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Centre County Deed Reports recorded April 16-20

by on May 10, 2018 10:10 AM


Jacob D. Hoover and Billie-Jo M. Hoover to Alexey Silakov, 422 E. Lamb St., $195,000

Dean E. Neale and Constance W. Neale, by agent, to Paul C. Doherty, 303 W. Olive St., $60,000

Nancy J. Gettis to Donald E. Hockenbury and Jacqueline R. Hockenbury, 105 S. Moshannon Ave., $25,000

Glenn E. Steyers Estate and James E. Sayers to Jean-Baptiste C. Lebrun and Tineka L. Lebrun, 1168 Westerly Parkway, $324,900

Radharani A. Collins to Aaron M. Williams, 1156 S. Atherton St., $215,000

Tperk LLC to Mitchell Greiner, 800 35 Stratford Drive, $143,000

Ronald A. Gurskey and Mary Lu Gurskey to Ramasubramanian Narayanan and Sangeetha Thapa, 1283 University Drive, $360,000

Hoben Thomas, Patricia M. Thomas, Mark K. Thomas and Ginger Thomas to Mark K. Thomas and Ginger Thomas, 310 S. Allen St., $1

Jeff Hoeflich, Arnold Hoeflich, Melissa Hoeflich and Scott Hoeflich to Jeff Hoeflich, Arnold Hoeflich, Melissa Hoeflich and Scott Hoeflich, 923 McKee St., $1

Becky Pertz to Tia Gui Zhang, 131 Sowers St., $163,000

Jonathan S. Pitt to Adam Seitz and Faith Ryan, 212 E. McCormick Ave., $285,000


Larry E. Cleaver to Ethan F. W. Cleaver and Kari D. Cleaver, 348 Fetzer Road, $1.

Patricia Ann Zetts, George Zetts, Gregory Charles Thompson, Shelley L. Thompson, Wayne Robert Thompson, Elana Thompson and Elona Thompson to Chassidy Flood, $105,000

David Yamarick and Barbara Yamarick to Spencer L. Boone and Jenny L. Boone, 1898 Fisher Fire Road, $181,000

Alexander Garcia to Zuru Zhi, 112 Lincoln Ave., $230,000

James S. Jordan and Linda J. Jordan to Mark A. Grello and Julie A. Grello, 508 Outer Drive, $450,000

Gladys R. Hart and Joseph H. Hart IV to Joseph H. Hart IV, 116 Clover Road, $1

Richard Seclen and Marleny Seclen to Kelsey A. Gonder, 102 Quincy Ave., $190,000

Patrick F. Lyons to Erich W. Schienke and Neyda M. Abreu-Schienke, 106 Birch Tree Court, $176,500

Eric J. Helfen to Karen E. Moroski and Chelsea N. Moroski, 255 Deepwood Drive, $201,900

Richard A. Hebel to Maria Aroyyo, 1402 Tadpole Road, $177,000

R. Michael Hulet and Beth A. Hulet to Vivian P. Noll, 20 Holly Circle, $261,000

Charles J. Walters and Michelle L. Walters to Evan M. Unmann and Rachel M. Davis, 2004 Chelsea Lane, $245,000

Samuel A. Seltzer and Laurie L. Seltzer to National Residential Nominee Services, 1308 Vineyard Haven, $600,000

National Residential Nominee Services to Douglas R. Weber and Elizabeth M. Martin, 1308 Vineyard Haven, $600,000

Steven Crain and Victoria Crain to Steven Crain, Victoria Crain and Martia Ward, 4326 W. Whitehall Road, $1

Michael S. Blumenthal Estate, Wendy Blumenthal and Amy L. McCosker to Huanan Zhang and Weiran Zhang, 1713 Cambridge Drive, $483,000

C. Michael Cummins, Theresa A. Cummins, Albert L. Bartlett and Marsha R. Bartlett to West Side Manor I LP, 115 S. Butz St., $560,000

Vernon Davis and Daniel W. Scott to Gary E. Andrus and Nancy P. Andrus, 376 Cogan Circle, $378,500

Neyda Abreu, Neyda M. Abreu-Schienke and Erich W. Schienke to Neyda M. Abreu-Schienke and Erich W. Schienke, 3054 Sheffield Drive, $1

LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Joel M. Kauffman and Rose A. Kauffman, 114 Crystal Hill Lane, $52,500

