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Deed report

by on September 07, 2017 10:41 AM

RECORDED Aug. 14-18



John E. Kryst and Erica L. Kryst to Mathew R. Blasi and Lisa M. Blasi, 1322 Pine Circle, Bellefonte, $213,000

Ann E. Cavanaugh and Shawn D. Cavanaugh to Ann E. Cavanaugh, Shawn D. Cavanaugh, Thomas J. Cavanaugh, Joseph M. Cavanaugh, Anne M. Stover and Mary C. Schneider, 1026 Tanney St., Bellefonte, $1

SK Realty Fund LLC to Toni L. Davis, 1280 Summit Drive, Bellefonte, $180,000

Nathan M. Garvin, Alexandra M. Machikas and Alexandra M. Garvin to Matthew D. Stephens, 337 E. Beaver St., Bellefonte, $178,000

Francis J. Bonfatto Estate, John A. Bonfatto, co-executor, and Annete Callahan, co-executrix, to Pamela K. Wertz, 1245 Centre St., Bellefonte, $185,000

Donald J. Anspauch to Donald J. Anspauch Jr. Revocable Living Trust, 408 E. Bishop St., Bellefonte, $1

Carolyn E. Sprout to Joseph P. Yatsko Jr., 234 E. Bishop St., Bellefonte, $162,000

Douglas A. Wion to Carolyn E. Sprout, 337 E. Howard St., Bellefonte, $155,000


Edward R. Tressler and Beverly L. Tressler to Douglas W. Deibler and Lisa A. Deibler, 135 Bloom Lane, Bellefonte, $300,000

Gregory D. Wertz and Pamela K. Wertz to David L. Rasmussen and Maida C. Rasmussen, 220 Reichenbaugh Lane, Bellefonte, $292,900

Rosemary P. Truglio to David S. Brennan, Loretta Brennan, Donald S. Carlino and Heather Carlino, 156 Meadow Flower Circle, Kennett Square, $304,900


Exco Resources LLC, Exco Productions Company LLC and BG Production Company LLC to Pennsylvania Game Commission, Pine Glen Road, Harrisburg, Karthaus, $1

Courtney A. Brungard and Daniel M. Edwards to James Truesdale and Katie Truesdale, 139 Meadow Drive, Karthaus, $120,000


Judith A. Taylor and Calvin J. Taylor Jr. to Parking Lot Services, 122 N. Pennsylvania Ave., State College, $125,000


Dale Summit Acquisitions LP to University Area Joint Authority, 501 Decibel Road, State College, $10

Fieldstone Investors Group LLC to S&A Homes Inc., 279 Florence Way, State College, $160,000

George Cavell Jr. and Melissa Cavell to George Cavell Jr., 1718 E. Trout Road, State College, $1


Geraldine M. Budd and Bruce W. Budd to Brenda S. Stout and Wilbur L. Stout Jr., 2440 Chatham Court, State College, $1

Lillian P. McKell to Bruce E. Truitt and Kathleen B. Truitt, 3222 Shellers Bend, State College, $416,000

Joshua A. Brandwene and Leona M. Brandwene to Zimmerman Family Real Estate Trust and Calvin E. Zimmerman, trustee, 1844 Autumnwood Drive, State College, $468,000

Kevin L. Michael and Regina B. Michael to Enid James LLC, 172 E. Cherry Lane, Port Matilda, $372,000

Guy Thompson and Carolyn J. Thompson to Jonathan B. Dingwell and Rebecca A. Jones, 708 Wiltshire Drive, State College, $345,000

Varkey M. Abraham and Rani M. Abraham to John R. Hunter and Theresa F. Hunter, 200 Banyan Drive, State College, $530,000

Aidan S. Chang to Allison E. Coomey, 1953 Harvest Circle, State College, $192,000


S&A Homes Inc. to Anthony E. Lendemann and Melinda A. Lendemann, 211 Stable View Drive, Port Matilda, $602,723

S&A Homes Inc. to Corey S. Dillon and Emily P. Dillon, 281 Stable View Drive, Port Matilda, $1

