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Centre County Deed Reports

by on October 04, 2018 11:48 AM

Recorded Sept. 10-14



Jean E. Hancock to Camillo Properties Inc., 526 Willowbank St., $86,000

Grant B. Torsell Jr. and Sharon L. Truchan to Grant B. Torsell Jr. and Carol S. Torsell, 1048 Tanney St., $1

Brittany E. Curchoe to Matthew W. Strouse and Christine L. Strouse, 326 S. Spring St., $185,500

Elizabeth L. Grube to Roy G. Grube, 275 W. Beaver St., $1



Bank of New York Mellon to Kerry Albert Benninghoff, 506 S. Moshannon Ave., $22,600



Brian c. Kaleita to Stephan Levitsky and Nancy Levitsky, 1166 Oneida St., $245,000

Rae Ellen Devier to Happy Valley Ventures LLC, 136 W. Lytle Ave., $141,703

Russell W. Manning to RYM and NGM Family Revocable Trust, 1174 S. Garner St., $1

James Benjamin Lear and Shana D. Lear to Thomas A. Brady and Michelle Brady, 1108 S. Garner St., $310,000

Joseph D. Haloua and Julie A. Haloua to Katarina K. Massaro and Luke E. Massaro, 1336 S. Garner St., $370,000

Brian C. Kaleita to Falyk LLC, 706 S. Allen St., $355,475

Nancy C. Sommers to Jan B. Der Kinderen, 911 Hart Circle, $215,000



Christine Delaney to Toby A. Klein, 120 Barrington Lane, $215,000

Bridget L. Hildebrand to Edward J. Thompson and Nancy L. Thompson, 179 Dorchester Lane, $210,000



Barry W. McGowan to James S. Dunn Sr. and Lori A. Dunn, 324 German Settlement Road, $12,000



Randy L. Weaver and Christina M. Weaver to Randy L. Weaver and Christina M. Weaver, 362 Baldwin St., $1

S & A Home Builder LLC to Darrell W. Cockburn and April P. Cockburn, 348 Florence Way, $412,870

Linda L. Caldwell to Philip M. Spangler and Susan T. Sanders, 980 E. McCormick Ave., $340,000

Winnie S. Smith to Ronald W. Reeser and Denise L. Reeser, 322 Matilda Ave., $200,000

James C. Wambold and Alice E. Wambold to Yuriy Bublik and Svitlana Bublik, 111 Randy Lane, $90,000

Fieldstone Investors Group LLC to S & A Home Builders LLC, 393 Florence Way, $501,000.

Kevin L. Knouse and Marcia D. Knouse to Margaret Rose Yee and Matthew Dowdy, 123 Birchtree Court, $195,000

Stearns Boal LP to BHL Partnership, 140 Mountain Laurel Drive, $104,500

Sheng Liu to Derek W. Varner and Kristina N. Varner, 157 McCann Drive, $465,000



Darlene E. Brown to Dustin N. Toner, 2101 Little Marsh Creek Road, $135,000



Leonid Komlev and Valentina Komlev to Andrew Cobb Heryla and Freya Cole, 4228 W. Whitehall Road, $211,000

Kristen a. Hesketh to Kai Du and Jinyuan Song, 2178 Quail Run Road, $275,000

Alexander M. Skucek to Teresa Soler, 331 Selders Circle, $1

Jun Miao to Ning Wan and Lixian Wang, 2469 Autumnwood Drive, $365,000

Etta E. Barnes Irrevocable Trust to Quadrangle LLC, 1595 W. Whitehall Road, $440,000



Scott A. Noel and Mary L. Benner to Wesley A. Kerstetter, 147 Mountain Ave., $170,000



Daniel Lekander and Peggy Lekander to Xun An Lin and Bai Lu, 120 Meadow Lark Lane, $175,000

Mark J. Doyle and Jean H. Doyle to Kristen A. Stamplis, 105 Kaywood Drive, $375,000

John R. Rumbaugh and Kathleen L. Rumbaugh to David T. Faussette Jr. and Lindsey R. Faussette, 1451 Willowbrook Drive, $316,000

Ann S. Bieniawski and Andrew J. Bieniawski to Joanette R. Petrakis and Steven E. Petrakis, 113 Kestrel Lane, $263,000



Rosalie I. McKinney to Carl Brungard Jr., Cindy M. Brungard, Scott M. Pierson and Melissa R. Pierson, Bald Eagle Forest Road, $18,500



Paul E. Wasson and Catherine M. Wasson to Chance C. Feighner, 116 Madisonburg Pike, $146,500



Frank E. Brinkley to Zhaorong Ma and Tao Zhang, 243 Oakwood Ave., $169,900

Jessica L. Montrella and Neil A. Cronin to Jeffery T. Smead, 2030 N. Oak Lane, $225,000



Michael Wenrick to Michael Wenrick and Angela Wenrick, 119 Klinger Lane, $10



Frank C. Butts Jr. and Sarah M. Butts to Gary H. Watson Jr. and Melanie Harris, 246 Pepper Ridge Drive, $369,500



Jaro Development Company Inc. to Jeremy Potter and Colette Potter, Tyrone Pike, $10,000

Mark E. Folmar and Jennifer L. Folmar to Kyle Smith, Tyrone Pike, $30,000

Philipsburg Rod and Gun Club Inc. to Thomas M. Robertson and Brenda J. Robertson, 1214 Dale Road, $1

Eric d. Confer and Deanna L. Confer to Charles D. Bechdel and Deanna L. Bechdel, 372 Sleepy Hollow Road, $1



Dale R. Benner and Gail E. Benner to Samuel J. Gray and Ruth H. Gray, Axemann Road, $1

James R. Coslo and Mary M. Coslo to Brian D. Walker and Kelley S. Gillette-Walker, Ripka Lane, $39,900

Jallo Family Trust to John Elder and Richard Carson, 238 E. College Ave., $70,000

JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to Richard M. Rohrbach and Jane H. Rohrbach, Rosehill Drive, $261,414



Faye D. Price to Faye D. Price, 171 Goss Hollow Lane, $1

Joseph C. Price and Kristin Lohr to Joseph C. Price and Kristin Lohr, 125 Hemlock Lane, $1

Richard McNeal and Gloria McNeal to Richard McNeal and Gloria McNeal, 250 McNeal Lane, $1



Ethel B. Williams to Timothy A. Wian and Alison E. Wian, 425 Rattlesnake Pike, $1

Nicholas P. Antonuccio III to Nicholas P. Antonuccio and Dana M. Antonuccio, 755 Egypt Hollow Road, $1



Bryan M. Burger and Elizabeth M. Burger to Elizabeth M. Burger, 158 Meadow Lane, $1

Travis Desavigny and Lauren Desavigny to Preston M. Kresovich and Amber Kresovich, 138 Archers Glen Road, $341,000

Timothy S. Woolsey to William H. Toner Jr. and Alissa M. Toner, 1715 E. College Ave., $235,000

J Lynne Properties LLC to Aquillas J. Peachey and Sallie A. Peachey, State Route 0445, $2,250,000

Dolores E. Ertley to Matthew L. Jones and Laura J. Jones, 111 Keystone Lane, $145,000



Charles R. Hammond and Shirley M. Hammond to Charles R. Hammond Income-Only Trust, 595 N. High St., $1

Compiled by Kyleigh Beaver



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