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Deed reports

by on February 08, 2019 10:17 AM

Recorded Jan. 14-18


Charles T. Aikens III and Susan Beatty Aikens to Amy E. Kline and Norman J. Kline III, 124 W. Logan St., $38,000


Cathy M. Laughard and Calvin L. Laughard to Quicken Loans Inc., 161 W. Main St., $4,842

Sally Anne Case and Sarah A. Rhynalds, 121 North St., $142,000


Melissa Jean Crawshaw and Melissa J. Crawshaw to Bradford R. Minich, 505 N. Ninth St., $54,900

Sarah Mae Russe Isaula, Sarah M. Carr and Marvin Leonel Ohara to Sarah Mae Russe Isaula and Marvin Leonel Ohara, 428 S. Second St., $1

Thomas R. Lumadue and Amanda J. Lumadue to CNB Bank, 128 S. Front St., $8,346.96


Andrew F. Prisk to Stearns Lending LLC, 105 N. 4th St., $4,974.56


Karla P. Altenburg-Caldwell to Paul M. Pollo and Pamela V. Pollo, 275 S. Osmond St., $386,000

Alice R. Altounian Revocable Trust and Alice R. Altounian to Mark C. Bigatel and Paula M. Bigatel, 131 Sowers St., $185,000

State College Community Land Trust to Jennifer J. Stahl, 910 Walnut St., $125,000

Temporary Housing Foundation Inc. to Soraya Khaja, 1030 S. Atherton St., $182,499

Curtis A, Shiffer and Rebecca L. Shiffer to Paul T. Berkobin and Jess Shen, 254 S. Gill St., $240,000


Rosalie S. Grove to Larry D. Guenot and Victoria A. Guenot, 183 Walker Place Lane, $296,072


Twelve-Two LLC to Middle Farm Partnership and Leroy Bickle Jr., 148 Kuhns Lane, $128,000

S & A Home Builder LLC to Liang Chen and Li Xu, 365 Florence Way, $485,273

Charles E. Snellgrove III to John R. Showers and Lori H. Belko, 1025 Ballybunion Road, $1

Howard T. Woodruff and Dawn E. Woodruff to Michael A. Casasanta and Ann Cameron Varano, 512 Pike St., $193,500

Jacob R. Werner and Scott K. Andrews to DBW Development Group LLC, 424 Gerald St., $179,900


Kenneth J. Boland and Carol A Boland, Kenneth J. Boland and Carol A. Boland to Kenneth J. and Carol A. Boland Primary, Kenneth J. Boland and Carol A. Boland, 315 Rosemont Drive, $1

Elsbeth Guanowsky to Doris Guanowski, 788 W. Aaron Drive, $210,000

Doris L. Baker to William J. Dearnaley and Ashley J. Dearnaley, 1435 Harris St., $280,000

Victor A. Ciuccio and Janet H. Ciuccio to Adriana Distanislao and Casey Antholz, 117 Rushcliffe St., $364,900

Minseok Chang and Jooyoun Park to Minseok Chang, 2477 Autumnwood Drive, $1

Harner Farms, Danny R. Harner, Thompson P. Harner, Nancy B. Harner, and Danny R. Harner to Danny R. Harner and Pamela M. Harner, W. College Ave., $250,000


Susan J. Reish to Christopher A. Homan and Melissa M. Homan, Middle Road, $32,000


Gary E. McManus to Justin A. Wolford and Saryna K. Wolford, 104 Wyndham Circle, $216,500

Lavonne K. Weaver to Charles C. Nydegger and Debra L. Nydegger, 461 Lenawee Lane, $1

KBBH Partnership to Julia A. Bryan, 176 Kestrel Lane, $218,900

Travers Residuary Trust, Susan T. Geering, and David A. Baker to Kipp R. Starks and Jessie W. Starks, 1419 Brush Valley Road, $73,000

Travers Residuary Trust, Susan T. Geering and David A. Baker to Kipp Richard Starks and Jessie W. Starks, 1405 Brush Valley Road, $230,000


George T. Gurnell Estate, George T. Gurnell II, Robert W. Weiss, Joann Heir Sitler and Unknown Heirs by Sheriff to Wells Fargo Bank, 1250 Allegheny St., $5,176.97

James W. Davis and Carrie L. Davis to James W. Davis and Carrie L. Davis, 106 Shortys Way, $1


Zachary J. Booterbaugh and Trista L. Custer to Ray D. Hosterman, 204 Eagles Nest Road, $100,000


Rebekah I. Dawson-Rigas, Rebekah I. Dawson and Marc D. Rigas to Rebekah I. Dawson-Rigas and Marc D. Rigas, 174 Ghaner Drive, $1

Paul H. Silvis and Nancy L. Silvis to Craig D. Womeldorf and Leslie G. Womeldorf, Grand Teton Lane, $1

Daniel E. Lehman to Alan E. Whitaker and Lisa J. Whitaker, 614 W. Hillside Ave., $285,000

Christian K. Scott and Michelle M. Scott to Joshua A. Stoner and Elaine A. Mejia, 283 Oakwood Ave., $179,000


Darlene R. Shutt and Richard A. Shutt to Jan A. Crater and Norma J. Crater, Mountain Acres Road, $1


Vito Turrigiano and Francesca Turrigiano to Design Hair Studio LLC, 110 Campys Lane, $175,000

Raymond C. Hughes Estate and Jerome F. Hughes to Luz Miriam Jimenez, 2001 State St., $10,000

Jarrod K. Benton to Lauryn M. Weaver and Rebecca A. Kephart, 401 Hemlock St., $100,000


Robert J. Gehr and Stacy M. Gehr to Brian Myers and Kathy Myers, 154 Buck Lane, $140,000

Frederick D. Park Jr. and Loretta Park to Garry M. Keyser Jr. and Candice A. Keyser, Snow Show Mountain Forest Road, $67,000

David H. Stark Jr., Kevin D. Etters and Edward M. Varner to Edward E. Varner and Kevin D. Etters, Desert Road, $1

Orazio M. Nastase Estate and Nicole Nastase Addis to Orazio A. Nastase, 170 Birch Run Road, $1


JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to John Clifford Jones, Rosehill Drive, $222,900

Berks at Amberleigh LLC, Berks New Homes LLC and Berks Homes to Daniel R. Chrsitman and Karen S. Christman, 289 Amberleigh Lane, $294,197

Curtis Lepp and Lacey Lepp to Phuong Thi Tuye Le, 259 Gwenedd Lane, $250,000

Albert D. Lose and Patricia Ann Lose to Heather Marie Lose, 704 Willowbank St., $1

Dustin L. Musser Jr. and Amanda E. Musser to Saratoga Partners, 623 Fairview St., $77,010

Kenneth W. Baird and Molly J. Baird to Molly J. Baird, 205 Limestone Drive, $1


Robert Keith McCool, Sherry King and Susan Inman to Richard L. King and Sherry King, Millheim Narrows, $1

Sherry King and Richard L. King to Sherry King and Richard L. King, 532 Millheim Narrows, $1


Lois W. Frank, Lois E. Frank and Barry R. Frank to Tyler M. Womer and Megan R. Womer, 2166 S Eagle Valley Road, $150,000

James W. Greenland and Helen V. Greenland to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 141 Barr Lane, $105,000


John Arthur Myers to John Arthur Myers and Cynthia Kay Myers, 113 N. Main St., $1


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