Paul L. Lewandowski and Cindy L. Lewandowski to Paul L. Lewandowski, Pine Creek Road, $1

Brian B. Burger and Janice R. Burger to Janice R. Burger, 174 Bartges Road, $1

David Faussette and Michele Faussette to John J. Roach and Linda B. Roach, 100 Kaywood Drive, $1

Sophia N. Kamerow Family Trust and Harry N. Kamerow, trustee, to Brenton J. Pry and Amy L. Pry, 220 Mount Pleasant Drive, $1

J. Garry McShea and Priscilla A. McShea to William W. Witmer III and Erin R. Calandra Witmer, 132 Lee Ave., $90,000

Daniel J. Lago and Cynthia Marie Lago to GJD Land Company, East Mountain Road, $1

GJD Land Company to Cynthia Marie Lago and Daniel J. Lago, East Mountain Road, $1

Paul E. Girton Estate, Cheryl J. McCombs and Michael A. McCombs to Christ K. Esh and Ella S. Esh, 221 Bald Eagle St., $70,000

Mary V. Hettinger to Eric A. Heltman, 170 E. Main St., $126,000

Howard H. Held and Judith A. Held to Brenda M. Corman, 159 Tradition Drive, $348,500

John Marcus Kello Estate, John M. Kello Estate and Nicholas Stephen Kello to Christopher C. Mincer, 435 Cricklewood Drive, $395,000

Gong Chen and Jie Xu to Jingyao Dai, 739 Oakwood Ave., $232,500

Fred P. Haller II, Frederick P. Hallar II and Marjorie L. Hallar to Maochun Michael Ye and Qian Zhang, 1934 Weaver St., $266,000

Naomi Engelken to Anthony F. Pekny and Elizabeth P. Pekny, 822 Galen Drive, $220,000

Paul H. Silvis to Paul H. Silvis, 100 Siltop Lane, $1

Paul H. Silvis to Paul H. Silvis, 600 Siltop Lane, $1

Victoria Y. Pevzner to Hiro S. McNulty and Erin E. Hetrick, 299 Douglas Drive, $233,000

Hall Family Trust, Charles R. Hall, trustee, and Lou Ann Hall, trustee, to Charles R. Hall and Lou Ann Hall, 517 Main St., $1

Weaver Revocable Living Trust and Carolina A. Weaver, trustee, to Caroline A. Weaver, 149 Aher Lane, $1

JR Land Company Inc. to Metro Ferrance Revocable Trust and Metro Ferrance, trustee, $1,000

Patricia L. Ketcho to Patricia L. Ketcho and Sharie M. Ketcho, 1704 Hannah Furnace Road, $1

Jess W. Granville and Helen Granville to Thomas R. Granville, 2129 Tyrone Pike, $1

Durvin Barry Wick, Jenny Wick and Jenny Robinson to David W. Reiter and Lindsay M. LeFort, 254 Bilger Lane, $175,000

JFDC Land Acquisitions LLC to Thomas M. Cleary and Mary Ellen Clearly, 207 Rosehill Drive, $257,900

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Sergey Maslov, 313 Lower Coleville Road, $58,000

M. Melidene Shaffer, Sandra Lee Breon and William Daniel Shaffer to Mammoth Real Estate LLC, 513 Valentine St., $65,000

Wells Fargo Bank to Brent I. Smith and Jacqueline J. Smith, 133 Chapel Hill Circle, $225,750

Kenneth G. Conrad Revocable Trust and Kenneth G. Conrad, trustee, to Lonesome Cabin Hunting Lodge, South Eagle Valley Road, $98,000

Ernest G. Ammerman Estate, Ernest Glenn Ammerman Estate, Marcia Lou Roberts and James Glenn Ammerman to Marcia Lou Roberts and James Glenn Ammerman, 599 Rattlesnake Pike, $1

Janet L. Deno, Steven Wayne Smith, Connie Maria Smith and Connie Francis Smith to Janet L. Deno, Steven Wayne Smith and Connie Maria Smith, 2796 Zion Road, $1

DBW Land Development Partnership to Bradley J. Kustaborder and Melissa L. Kustaborder, Jefferson Circle, $54,400

Nittany Country Club to John F Curtin and Alexis K. Curtin, Hecla Mountain Road, $15,000

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