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Centre County Deed Reports

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Robert E. Lee and Carroll S. Lee to Christopher R. Beauton and Amy L. Beauton, 349 E. Curtin St., Bellefonte, $225,000


Lois J. Beckenbaugh by attorney to Beverly A. Harader, 1051 E. High St., Bellefonte, $195,000



Amberleigh LP to Amberleigh Homeowners Association, Exeter & Dorchester, State College, $1


Elizabeth Hetzel Estate and Jeffrey M. Graci, executor, to Joan S. Heck, 193 Aster Ave., Bellefonte, $330,000



Greg K. Kirkpatrick and Sandra Kirkpatrick to Stauffer Rental Properties LLC, 973 Runville Road, Bellefonte, $30,000



Scott E. Leaper and Verna A. Leaper to Scott E. Leaper, Verna A. Leaper, Timothy A. Lanager and Lori L. Lanager, 419 Pine Glen Road, Moshannon, $1


Verna Lanager and Scott E. Leaper to Scott E. Leaper, Verna A. Leaper, Timothy A. Lanager and Stacy S. Hart, Pine Glen Road, Moshannon, $1



Douglas S. Pysher and Susan L. Pysher to Harry Kamerow and Salua Kamerow, Brandywine Drive, State College, $840,000


Shiloh Investors LLC to Glenn H. Donahey and Kathryn P. Donahey, 200 Jefferson Ave., State College, $195,000


Gordon E. Turow and Nancy T. Turow to Shashank Priya, 952 Greenbriar Drive, State College, $515,000


Paul L. Frankhouser to Shao Y. Chen and Endi Lu, 131 Patrick Circle, State College, $295,000


John E. Becker and Marie A. Becker by attorney to Jason M Simcisko, 828 Struble Road, State College, $485,000



Mary K. Agnew to David A. Reeder and Candace M. Reeder, 3291 Shellers Bend, No. 727, State College, $285,000


S&A Homes Inc. to Xiangfen Zhou, 106 Red Willow Road, State College, $366,558


B5 Group LLC to Penny A. Garban Family Trust, 112 E. Cherry Lane, State College, $1,400,000


Gretta D. Armstrong and Steven A. Kellogg to Steven A. Kellogg and Gretta D. Kellogg, 2298 Roylen Circle, State College, $1


Joseph T. Bowman and Holly A. Bowman to Marquis Estate Development LLC, 124 Cardinal Lane, State College, $1


Stephen C. Wilk and Shelley N. Wilk to Xiaodong Yang and Xuanyu Hou, 2387 Quail Run Road, State College, $242,500


Larry H. Achterberg to Jason Litzenberg, 2027 Pine Cliff Road, State College, $293,000


Mary J. Dugan to Mary J. Lenzing and Erik H. Lenzing, 161 W. Chestnut St., Pine Grove Mills, $1


Timothy L. Eyster to Timothy E. Kunkel and Destiny M. Kunkel, 4300 W. Whitehall Road, Pennsylvania Furnace, $185,000


Christine Wilson to Wayne Reynolds and Melissa Reynolds, 820 W. Aaron Drive, State College, $236,500



Jean O. Stover Estate and Karen Rossman to CBM Partners LP, 3870 Penns Valley Road, Spring Mills, $109,100


William L. Foster and Lawna K. Foster to Carl A. Lingle, 253 Houtz Haven Farm Lane, Centre Hall, $148,500


Haines Township

Mildred I. Hosterman Estate, Mildred I. Hosterman and Glenn E. Hosterman, executor, to Corby A. Ronk, 513 N. Spruce Alley, Aaronsburg, $122,500



Thomas Gallagher and Cheryl Gallagher to Joseph A. Niebel and Sandra L. Niebel, 127 Founders Court, Boalsburg, $488,000


Gregory M. Bailey to Matthew G. Oelkers and Delvina Oelkers, Misty Hill Drive, Boalsburg, $330,000


Jeanette M. Morrison to Gregory J. Morrison, Hemlock Street, Boalsburg, $1



Bobbi J. Salvanish and Charles A. Salvanish to Glenn Mcaulay, 550 Walnut St., Howard, $1,000


Terry L. Confer Estate and Lanfen Confer, executrix, to Lanfen Confer, Stowell Street, Howard, $1



RJ Housel Rental LLC to Insieme Leasing Inc., Maurer Lane, Port Matilda, $80,000


Saratoga Partners LP to Joshua Jones and Andrea B. Rager, 194 Wagner Lane, Port Matilda, $140,500



Whitetail Mountain Forest to Darin J. King and Lilly M. King, 408 Sugar Camp Road, Lock Haven, $11,900



Dennis G. Whitesell and Rebecc E. Whitesell to Whitesell Family Living Trust, Dennis G. Whitesell, trustee, and Rebecca E. Whitesell, trustee, 190 Woodside Drive, Bellefonte, $1



Benuel S. King and Ruth A. King to Enos K. Fisher and Elsie L. Fisher, 277 Back Road, Rebersburg, $285,000