George H. & Lillian R. Shermer Revocable Living Trust and Lillian R. Shermer, trustee, to Jay Krouse and Patricia Krouse, 51 James Hill Road, Port Matilda, $295,000

Brandon M. Brooks and Marie C. Brooks to Bradley Jakubowski, 130 Hemlock Drive, Port Matilda, $172,500

Donald W. Barger to Daniel L. Rudy and Kimberly J. Rudy, 455 Smith Road, Pennsylvania Furnace, $25,000


Derek G. Hart to Bernard M. Meadows and Brenda J. Meadows, North Street, Coburn, $49,000

Charles A. Norris and Marlene E. Norris to Derek G. Hart, Mountain Avenue, Aaronsburg, $14,000

David Zincavage and Karen L. Myers to Derek G. Hart and Nicole L. Miller, Penns Valley Road, Aaronsburg, $200,000


Kathalene A. Weckerly to William J. Moir and Matthew Foster, 124 Honeysuckle Drive, Boalsburg, $139,500

Thomas M. Donnellan and Mary E. Donnellan to Kyle J. Kaplan and Kelly S. Kaplan, 300 Meadow Lark Lane, Boalsburg, $620,000

Michael A. Brahosky and Carolyn K. Brahosky to Daniel C. McKenkrick and Jillian A. McKenkrick, 1404 Estate Drive, Boalsburg, $289,000

Elizabeth A. Stover to Douglas R. Burchill and Maria K. Burchill, 224 W. Pine St., Boalsburg, $237,800

Paula A. Kotary to Chris W. Kocher and Sarah M. Kocher, 111 Aspen Drive, Boalsburg, $900,000


Kyle F. Hinton to Kyle F. Hinton and Mary J. Hinton, 2675 Old 220 Road, Howard, $1


Andrew R. Mincer to Jesse McCafferty and Natalie McCafferty, 123 Railroad St., Blanchard, $142,500


David C. Esh and Martha Z. Esh to David C. Esh and Martha Z. Esh, Route SR-0880, Redersburg, $1

Danielle K. Heverly and Gary L. Heverly Jr. to Steven L. Stem and Lisa A. Stem, 404 High St., Milesburg, $115,000


Long Cui and Dechang Chen to Na Zhang, 829 Galen Drive, State College, $176,000

John E. Nicholas and Shannon B. Nicholas to Stephen M. Muck Family Trust and Kim Kunkle, trustee, 114 Westminster Court, State College, $191,000

Wen-Hua Du and Huoy-Jii Khoo to Aaron Fineberg and Hilary Fineberg, 118 Glenndale Drive, Port Matilda, $367,400

Chris M. Vadas and Lisa L. Vadas to Yubai Li and Feiyan Yu, 119 Westminster Court, State College, $219,900

Daniel C. McKenkrick and Jillian A. McKenkrick to Matthew A. Burns, 110 Seymore Ave., State College, $214,000

Baker Dowling Revocable Trust and Arline B. Dowling, trustee, to Eric D. Anderton and Jocelyn L. Anderton, 120 Manhasset Court, Port Matilda, $795,000

Jay C. Mastalerz and Susan M. Mastalerz to Susan A. Urbanic and Jeffrey M. Weatherford, 104 Pickwick Ave., State College, $194,500

Adam R. Mott, Genna M. Mott and Genna M. Swerdon to Eriberto Reyes and Lisa Reyes, 736 Galen Drive, State College, $197,500

James J. Fan, Ayla R. Gafni and Ayla Fan to Jeanmenne Properties LLC, 166 Ghaner Drive, Port Matilda, $210,000

Toftrees Acquisitions LLC to Pinnacle Development 2/Gregory LLC 1, Toftrees Avenue, State College, $663,558

Pinnacle Development 2/Gregory LLC 1 to Station at State College LLC, Toftrees Avenue, State College, $5439

Decibel Partners LP to Five Blind Mice LLC, 2350 Bernel Road, State College, $280,000

