W. Jefferies and Melecia M. Jefferies to Timothy A. Townsend and Erika R. Townsend, 110 Green Meadow Lane, $416,000


Salvatore L. Nicosia Jr. and Pauline R. Nicosia to Jedidiah F. Kane and Amy C. Kane, 184 Pepper Ridge Drive, $450,000


Vincent P. Costigan II, Craig L. Costigan, Heather J. Costigan and Daniel E. Costigan to Kurt L. McKinney Jr. and Bridget M. McKinney, 163 Lloyd Ave., $41,000


Saratoga Partners LP to Dale Clark Ronk Jr. and Cortney Linn Ronk, Sinking Creek Road, $259,900





Jaro Development Company Inc. to Steven Dean Crawford, Corlwood Road, $25,000


Russell D. Christoff and Kristine A. Christoff to Steven Dean Crawford, 344 Oakwood Drive, $470,000


Judith K. Decker, Susan L. McDowell and James P. McDowell II to James P. McDowell and Nancy R. McDowell, 110 Maplewood Drive, $1





John Kormanic and Joan M. Kormanic to John Kormanic, Joan M. Kormanic, John P. Kormanic, Jason J. Kormanic, Robert R. Kormanic and Joyce M. Mills, 260 Black Bear Road, $1


Eddy Ridge Hunting Club to Barry L. Hoch and Barbara A. Hoch, 1351 Eddy Ridge Road, $90,000




BWCP LLC to Berks at Amberleigh, LLC, Amberleigh Lane, $416,500


A. Susanne Marshall to Matthew G. Klock, Randall J. Klock and Frances B. Klock, North Main St., $65,000




Lambert Kerr III and Laurie A. Kerr to Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust, 719 Syndertown Road, $7,146.71


Mary E. Newell Estate and Patricia A. Barbash to Jose Ponte-Cordova, 303 Pebble Lane, $144,000


Audra J. Knisely, Audra J. Best and Ronald D. Best III to Tumbling Run Properties LLC, 208 Pebble Lane, $145,000





Roger H. Gorsuch to Matthew W. Yarnell and Scott A. Collins, 244 Shady Dell Road, $213,800


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