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Centre County Deed Reports

by on November 30, 2017 9:07 AM

RECORDED Nov. 6 – Nov. 11



Jean T. Witmer to Jeffrey A. Geuther and Christine M. Geuther, 1309 Summit Drive, Bellefonte, $1



Gary D. Patterson and Melissa K. Patterson to Zachariah A. Kilmer and Juvy C. Kilmer, 127 Crestview Drive, Bellefonte, $279,000


Mammoth Real Estate LLC to Deaven Partnership, 170 Penntech Drive, Port Matilda, $435,000


Bradley K Tomco and Tara A. Tomco to Bradley K. Tomco and Tara A. Tomco, 120 Brata Lane, Bellefonte, $1



Joseph R. Masullo and Brenda C. Masullo to Joseph R. Masullo and Brenda C. Masullo, Runville Road, Bellefonte, $1



Jay E. Croyle and Kathryn M. Croyle to Mark A. Hayes and Kathleen Geier-Hayes, Elm Shade Drive, State College, $4,000


Jay E. Croyle and Kathryn M. Croyle to Jay E. Croyle and Kathryn M. Croyle, 100 Elm Shade Drive, State College, $1


Kyle Fratz to Robert Zboray and Nora Kereny, 710 Wayne St., Lemont, $334,500


Cathy J. Clarke to Nitwit Property Holdings LLC, 997 Houserville Road, State College, $185,500


Christopher J. Musser and Amber Musser to Mary E. Fisher and Donald M. Fisher, 2508 Shawn Circle, State College, $203,000


Alan M. Majewski and Kathleen M. Majewski to Tyler Maines and Marisa Mastroianni, 290 Meadowsweet Drive, State College, $1


Robert L. Steingrbe and Melissa Steingrabe to Melissa M. Duckworth, 2479 Buchenhorst Road, State College, $197,000



Dustin J. Brumbaugh and Chelsea E. Weaver to Dustin J. Brumbaugh, 1796 Summit Hill Road, Howard, $1




Larry J. Bolton, Sandra Bolton and Virginia A. Lontz to Larry J. Bolton and Sandra Bolton, Decker Valley Road, Spring Mills, $7,500


Spring Mills Gun Club and Larry J. Bolton to Larry J. Bolton and Sandra K. Bolton, 101 Vonada Gap Road, Spring Mills, $1


Sandra K. Crawford by sheriff to LSF9 Master Participation Trust, 114 Hill Crystal Lane, Spring Mills, $4,590.11



TOA PA IV LP to Gary C. Butler and Susan J. Butler, 319 Beacon Circle, Boalsburg, $435,000


GTW Associates to Clarence A. Rotz and Robin M. Rotz, 115 Emma Court, State College, $84,500


Rockey Ridge Partnership to Puneet Singla and Shaweta Gupta, 200 Derek Drive, Boalsburg, $130,000



Jean G. Reigh to Karen S. Young and David J. Young, 153 Reigh Hollow Lane, Howard, $25,000



Ralph E. McCloskey to Josh McBride, 120 Beach St., Blanchard, $119,000



Sean Q. Marlow, Conor M. Marr and Charlotte Devries to Alex Zimmerman, 549 E. Hillside Ave., State College, $215,000


Hau W. Cheng to Hau W. Cheng and Caitlin Cheng, 2070 Marry Ellen Lane, State College, $1


Bernice E. Williams and Walter J. Williams to Alameda PA Properties LLC, 134 Ghaner Drive, State College, $135,000



Jerry H. Singer by sheriff to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 207 E. Beaver St., Bellefonte, $3,919.59



Ryan R. Connaghan and Jena L. Horst to Ryan R. Connaghan and Jena L. Connaghan, 308 N. High St., Port Matilda, $1




Mark Smiles by sheriff and Michelle Smiles by sheriff to Beechwoods RE Ventures LLC, 124 Kreitzer Ave., Bellefonte, $205,000


Roger E. Casher and Judith K. Casher to Roger E. Casher, Judith K. Casher, Warren A. Casher and Darren E. Casher, 5551 Black Moshannon Road, Philipsburg, $1


Charles T. Butler, Beverly Butler, Sarah L. Denny, Jacob Denny, Charles T. Butler and Grace L. Butler to Kyle M. Bowes and Jacey L. Bowes, 261 Powder Magazine Road, Philipsburg, $135,000


Nanette L. Hall and Roy Hall to Joseph C. Polaski and Kimber Lee Polaski, 457 S. Centre St., Philipsburg, $134,000



Harry E. Poorman and Kimberly Poorman to Susan R. Lelko, 166 Rosewood Cove, Bellefonte, $239,900


JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to Tiffany M. Squires, 232 Jonathan Lane, Bellefonte, $197,900


Robert J. Thomas to Robert J. Thomas Primary Residence Trust and Robert J. Thomas, trustee, 399 Weaver Hill Road, Bellefonte, $1


Erin M. Vonada, Erin M. Deibler and Matthew W. Deibler to Tyler Kunes, 625 Jacksonville Road, Bellefonte, $195,000


Thomas L. Davidson and Elizabeth M. Davidson to Russell A. Brierley and Sheri A. Brierley, 102 Rosewood Cove, Bellefonte, $229,500



Marvin J. Friesen and Brenda J. Friesen to Carla J. Cornette, 251 E. Irvin Ave., State College, $262,000


Jie Shan and Kin F. Mak to Kathleen L. Kissell and Craig W. Kissell, 600 E. Irvin Ave., State College, $458,000


Rachel A. Summers, Timothy C. Summers and Rachel A. Kelly to Rachel A. Summers and Timothy C. Summers, 304 Fry Drive, State College, $1


Hau W. Cheng to Hau W. Cheng and Caitlin Cheng, 458 E. College Ave., State College, $1


Paige O. Lucas to James McCurdy, 1238 Old Boalsburg Road, State College, $170,000



James D. Manzick to James D. Manzick and Anna M. Manzick, C Long Beard/Lucas Ridge, Snow Shoe, $1


Dawn M. Kelley to Mountaintop Regional Water Authority, 204 S. Moshannon Ave., Snow Shoe, $24,000


Stuart A. Miller by sheriff and Joanne T. Miller by sheriff to LSF8 Master Participation Trust, 117 Dairy St., Clarence, $4,889.60



Mary J. Sharpe Estate and Gary J. Sharpe, personal representative, to Mary J. Sharpe Testamentary Trust and Gary J. Sharpe, trustee, 119 Sharpe Circle, Centre Hall, $1





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