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Centre County Deed Reports

by on November 08, 2018 9:12 AM

Recorded Oct. 15-19


Lynne McCormack to Jason M. Moser and Laura C. Reddington, 602 E. Linn St., $228,500

Margaret A. Shaw to Barbara A. Alpert and Gary R. Alpert, 720 E. Linn St., $198,000

William H. Catherman to Susan L. Catherman, 312 Willowbank St., $1

Justin M. Kozak and Emilee S. Grupp to Nathan J. Laird and Courtney D. Laird, 235 E. Bishop St., $189,900

Saratoga Partners LP to Jody L. Josefik, 1030 Shady Lane Extension, $262,500


Larry M. McCloskey and Victoria L. McCloskey to Donald L. Coder and Barbara A. Kilgore, 105 Oklawaha St., $40,000


Jerry R. Wettstone and Jane C. Wettstone to Eric A. Marshall and Megan E. Marshall, 861 Thomas St., $495,000

Kevin S. Fogler to Earl Frye and Melissa Frye, 230 W. Crestmont Ave., $137,000


Otto D. Ebeling to Travis O. Baker, 1775 Valley View Road, $170,000

William H. Jarvis Jr. and Sonia R. Jarvis to Sonia R. Jarvis and Robert D. Jarvis, 113 Midway Drive, $1

Susan M. Alvarado to Susan M. Alvarado Trust, 183 Exeter Lane, $1


John W. McWhirter and Shannon McWhirter to Genevieve Hulburt, 1005 Greenbriar Drive, $556,000

William L. Butler and Jean S. Giddings to Ronald S. Dvorkin and Ellyn E. Exley, 220 Gerald St., $150,000

Elias Mpofu to Kelly R. Huntington, 141 Lincoln Ave., $228,500

Jing R. Yang and Jennifer L. Yang to Jing R. Yang, 2688 Penbrook Lane, $1

Robert Zboray and Nora Kerenyi to Deborah F. Kelly and Mariah L. Schroen, 710 Wayne St., $367,000

Jose L. Guardado to Jose L. Guardado, 406 Brandywine Drive, $1

Gregory R. Kunes and Patricia R. Kunes to Brian H. Ishler and Shelly J. Ishler, 125 Pepperberry Lane, $130,000

Orpha Jean Barrett to Barrett Family Trust, 113 Hillview Ave., $1

Deborah Jeanne Swistock to Deborah Jeanne Swistock Trust, Hunter Avenue, $1

Shiloh Investors LLC to Patricia G. Krupsiki, 200 217 Jefferson Ave., $212,500


Janice J. Gottschall to Wanda J. Duncan, 3291 729 Shellers Bend, $284,328

J. J. Powell Inc. to HFL Corporation, 1209 N. Atherton St., $1,100,000

Janet F. Blew to David Ostrander and Jessica Ostrander, 2518 Harvest Ridge Drive, $402,000


William P. Moyer and Lee S. Moyer to Timothy A. Troxell and Eunice M. Troxell, north of SR0045, $94,000


Rina L. Stover to Jesse V. Knoedler and Laurie Lewis-Knoedler, 201 Lee Ave., $275,000

Harvey B. Manbeck and Harvey R. Manbeck to Harvey B. Manbeck and Glenda B. Manbeck, 912 Anna St., $1

Mary M. Kibelbek to Jeremiah P. Johnson and Michele Johnson, 1108 Karen St., $255,000

Gerhard O. Kahler and Katherine R. Kahler to Kevin T. Dean, 1401 Breton Circle, $245,000


Michael A. Aument Jr. to Jeffrey F. Hockenberry and Wendy A. Hockenberry, 250 Birch Ave., $162,500


Daren L. Stover and Lisa A. Stover to Colten L. Stover and Brooke L. Stover, 1747 Marsh Creek Road, $212,500


HSBC Bank USA to CR 2018 LLC, 4326 Jacksonville Road, $5,650


Josephine Chesworth to E. Thomas Chesworth Testamentary Trust, 913 Tressler St., $1


Decibel Partners LP to S & A Homes Inc., Champion Drive, $1,716,000

Cheryl J. Glenn to Linda L. Caldwell and Edward A. Smith, 193 Sandy Ridge Road, $443,000

S & A Homes Inc. to Thomas A. McClary, 105 Deans Way, $418,100

Melissa L. Mcabee to Melissa L. Mcabee and Matthew C. Grube, 542 Lanceshire Lane, $1

Matthew P. Shineman and Rebecca P. Shineman to Matthew A. Shaffer and Melanie A. Shaffer, 598 Devonshire Drive, $324,000

Jaime L. Pugh and Jeffrey M. Pugh to Paul Anderson and Susan Anderson, 1899 Park Forest Ave., $266,250


Matthew P. Soccio and Patricia L. Soccio to Richard L. Bjalme and Margaret Bjalme, 162 Colyer Road, $470,000


Esther May Hamaty to David N. Smith, 139 Greenhouse Lane, $40,000

Luis Trubiani Jr. and Mae Y. Trubiani to Amy McCutcheon, 608 Oak St., $84,900


Ronald J. Tomlinson and Linda J. Tomlinson to Joseph J. Haczewski and Donna M. Haczewski, 342 Turkey Ridge Road, $75,000

Burton D. Smith Sr. to Darren D. Brown and Veronica J. Brown, 133 South Fork Road, $75,000

Rosewood Investors LLC to Michael R. Talapa and John C. Tobias, Fountain Road, $1

Ronald P. Chambers and Brenda S. Chambers to Chambers Family Trust, 431 Beech Creek Road, $1

Reed J. Meeker and Anna G. Meeker to Reed J. Meeker and Anna G. Meeker, 1127 W. Sycamore Road, $1

Raymond F. Hockenberry to Raymond F. Hockenberry, West Sycamore Road, $1


Wendy Miller to Kacie L. Miller and Torin Miller, 135 Sunset Ave., $160,000

Samuel J. Gray and Ruth H. Gray to Dale R. Benner and Gail E. Benner, Axemann Road, $1.

Charles W. Steen and Gina B. Steen to Zachary J. Wynkoop and Jacqueline M. Wynkoop, 109 Josie Drive, $365,000

Ryan A. Dickinson and Jeanette L. Dickinson to Jeffrey Pugh and Jaime L. Pugh, 1068 W. Springfield Drive, $334,000

Stauffer Rental Properties LLC to Rodney L. Wellar and Sherri L. Wellar, 135 Whiterock Ave., $200,000


W & R Parsons Family Limited Partners to Kody A. Hall, 253 Ulrich Road, $399,000

Carolyn J. Adams to Steven L. Stem and Lisa A. Stem, 271 Sycamore Lane, $120,000

Melany K. Tapia to Beau J. Burger and Kelley E. Burger, High Street, $109,380


Zachary J. Wynkoop and Jacqueline M. Wynkoop to Morgan D. Grindley and Amanda C. Grindley, 256 Walker Crossing, $239,000


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