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Centre County Deed Reports recorded March 12-16

by on April 12, 2018 9:24 AM


Robert A. Wolfe and Jacqueline C. Wolfe to John Christopher Shinham and Robert Jenay, 525 N. Monroe St., $248,000
Walter R. Young Jr. Estate and Laura A. Young to Laura A. Young, 1120 Centre St., $1
Jennifer J. O’Neill, Jennifer L. Jennings and Sean D. O’Neill to Allixandra Jean Gresock, 521 E. Howard St., $141,500

Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County and unknown, by trustee, to Louis E. Attebertty and Dorrel A. Atteberry, North Street, $1661.37

Fredi J. Roos to Leonardo Albizu, 420 S. Centre St., $133,000
Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County and Lori A. Smith, by trustee, to Summer 16 LLC, 307 E. Beaver St., $7,469.01

Darbie J. White to Nathan D. Peters, 302 E. Whitehall Road, $165,000
David L. Roeshot and Meghan S. Roeshot to Jeremy E. Frank and Amy C. Frank, 714 W. Fairmont Ave., $1,250,000
Robert C. Gifford Jr. and Colette Lynn Gifford to Gerald Knizia and Elvira Sayfutyarova, 212 W. Mitchell Ave., $328,000
Aaron L. Rosenberg, Flora Rosenberg and Flora Mmbaga to Flora Mmbaga, 1773 Blue Course Drive, $1
Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County and J.P. O’Bryan Estate to University Park Plaza Corporation, South Fraser St., $1,715.66
Peter P. Orsini and Patricia A. Orsini to Guy R. Delfranco and Cathleen L. Delfranco, 200 Highland Ave., $156,000
Ellen H. Braun to Patrick Mel White and Alice White, 150 W. Mitchell Ave., $350,000
Sean Spencer to Jamey A. Darnell and Michelle R. Darnell, 128 Waypoint Circle, $474,900
Jason R. Thomas and Jane I. Keary-Thomas to Clint V. Conley and Carolyn Dang, 1312 Penfield Road, $366,000

Boyd Corl, Boyd C. Corl and Paulina N. Corl to Pearle-Marie S. Corl, Upper Gyp Road, $1
Michael B. Fitzgerald to Kevin T. Snook, 524 Buffalo Run Road, $98,000
Susan C. Shaffer, James D. Shaffer, Thomas W. Moran and Kelly J. Moran to Ariana Marie Winder, 1704 Buffalo Run Road, $140,000
Greater Buffalo Run Valley United Methodist Church to Sean D. O’Neill, 1438 Buffalo Run Road, $190,00

Dorothy L. Barndt, Dorothy L. Barndt Rockey, Cora L. Barndt-Cain and Cora L. Barndt to Dorothy L. Brandt, Dorothy L. Barndt and Cora L. Barndt-Cain, 489 Fetzertown Road, $1
Beverly A. Harader to Donald E. Cassidy and Sharon Cassidy, 473 Little Marsh Creek Road, $259,000

George C. Ward to Michael Scott Carnegie and Emily Renee Carnegie, 1001 Oak Ridge Ave., $325,000
Jessica Cummins and Jessica Ann Cummins to Michael T. Sanders and Karen E. Sanders, 1724 E. Branch Road, $230,000
Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County, Scott W. Spear, by trustee, and Rhonda L. Spear, by trustee, to Seneca Leandro View Inc., 246 First Ave., $15,163.47
Louis Boisvert and Krystal Diaz to Zink Family Trust, 100 Jefferson Ave., Suite 118, $196,500
Stearns Boal LP to Satish Kumar Vangala and Gayathri Vangala, 167 Primrose Court, $1
Edward D. Hoch, J. Yvonne Hoch and Joan B. Hoch to Sara M. Haus and Adam C. Shrigley, 628 Elmwood St., $255,000

Johnson Farm Associates, Thomas F. Songer, by attorney, and S&A Homes Inc. to Xiaojun, 370 Hawknest Road, $279,786
Guangming Han and Jianjun Tang to Oakwood Management LLC, 3100 Westover Drive, $275,000
Brian R. McCleary and Chastity L. McCleary to Florencia Gricar, 140 Harvest Run Road North, $380,000
Richard Chazal and Lauren C. Chazal to Arnold R. Gerardo, Kathleem M. Gerardo, Charles J. Gerardo and Susanna Naggie, 1268 Avebury Circle, $500,000

Diane M. Markley and Richard C. Markley to David Carbonell and Jennie Renninger, Dunkirk Road, $199,000