Robert L. Marquette Estate and John D. Marquette, executor, to Marquette Vacation Home Trust, 777 Madisonburg Pike, Madisonburg, $1



Thomas A. Manley to Jessica Clark, 204 Hillcrest Ave., State College, $92,000



Su Wang to David C. Asencio, 696C Oakwood Ave., State College, $297,000


DuPuis Family Irrevocable Trust, Elizabeth A. DuPuis, trustee, and Mary M. DuPuis, trustee, to Lance Sebolt and Carly Sebolt, 990 Confer Farm Lane, Bellefonte, $165,000


Daniel Bruner, Judith Bruner, James L. Andreyo and Jayna E. Andreyo to Daniel Bruner and Judith Bruner, 116 Clemson Court, State College, $1


Charles W. Morrison and Emily R. Morrison to Guido Cervone and Janejira Kalsmith, 281 Ghaner Drive, State College, $221,000


John D. Swisher and Judith R. Swisher to Neil G. Oddie and Laura C. Oddie, 117 Wildernest Lane, Port Matilda, $110,000


Gary L. Jeffers to Justin T. Agostinelli and Bridget L. Agostinelli, 129 Country View Lane, Port Matilda, $225,000


Charles A. Farrell and Constance B. Farrell to Panyu Yan, 2018 Mary Ellen Lane, State College, $150,000


Sharon L. Simeral and Terry A. Powers to Nan Li and Wenyi Zhu, 616 Severn Drive, State College, $332,500


Penn Township

Henry S. Beiler and Barbara L. Beiler to Benjamin L. Stoltzfus and Fannie S. Stoltzfus, 241 Paradise Road, Spring Mills, $1


Irvin Heckman to Brett I. Heckman and Quinn I. Heckman, Lingle Valley Road, Spring Mills, $1


Elizabeth M. Fryer to Hall Family Trust, Charles R. Hall, trustee, and Lou A. Hall, trustee, CA Alley/Sixth Alley, Coburn, $16,000



Mary E. Whited to Walter L. Witherite and Debra J. Witherite, 201 Berkley St., Philipsburg, $115,000


Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Steven J. Bellows, 323 E. Pine St., Philipsburg, $20,500


Wells Fargo Bank to Castlerock 2017 Inc., 120 N. Ninth St., Philipsburg, $22,450



Ashford Manor Associates to William H. Weaver and Kaitlyn C. Weaver, Blarney Lane, Bellefonte, $55,000


Laura Darr and Allan Darr to Richard Smith and Linda Smith, 104 Wynwood Drive, Centre Hall, $180,000


Albert Brelo and William Socie to William Sallurday and Marsha Sallurday, 919 Loch Lomond Road, Philipsburg, $15,000


Yvonne M. Shaner to Yvonne M. Shaner and Dale E. Shaner, 3226 Tyrone Pike, Osceola Mills, $1


Ronald N. Couturiaux and Shirley A. Couturiaux to Ronald N. Couturiaux and Shirley A. Couturiaux, 156 Squaw Lane, Philipsburg, $1



JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to Robert L. Steingrabe and Melissa Steingrabe, 230 Jonathan Lane, Bellefonte, $197,900


Tyler Kunes to Wyatt J. Kunes, 138 Forge Road, Bellefonte, $139,500


Edward J. Jusits and Tammy A. Jusits to Zachary J. Trynovich, 230 Irish Hollow Road, Bellefonte, $267,400


Benjamin Shindy and Marina Shindy to Justin A. Wert and Sara C. Wert, 255 Lower Coleville Road, Bellefonte, $139,900


Lena G. Yarnell Estate, Terry D. Yarnell, co-personal representative, and Robert A. Yarnell, co-personal representative, to Medhat Aziz,143 Nittany St., Pleasant Gap, $177,000


Julie A. Willits, Julia A. Modricker and David J. Modricker to Felipe Montes and Maria M. Posada, 1788 Airport Road, Bellefonte, $247,500



Steven B. Jacobs and Joanne C. Jacobs to Richard J. Palaia, 1134 Smithfield Circle, State College, $350,000


Joseph E. Schall and Karen Schall to Robert J. Darrah and Adrienne Darrah, 618 S. Fraser St., State College, $290,000


Thomas F. Coombs to David J. Nieves and Alaina L. Pearce, 1182 Westerly Parkway, State College, $189,000


William Downey, Alice A. Downey, Sean Downey and Michelle L. Downey to DuPuis Family Irrevocable Trust, 802 Stratford Drive, No. 14, Bellefonte, $142,900


Coscal Ventures LP to Nittany Houses LP, 220 E. Nittany Ave., State College, $900,000


Emma J. Neil Estate and Dana E. Neil, executrix, to Fangzhou Yang, 819 Wheatfield Drive, State College, $282,000


Coscal Ventures LP to Park Ave Partners LLC, 207 E. Park Ave., State College, $925,000


Coscal Ventures LP to Park Ave Partners LLC, 125 W. Park Ave., State College, $775,000



Michael E. Solan to Abby L. Johnson, 450 Laurel Run Road, Port Matilda, $123,750



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