Copper Beech Townhome Communities to Esther Obonyo, 670 Oakwood Ave., No. D, State College, $270,000


Troy S. Dinges and Lori S. Dinges to Amy Wasson, Richard L. Wasson and Carolyn L. Forrisi, Front Lane, Spring Mills, $164,700


Mary D. Hughes to Tonia Bush, Rhonda Hughes-Seefeldt, Shelly Maurer, Joni Hayward, Mary-Jo Huss and Joseph Hughes Jr., 120 N. Seventh St., Philipsburg, $1

Summit Properties Inc. to Joseph M. Kovalcin and Sheila M. Kovalcin, 317 E. Presqueisle St., Philipsburg, $72,500

Mark Dubin to Steven A. Martin Jr., 218 S. Second St., Philipsburg, $145,000

Tim Price and Gladys Price to Alec R. McCready and Cindy L. Poet, 211 E. Maple St., Philipsburg, $9,000


Charles D. Brecht and Debra K. Brecht to Charles D. Brecht and Debra K. Brecht, 145 Sandcrest Road, Spring Mills, $1

Robert A. and Bonnie P. Altenburg Trust, Robert A. Altenburg, trustee, and Bonnie P. Altenburg, trustee, to Robert G. Daley and Christina M. Daley, 122 Old 144 Road, Spring Mills, $316,000

William S. Curran and Lucille M. Curran to Belynda Berzas and Jonathan T. Berzas, 135 Flayhart Lane, Centre Hall, $448,000


Bryan P. Ronan and Kimberly J. Ronan to Richard D. Dixon and Kathleen A. Dixon, Levi Lane, Philipsburg, $42,000

Allen M. Ashcroft and Jessica R. Ashcroft to Allen M. Ashcroft, 112 Howard St., Osceola Mills, $1


JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to Suresh G. Nair and Terri W. Nair, 236 Jonathan Lane, Coopersburg, $257,965

Lucas Schwartz and Cathy A. Schwartz to Dawn G. Blasko and Michael J. Drabik, 730 W. Lamb St., Bellefonte, $250,900

Rickie Snyder and Lacie Snyder to Jacob R. Holderman, 2419 Zion Road, Bellefonte, $191,000

Avtar Singh to Herbert Reininger and Angela Reininger, 106 Rosehill Drive, Bellefonte, $257,500


Bruce Duffield and Ellen Duffield to Rachel J. Herder, 449 Glenn Road, State College, $405,000

Marcella A. Bosak Trust, Debra A. Putt, Mark A. Bosak, trustee, and Diane M. Mastrian to Angela S. Watson, 401 S. Moshannon Ave., Snow Shoe, $67,500

Douglas S. Plysher to Alna Properties LLC, 1372 S. Atherton St., State College, $105,000

Scott Karduck, Martin Karduck and Shirley Karduck to Redevelopment Authority of State College Borough, 230 Logan Ave., State College, $515,000

Peter M. Dawson and Judith A. Evock to Daniel A. Goldstein and Emily K. Greenman, 274 S. Osmond St., State College, $371,000

Joseph Januszkiewicz and Kim Kowalczyk, 147 W. Park Ave., State College, $1


Donald L. Hall Estate and Sandra J. Hall, administratrix, to Sandra J. Hall, 195 Ferds Road, Snow Shoe, $1


Edward J. Crishock to Edward J. Crishock and Heather M. Crishock, 6013 Tyrone Pike, Tyrone, $1

William and Ardella E. Wisener Living Trust and William Wisener, trustee, to Gary C. Pannebaker


Leslie J. Deitrich to Charles W. Cole, Deitrich Road, Bellefonte, $30,000

Leslie J. Deitrich to Charles W. Cole, 284 Walizer Road, Bellefonte, $120,000

Hull Family Revocable Trust, John H. Hull, trustee, and Deborah D. Hull, trustee, to Jeremy M. Bair and Miranda N. Bair, Red Rock Lane, Howard, $90,000

-Compiled by James Turchick


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