State College, PA - Centre County - Central Pennsylvania - Home of Penn State University

Deed Reports recorded May 21-25

by on June 14, 2018 10:19 AM


Steven Hair and Kerry L. Hair to Steven W. Sampsell and Susan D. Sampsell, 314 E. Lamb St., $196,500

Ryan L. Kyle and Miranda S. Ulmer to Colin M. Devlin, 239 E. Burnside St., $195,050

Michael J. Ranio Jr., Edward S. Ranio, Jason M. Ranio and Aaron P. Ranio to Vinson P. Scheidell, 501 W. High St., $189,900

C. Michael Gryctko, Nancy T. Brachbill, Diane G. Sturniolo, Thomas Sturniolo, Matthew P. Gryctko and William Brachbill IIII to Milton H. Kober and Sharon L. Kober, 135 S. Spring St., $150,000


Federal Home Loan Mortgage Group to Grifflin LLC, 207 E. Beaver St., $31,700

Robert Britten and Caroline Britten to Michael J. Moore, 804 E. Spruce St., $1

Michael J. Moore and Marion Elliott to Douglas G. Walker, 804 E. Spruce St., $11,000


Jessie B. Lykens, Jessie Kay Lykens and Jessie Kay Koon to John A. Broughton Jr. and Tamala J. Witherite, 203 S. High St., $1


Daphne Conaway and Timothy Conaway to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, 301 W. Olive St., $1


Matthew J. Adams and Margaret E. Cohen to GLS Holdings LLC, 712 Franklin St., $303,000

Thomas R. Knepp and Linda A. Knepp to Christopher H. Turley, 716D W. Beaver Ave., $1

Anne Hartford to Daniel A. Brent and Aliza C. Rudavsky, 749 W. Hamilton Ave., $355,000

Tina M. Powers to Justin J. Ivanco, 1812 Bayfield Court, $169,500

Jack Richard Rayman and Barbara Blakeslee Rayman to Jack R. Rayman Trust, Barbara Blakeslee Rayman Trust, Jack R. Rayman and Barbara Blakeslee Rayman, 627 W. Fairmount Ave., $1

Marilyn Q. Gerhold Living Trust, Henry D. Gerhold and Maureen G. Desorcie to Tanja St. Pierre, 816 S. Sparks St., $259,900

Thomas G. Cali, Scott L. Yocum, John G. Kissinger, Thomas R. Knepp and North Campus Group to Pepwood LLC, 137 E. Park Ave., $685,000

Mark J. Tygel to KTL Management LLC, 123 High St., $620,000


Thomas A. Stoner and Rebecca L. Stoner to Kortni Elion, 151 Cambridge Lane, $200,000

Robert I. Stern to Kenneth Timothy Hall and Nicole Elizabeth Hall, 154 Marshall Blvd., $208,000

Stephen J. Petuck and Jason L. Petuck to Rosalind J. Petuck, 177 Bel Air Hills Road, $1


James S. Kephart Jr. and Maureen C. Richards to Ronald L. Barndt Jr., Bradley L. Barndt and Ronald L. Barndt Sr., Bullit Run Road, $125,000

James R. Klinger Jr. and Tina M. Klinger to Tim R. King and Heather Ann King, 1262 Moose Run Road, $355,000

Lois M. Fisher to Allen S. Fisher, Old 220 Road, $1

Donald A. Asendorf and Elizabeth C. Asendorf By Agent to Kenneth J. Vermillion and Roxane H. Vermillion, 113 Wellington Drive, $270,000

Dawn M. Nixon to William J. Reviello and Venice M. Reviello, 206 Birchtree Court, $191,000

Kay G. Barnett Revocable Living Trust and Kay G. Barnett to Thomas Dilella, 338 Creekside Drive, $188,500

Stanley R. Rohrbach to Stanley R. Rohrbach and Mary Rohrbach, 128 Creekside Drive, $1

Robert P. Vernon and Elizabeth J. Vernon to Casey B. McNeil and Nicole L. McNeil, 206 Elm St., $1

Casey B. McNeil and Nicole L. McNeil to Casey B. McNeil and Nicole L. McNeil, 206 Elm St., $1

Robert P. Vernon and Elizabeth J. Vernon to Robert P. Vernon and Elizabeth J. Vernon, 700 Elmwood St., $1

Stearns Boal LP to Gregory S. Brown and Colleen J. Brown, 155 Mountain Laurel Drive, $115,000

Joseph Cosolito and Carolyn J. Cosolito to Daniel J. Cosolito, 915 Pike St., $200,000

Fieldstone Investors Group LLC to S&A Home Builder LLC, 377 Florence Way, $296,000


Schuyler J. McLaughlin and Vanessa McLaughlin to Brodie Dalton and Whitney Dalton, 1753 James Ave., $385,000

Tammy Conway, Dave Rinehart and Tammy M. Rinehart to Charles M. Capen and Vicki L. Hewitt, 2309 Stafford Court, $329,900

James C. Lloyd and Margaret Lloyd to Raad Noori Saleh and Zene Beth Stull Saleh, 794 W. Aaron Drive, $210,000

Ronald S. Gilligan and Megan E. Gilligan to Ronald S. Gilligan, 3769 W. Whitehall Road, $1

Ronald S. Gilligan and Megan E. Gilligan to Ronald S. Gilligan, 888 W. Pine Grove Road, $1

Dennis C. Hagerman and Margaret F. Hagerman to Schuyler James McLaughlin and Vanessa A. McLaughlin, 3001 Sheffield Drive, $415,000


James R. Zuhlke and Dana B. Zuhlke to Luke C. Whitteker and Marisa A. Whitteker, 114 Charlotte St., $219,000

