State College, PA - Centre County - Central Pennsylvania - Home of Penn State University

Deed reports recorded May 14-18

by on June 07, 2018 8:57 AM


Jane Shuey Estate, William A. Shuey, Janet M. Stahlman, Brenda Sue Boone, Amy Lynn Carnahan & Co., William Allen Shuey, Joanna P. Shuey, Janet Marie Stahlman, Edgar C. Stahlman Jr., Gary L. Boone and Curtis A. Carnahan to Jason Lingo and Kyler Lingo, 408 Shope St., $128,900

Lukas K. Rhodes and Thomas J. Heller to Lisa L. Pritchard and Stephanie R. Gray, 224 E. Lamb St., $189,000

Melady Kehm Gannon and Melady P. Kehm to Fairmount Collective LLC, 109 S. Ridge St., $85,000

Amy L. Burns and Michael W. Robinson to PCF Real Estate LLC, 214 E. Logan St., $125,000


Anthony R. Castellano and Michele L. Castellano to Matthew P. Schaffer and Jillian L. Schaffer, 132 S. Pennsylvania Ave, $217,000

Ron H. Fultz Estate and Glenn A. Fultz to Tyler J. Fultz, 120 Manor Road, $1

Bryant M. Musser to Bryant M. Musser Primary Residence Program and Bryant M. Musser, 251 S. Pennsylvania Ave., $1

Dennis W. Foust and Cynthia L. Foust to Ashod Garabed Toumayants and Noelle Joy Toumayants, 210 N. Pennsylvania Ave., $187,500


B. Louise Boone Estate, Beatrice Louise Boone and Robert Paul Boone to Michael Auman and Shawna Auman, 206 Front St., $74,900


Chantelle R. Hodge, Chantelle Hodge, Mark Kreidler and Chantelle Hodge Kreidler to Makayla Luse and Corey Sweeley, 261 E. Main St, $87,000


Charles D. Parada and Shannon M. Parada to Linsey S. Wimer and Harold L. Wilson, 319 N. 11th St., $63,000

Kathleen M. Kalinosky and Keith Wren to Colin D. Kreiger, 407 E. Pine St., $87,500


Michele A. Heeman to Bank of New York Mellon, 506 S. Moshannon Ave., 1420 S. Garner St., $12,000

Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Frederick Papiernik and Jennifer Papiernik, 301 S. Moshannon Ave., $11,000


William R. Ammerman and Vikki J. Ammerman to William R. Ammerman and Vikki J. Ammerman, 540 E. Prospect Ave., $1

State College Apartments LLC to Charles A. Farrell and Constance B. Farrell, 800 W. Whitehall Road, $1

Emily K. Greenman and Daniel A. Goldstein to Alison P. Appling and Charles F. Seguin, 473 Orlando Ave., $335,000

Annik R. Kerszberg to Carley E. Muller, John S. Mackiewicz, Poline L. Mackiewicz and Kyle John Mackiewicz, 620 W. Fairmount Ave., $450,000

Elizabeth M. Ferringer, Matthew Ferringer and Jennifer Hoover to Aaron A. Biega and Megan E. Biega, 860 Bayberry Drive, $315,000

Russell W. Cooper to Wesley Scott Hackenberger and Michelle L. Dimidio, 522 E. Waring Ave., $835,000

David L. Mitchell and Andrea K. Mitchell to David L. Mitchell, 243 S. Osmand St., $1

Franklin Bristol IV and Janet L. Bristol to E.G. Hamill and Joanne G. Hamill, 815 McKee St., $599,900


Terry W. Newman, Lillian G. Musser and Lillian G. Newman to U.S. Bank, 113 Kelley Development Road, $10,000


Shiloh Investors LLC to Harbst Family Trust, Glenn R. Harbst and Jean L. Harbst, 200 219 Jefferson Ave., $230,000

Pennsylvania State University to Mount Nittany Medical Center, 1800 E. Park Ave., $1