David R. Stover to Randy P. Stover and Carlene Stover, Pine Creek Road, $16,000

Paul D. Weener to Paul D. Weener, 1023 Torrey Lane, $1
Paul D. Weener to Paul D. Weener, Torrey Lane, $1
Joan S. Heck to Robert T. Kish and Melissa Kish, 268 Timberwood Trail, $242,000
Jonathan E. Waltz and Lauren J. Waltz to Andrew Dane Long and Billie Jean Long, 142 Old Boalsburg Road, $165,000

Michael T. Mann to Matthew J. Shawver, 580 Bullit Run Road, $162,000

Hoyt A. Borger and Allyson J. Borger to Clyde William McCloskey and Sherry Ann McCloskey, 1122 Furnace St., $175,000

Joachim S. Hall to Joachim S. Hall and Louise M. Manginell, 3200 Jacksonville Road, $1

Peggy A. Swartz to Scott E. Swartz and Franklin T. Swartz, 657 Madisonburg Pike, $1
Vish Family Trust, John W. Viscichini and Nancy M. Viscichini to Bears Mark LLC, 234 Old Pike Road, $1

Asif Khatri and Shella A. Khatri to Huaqi Yang, 158 Bolton Ave., $421,000
Honors LLC to Robert P. Woyshner and Michelle A. Woyshner, 110 Deans Way, $385,000
Samuel M. Jaffe and Kathleen Scholz-Jaffe to Burke Blazer and Melanie Molewski, 16 High Meadow Lane, $331,000
Patton Township to William Klaban, 3594 Shingletown Road, $1,000
Wooded Hills to James E. Griggs and Mary S. Griggs, 170 Hemlock Hill Road, $101,000
Grace I. Mulligan-Kurtz and Thomas S. Kurtz to Kenneth R. Mathias and Alma L. Ivey-Mathis, 1514 Woodledge Circle, $256,000
Action 4 Autism–Bernel Road LLC, Five Blind Mice II LLC and 4 Seas LLC to Action 4 Autism–Bernel Road LLC, 2400 Bernel Road, $1
Five Blind Mice II LLC and 4 Seas LLC to Five Blind Mice II LLC, 2350 Bernel Road, $1
Pinnacle Development LLC to S&A Home Builders LLC, 105 Deans Way, $80,000
Franklin H. Dykstra and Toni C. Dykstra to Fangzhou Wei and Yizao Liu, 4543 Walnut Ridge Circle, $185,000
Thomas C. Wareham to R&A Rentals Woodycrest-Strouse Ave., 314 Fifth Ave., $185,000

Wendi Mari Hanson and Randy S. Doughty to David Burns and Jeanie Burns, Willow Lane, $135,000

Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County and Robert D. Spicer, by trustee, to Tall Green Grass LLC, 142 Toms Lane, $4619.40
Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County and Gertrude Tulowitski, by trustee, to David A. Hoffman, 3341 Casanova Road, $13,900.37

Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County, Brian Butterworth, by trustee, and Roberta Butterworth, by trustee, to Thomas Taylor and Kim Taylor, 325 Birch Run Road, $1,900
Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County and Betty Casher, by trustee, to Beechwoods RE LLC, 111 Elm Road, $12,807.86
Gregg C. Watson Jr., Gregg C. Watson and Pearl B. Watson to Randall Gregg Watson and Cheryl Viehdorfer, East Sycamore Road, $1
Gregg C. Watson Jr., Gregg C. Watson and Pearl B. Watson to Randall Gregg Watson and Cheryl Viehdorfer, 540 E. Sycamore Road, $1
E. David Bricker Revocable Trust and E. David Bricker, by trustee, to Patrick M. Wiker, 359 Eleven Road, $82,000

Koltay Homes Inc. to John E. Keeler and Teresa A. Keeler, 209 Bilberry Circle, $257,000
Carey Ann Riley LLC to Thomas J. Gallagher, 106 Noll St., $260,000
Brian M. Park and Jennifer L. Park to Sarah Fagerty, 180 Roanoke Road, $205,000

Bradley J. Kustaborder and Melissa L. Kustaborder to Jennifer L. Breon and Chad L. Breon, 4280 Nittany Valley Drive, $159,900
Beatrice Weber Estate, Mary K. Fry and Barbara E. Forbes to James D. Rogers and Sandra K. Rogers, 136 Pike Road, $159,900
Chad E. Williams and Chad Williams to Chad Williams and Robin Williams, 4416 Nittany Valley Drive, $1


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