Charles D. Mcosker and Amy Lynn Mcosker to Michelle Houser and Michael Houser, 235 Saddle Ridge Road, $424,000

Virginia R. Sunday, Norman R. Sunday Jr., Linda S. Carter and Linda J. Sunday to Norman R. Sunday Jr. and Linda S. Carter, 252 Remington Lane, $1

John J. Jasso and Susan L. Jasso to Scott Spitler and Amy L. Spitler, 160 Cedar Ridge Drive, $379,000


Amy Sue Martin to Adam J. Krebs and Julie C. Krebs, 106 W. Crestview Ave., $299,900

GTW Associates to Louis A. North Jr., 100 Emma Court, $64,500

TOA PA IV LP to Richard E. Scheib and Mary Kate Scheib, 250 Beacon Circle, $438,104.67


Joseph Nyman Jr. and Keith E. Nyman to Debra L. Reed, Willis R. Reed, Kristin L. Wolanski and Eric J. Wolanski, 374 Swartz Hollow Road, $1


Betty M. Ridenour to Cynthia R. Thomas, 1001 Jack Straw Road, $290,000


Thomas M. Galbraith, Cheryl K. Myers and Crystal Haagen to Todd A. Zimmerman, 141 N. Liberty St., $37,500

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to BC Enterprise Solutions LTD, 169 Bald Eagle St., $58,000


Janet M. Jones to Michael T. Kondash, 158 North St., $115,000


Brodie M. Dalton, Whitney Jo Zong and Whitney Jo Dalton to Jonathan E. Rideout, 107 Westminster Court, $244,000

Ameripioneer Inc. to DCM Inc., 10 Fredericksburg Court, $151,400

Justin S. Harclerode and Erin Y. Harclerode to Benjamin Brady Beck and Celeste Beck, 1951 N. Oak Lane, $258,400

David J. Chew and Patricia A. Chew to Dawn M. Nixon, 120 102 Beaumanor Road, $237,000

Eric D. Anderton and Jocelyn L. Anderton to Steven Paul Ruhf, 2638 Acacia Drive, $445,000


Wells Fargo Bank to Edward Joseph Rieg and Marian Kay Rieg, 747 Tyrone Pike, $62,000

Gregory Sidorick and Bridgett H. Sidorick to Dimitri G. Sidorick and Olivia J. Sidorick, Fire Tower Road, $1

Gregory Sidorick and Bridgett H. Sidorick to Gregory Sidorick and Bridgett H. Sidorick, 262 Fire Tower Road, $1


Charles H. Coon Jr. and Deborah A. Coon to Gregory L. Wingenroth and Debra A. Wingenroth, 110 Rock Ridge Road, $140,000

Jack Richard Rayman and Barbara Blakeslee Rayman to Jack R. Rayman Trust, Barbara Blakeslee Rayman Trust, Jack R. Rayman and Barbara Blakeslee Rayman, 969 Hall Road, $1

Timothy A. Rees and Paula P. Rees to Samuel K. Rees Sr. and Doreen M. Rees, 526 E. Sycamore Road, $1

Samuel K. Rees Sr. and Doreen M. Rees to Samuel K. Rees Sr. and Doreen M. Rees, 526 E. Sycamore Road, $1

Timothy A. Rees and Paula P. Rees to Timothy A. Rees and Paula P. Rees, East Sycamore Road, $1

Timothy A. Rees and Paula P. Rees to Timothy A. Rees and Paula P. Rees, East Sycamore Road, $1


Bryan D. Quay and Angela L. Quay to Cartus Financial Corporation, 268 Lower Coleville Road, $134,000

Cartus Financial Corporation to Mark A. Tressler and Selena M. Tressler, 268 Lower Coleville Road, $134,000

Katrina Henderson, Katrina A. Lutz and Zachary Henderson to Rachel C. Skiba, Scott T. Skiba and Kenneth C. Copeland, 158 Farmington Lane, $283,250

Each Branch Construction LLC to David R. Lapp and Rachel A. Lapp, 475 S. Main St., $50,000

Richard D. Houseman and Christine M. Evans to Gary L. Nettles II and Katiera Nettles, 161 Wiltshire Drive, $245,900

Zackary G. Lowe and Heather L. Lowe to Benjamin R. Hall and David E. Hall, 509 Birchwood Lane, $192,100

G. Barry McMullin to Joshua M. Cetnar and Jessica L. Brown, 129 Limestone Drive, $220,000

Marc E. McMullin and Margaret H. McMullin to Brittany Sipple and Matt Drury, 1105 W. Springfield Drive, $339,900

Mildred A. Callahan to Amy L. Burns, 125 Valentine Hill Road, $115,000


Corey D. Guenot to Cody McMahon, 626 Bell Hollow Lane, $142,000


Robin L. Yeaney to Anthony W. Marrara, 499 Spotts Road, $197,500


Benjamin R. Black and Autum J. Black to Joshua L. Knoffsinger and Shaina R. Knoffsinger, 360 Zion Back Road, $275,000

S&A Homes Inc. to Adam S. Narehood and Jayme L. Narehood, Walizer Road, $305,827

Michael J. Martin and Emily E. Moignard to Kelly Driftmier and Keith Driftmier, 110 Fieldstone Lane, $143,700

Gregory A. Butts and Shawnie K. Butts to Melvin K. Stoltzfus and Katie K. Stoltzfus, Ashmore Lane, $180,000

Luke R. Dreese and Shannen M. Dreese to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc, 201 Archers Glen Circle, $320,000

Michael E. Pennington and Kathleen A. Pennington to Jakob D. Spicer and Jodi Lynn Spicer, Two Mile Road, $58,000

Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc to Zackary G. Lowe and Heather L. Lowe, 201 Archers Glen Circle, $320,000


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