Mount Nittany Medical Center to Pennsylvania State University, 1850 E. Park Ave., $1

Mount Nittany Medical Center to Mount Nittany Medical Center, 1800 E. Park Ave., $1

Dian Min Jiang to Pelleker Enterprise LLC, 2125 202 E. College Ave., $197,000

Jack J. Phillips and Meegan J. Tomlins to Susan Kertis, 519 Matilda Ave., $229,900

Calvin E. Zimmerman, Gary Wienken, Richard L. Kalin, Thomas F. Songer, Philip G. Roberts Jr. and Benner Pike Five to Centre Care Inc., Margaret Circle, $1,444,750

Letwo Ventures LLC to Colin M. Kollar and Alicia D. Kollar, Gaslight Circle, $94,000

Village at Canterbury LP to Robert E. Kreider Jr. and Patricia D. Kreider, 139 Sussex Drive, $584,123

Norma J. Brewer Trust and Andrew B. Havens to Charles M. Byers and Beth A. Byers, 135 Willow Ave., $273,000


Jason A. Muscatello and Rachel N. Muscatello to George Rossick, 2397 Quail Run Road, $299,900

Leslie K. McGovern to Margaret Diana Stimmel and Ruth Ann Williamson, 244 W. Pine Grove Road, $230,000

Michael P. Kinzel and Marta Reviriego Mendoza to Nathaniel T. Townsand and Meggie A. Townsand, 2425 Pine Hurst Drive, $489,900

Jeremiah R. Green and Tammy Green to Lawrence Dougla Honikel and Rhonda Barnes Honikel, 2437 Saratoga Drive, $429,000

Theodore E. Wentz, Mary Lee Wentz and Mary L. Wentz to Robert L. Rouse and Chistine A. Vuchenich, 1203 Tadpole Road, $289,900

Jeremy E. Frank and Amy C. Frank to Jack J. Phillips and Meegan J. Tomlins, 170 Chester Drive, $525,000

Kenneth E. Varcoe and Donna D. Varcoe to Natalie A. Smith, 1111F W. Aaron Drive, $202,500


Karen Ann Sharer, Karen A. Thom, Wendy Leigh Sharer, Wendy L. Splain, Jodie Denise Sharer, Jodie D. Butler, Matthew David Sharer and Matthew D. Sharer to Matthew D. Sharer, Brush Valley Road, $1

Linda Marquardt and Linda C. Marquardt to Michael P. Marquardt, Lower Georges Valley Road, $1

Michael P. Marquardt to Michael P. Marquardt, 1061 Lower Georges Valley Road, $1

Andrew Catherman to Patricia E. Catherman, 159 Ross Hill Road, $1


Esther Z. Yoder to Samuel R. Yoder and Emma M. Yoder, 135 Bartges Road, $1

Max K. Dinges, Martha Dinges and Troy S. Dinges to Troy Dinges, Old Mountain Road, $1

Max Dinges, Martha Dinges and Troy Dinges to Troy Dinges, Old Mountain Road, $1

Jeffrey P. Smucker, Faith M. King and Kaith M. Smucker to Erica L. Kotula, 948 Pine Creek Road, $270,000

Menno S. Stoltzfus and Esther Z. Stoltzfus to Joseph G. Stoltzfus, 132 Lydias Lane, $1


William G. Keenan and Joye D. Keenan to Taylor Mendoza and Laura Mendoza, 1040 Karen St., $331,500

Anthony P. Wilson and Judith F. Wilson to Jennifer Baumga Royse and John P. Royse, 200 Somerset Drive, $588,000

Victoria A. Braithwaite-Read to 135 Main Street LLC, 135 W. Main St., $364,900

Stephen A. Fredericks and Jennifer L. Fredericks to Suzanne M. Barkley and Kevin D. Titsworth, 159 Plymouth Circle, $449,900


Darrell Leroy Robison and Linda Sue Robison to Michael T. Mann and Melanie A. Daniels, 223 Robison Road, $345,900


