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Centre County Deed Reports

by on December 06, 2018 10:12 AM

Deeds recorded Nov. 13 to 16


Rellim Real Estate LLC to Stephanie Schroeder and Kyle Fagan, 231 N. Thoma St., $274,150

Jonell B. Knisel Estate, Jodell Lorraine Ralston and Douglas Keith Knisely to Tim E. Knisely and Karin M. Knisely, 972 Woodland Drive, $1


Dennis G. Tibbens, Jr., and Anita M. Tibbens to Kasey l. Whetstine, 111 N. Fourth St., $92,000

LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Pasquale V. Romano Jr. and Jennifer E. Romano, 203 E. Spruce St., $10,250


Robert L. Dearment and Shirley H. Dearment to Richard N. Bayletts and Barbara A. Soroka, 113 Kenneth St., $274,150


Barbara A. Fanelli to Huasheng Investment LLC, 616 E. College Ave., $325,000

Jeffery T. Stetson and Marlene G. Stetson to Strawberry Fields Inc., 298 E. McCormick Ave., $426,800

Redevelopment Authority State College Borough to Temporary Housing Foundations Inc., 230 Logan Ave., $455,000

Rhonda L. Lope and Kelsey L. Lope to Redevelopment Authority State College Borough, 600 N. Allen St., $520,000

Elizabeth Ackell to Marilyn Mitchell, 334 Hillcrest Ave., $323,500


Ethal B. Williams to Christopher A. Wian, 400 Hill Street Ext., $1


Delphina Jaworski Estate, Sandra Jo Jaworski and Dennis R. Jaworski to Patrick A. Buckley and Alexis Buckley, 628 Buffalo Run Road, $183,000

Joanna R. Bosch, Joana Ruth Coons and Jonathan C. Coons to John A. Roy and Shelly M. Sorrel, 124 Barrington Lane, $224,000

Kristina R. Angellotti and Gregory Kurr to Albert D. Esposito and Korin D. Esposito, 165 Exeter Lane, $214,900

Secretary of Housing and Development & Urban Development to Jesse A. Dawson, 121 Clemens Lane, $130,000


Joan A. Kinsman to Anthony R. D’Augelli, 455 Windmere Drive, $395,000


Richard A. Peters and Tina M. Peters to Jessica L. Deslauriers and Brian L. Deslauriers, 1478 W. Gatesburg Road, $302,000

Chelsea Kay Mali to Harpal Sing Bhathal and Jaswinder Kaur, 1363 Sconsett Way, $766,000

Wendy J. Coulson to Walter J. Paskey and Pamela C. Martin, 3181 14 Sheller Bend, $210,000

Philip R. Mandzik and Amanda M. Mandzik to Martha S. Hummel, 137 Ridge Road, $245,000

Danny R. Harner, Pamela M. Harner, Thompson P. Harner, Nancy B. Harner to Aspen Whitehall Partners LLC and Aspen Route 26 Partners LLC, 2177 W. Whitehall Road, $1


Ralph L. Vonda and Dorothy M. Vonda to Elizabeth M. Isaacs and Daniel St. Orbin Isaacs, 205 Long St., $1


Terry L. Klinedisnt to DG Hart 7 Company Inc., 217 Mountain Ave., $14,000


Carlton Knowlton and Karen Knowlton to Carlton L. and Karen J. Knowlton Primary, Carlton L. Knowlton TR and Karen J. Knowlton TR, 213 Harris Drive, $1

Elizabeth B. Seavy ES and Jeffery Scott Seavy to Kevin P. McCarthy and Kimberly J. McCarthy, 208 Fairfield Drive, $337,000

Robert A. Walker to Thomas Oziemblowsky and Dilina Kumari Oziemblowsky, S. Atherton St., $130,000

Kevin R. Nelson and Jayne E. Nelson to Jennifer M. Sabol, 122 Honeysuckle Drive, $157,500

Alexander M. Heiphetz and Svetlana M. Liberman to Michael E. Crouse Jr., 102 Sherwood Drive, $235,000

Samantha A. Ream, Samantha Ream Haas, Jason Curtis Haas, Gary P. Ream and Rebecca J. Ream to Ryan S. Lowe and Mariam F. Lowe, 678 Rosslyn Road, $1



Blair O. Young Jr. and Mary Young to Robert L. Mcghee Sr. and Angela Jane Mcghee, 109 Pine St., $15,000

Joe R. McKivison and Laura Ann McCloskey to Joseph Mantle, 70 Willow Lane, $74,000


Steven Z. Fisher and Amanda E. Fisher to Elmer E. Stoltzfus, 130 Green Acres Road, $1


Donald E. Gummo to Jefferey P. Stover and Lori J. Stover, Route SR 0445, $100,000


Betty Fields Howe Estate, Betty Fields Estate, Betty L. Howe Estate, Betty Louise Howe E., Dixie Heir Moulthrop and Dixie Heir Moulthrop to Red Specco LLC, Scotia Road, $10,000

Larry E. Rudy to Robert D. Dickinson, 5164 W. Buffalo Run Road, $10,000

Suntrust Bank to secretary of Veterans Affairs, 3050 Buffalo Run Road, $1

Thomas A. McClary to Linxin Wang, 105 Dean Way, $420,000


Sanda A. Eversole to Donald E. Jones and Debra A. Jones, 224 Poe Valley Road, $3,500


John M. Cole to John M. Cole, General Potter Highway, $1

Kurt L. McKinney Jr. and Bridget M. McKinney to Brian Lenig and Michi Miller, 372 Krise Valley Road, $287,500


Lisa M. Dickson and Jon E. Emel, 131 Summit Road, $1


Andrew H. Bell and Sara M. Bell to Robert Hewitt, 104 Sugarwood Drive, $248,000

Josiah T. Harper and Christina Harper to Ethan P. Van Horn, 499 S. Centre St., $106,000


JFDC Land Acquisitions LLC to Laura A. Cook, 262 Jonathan Lane, $265,300

Joseph H. Davis and Natasha R. Warefield to Robert C. Quick Jr., 256 Lower Coleville Road, $127,720

Susan E. Young to Susan E. Young Primary Residence and Susan E. Young TR, 107 Danielle Drive, $1

Berks at Amerleigh LLC, Berks New home LLC and Berks homes to Jonathan M. Olsen and Nicola C. Olsen, 316 Amberleigh Lane, $294,266

Rockstar Real Estate LCC and WREP Associates to Charles C. Herlocher II and Sharon K. Herlocker, 121 E. College Ave., $395,000


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