Robert C. Dehaas Jr. to Jordan Taylor and Debra P. Dehaas, 225 Eagleville Road, $75,000

John F. Tysarczyk and Susan J. Tysarczyk to Brett W. Glossner, Monument Orviston Road, $3,000

Henry E. Yarnell to Earl C. Keith Jr. and Dana J. Keith, 119 Elm St., $1


P. David Porter and Joyce F. Porter to Payton Faith Porter, 129 Bur Oak Lane, $1


George E. Leigey and Dianne Leigey to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., 268 Gravel Drive, $35,000

Reed McCormick to Andrew R. Rehmeyer and Jennifer M. Rehmeyer, 131 Stoney Point Drive, $1

Philip M. Spangler and Susan T. Sanders to Jillian Reese and Michael B. Weyhe, 21 N. Barkway Lane, $499,000

Michael J. Sheriff and Katherine Sheriff to Michael Verderame and Phyllis L. Verderame, 561 Westgate Drive, $425,000

Michael J. Lee and Susan E. Lee to Nittany Valley Partners LP, Champion Drive, $1

J. Rebecca Beard to Jeanmenne Properties LLC, 175 Whisper Ridge Drive, $210,000


Heather L. Besecker and Bary L. Dutrow to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, 110 Sassafras Lane, $6,079.34

Max Dinges, Martha Dinges and Troy Dinges to Troy Dinges, State Route 2011, $1

Max Dinges, Martha Dinges and Troy Dinges to Troy Dinges, 192 Grouse Road, $1

James L. Blazer and Penny R. Blazer to Brian J. Huber and Cindy A. Huber, Railroad Street, $179,000


Archie B. Maines and Ethel Maines to Francis L. Hunter Sr. and Glenda J. Hunter, 106 Little Spike Road, $8,000

William E. Moore and Tammy K. Moore to Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust, 114 F St., $5,586.57

Ely Mantz and Kimberly D. Mantz to Kimberly D. Mantz, 2388 Port Matilda Highway, $1


William S. Shuey, Harry E. Whitehill, Budd T. Henry and Ridge Road Joint Venture to Charles W. Garrett and Judy E. Garrett, Repasky Road, $24,900

First National Bank of Pennsylvania to John and Dennis Rentals LLC, 440 Elm Road, $1


Joann M. Eberhart and R. Daniel Eberhart to David H. Gause and Moriah G. Gause, 105 Grouse Hollow Road, $298,500

Mandy Morneau to Patrick R. Burns, Sunnyside Boulevard, $5,000

Vaughn Zimmerman to Vaughn D. Zimmerman and Crista M. Zimmerman, 830 Halfmoon St., $1

Gerald L. McGonigal and Cathryn McGonigal to Jason Z. Hartman and Faith A. Hartman, 237 N. Vanessa Drive, $215,000

Andrew F. Dennis and Madelynn N. Dennis to Alfree D. Conklin Jr. and Hope R. Conklin, 213 Jonathan Lane, $243,000

Shawn J. Cleary and Nickol M. Cleary to Thomas D. Haney and Rebecca M. Haney, 1110 W. Springfield Drive, $319,000

ARC of Centre County Inc. to Harry H. Hunt and Carol L. Hunt, 139 Hastings Road, $1

Harry H. Hunt and Carol L. Hunt to ARC of Centre County Inc., 121 Hastings Road, $1


Michael Campbell and Jenny L. Sheetz to Jacob S. Lozier and Jesica F. Lozier, Stahl Lane, $345,000


Donald B. Flick and Catherine M. Flick to David Cramer and Sandra Cramer, Unionville Pike, $138,000


Zion Associates to R. Daniel Eberhart and Joann M. Eberhart, 140 Gemstone Drive, $219,956

Gary P. Powers and Amy J. Powers to Kylee R. Holderman, 333 Hublersburg Road, $85,000

Jacob Q. Bowman to Renee G. Miller, 147 Kim Ave., $1


Compiled by Thomas Leffler


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