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The following property transactions were compiled from information provided by the Centre County recorder of deeds Joseph Davidson. The Gazette is not responsible for typographical errors. The published information is believed to be accurate; however, the Gazette neither warrants nor accepts any liability or responsibility for inaccurate information.



Mary E. Hibbler to Valerie Owens-Wright, 112 Railroad St., $45,000


Clair Watson Estate and Chad M. Watson to Chad M. Watson, Charles K. Watson, Daniel F. Watson, Annette J. Quinn, Kevin A. Watson and Heather Taylor, 112 E. Olive St., $1


Judith A. Alexander to Roeshot Properties LP, 281 S. Osmond St., $185,000 Richard Grant and Mary B. Grant to Donald A. Calcagni and Wendy C. Calcagni, 224 Ridge Ave., $595,000 Zohreh Hamidzadeha and Abolfazl Fassih to Bradofrd Lee Holzwarth, 255 E. Beaver Ave., $25,000 Jeffrey Allen Grubb and Julie Matheson Grubb to Pier Gabrielle Foreman, 854 Thomas St., $612,000 Brian James Soule and Natasha Adams Soule to Amy L. Nelson and Gary Kaschak, 812 Stratford Drive, $166,500


Berks at Nittany Glen LLC, Berks New Homes LLC and Berks New Homes to Myia L. Johnson and Brook Raphael Johnson, Rock Forge Road, $284,180 John L. Roberts and Gladys M. Roberts by Agent to John L. Roberts, 170 Quarry St., $1 Berks at Nittany Glen LLC, Berks New Homes LLC and Berks New Homes to Zoltan Rado and Edit Radone Fasi, Rock Forge Road, $330,261


Jeffrey Mohler, Jeffrey D. Mohler, Rachel N. Mohler, Brian Rodgers and Kelly J. Rodgers to John M. Breon Jr., 910 Runville Road, $174,900


Edward C. Smith and Karen Andrus-Smith to David M. Long and Joan R. Long, 120 Grove Circle, $322,000 Terry J. McCormick, Terence J. McCormick and Adele M. McCormick to Terence J. McCormick and Adele M. McCormick, 120 Wellington Drive, $1 Scott William Sipple Estate and Joyce G. Sipple to Joyce G. Sipple, 500 W. Whitehall Road, $1 BHL Partnership to Catherine M. Cullen and Joseph M. Cullen, 105 Mossey Glen Road, $737,000


George Kummer and Carolyn to George Kummer, 91 Boones Lane, $1


Martha S. Hummel to Nathaniel A. Earle and Amy D. Earle, 137 Ridge Road, $215,000 David M. Taylor III, Kendra Taylor and Kendra L. Kennedy to Nick A. Bozek, 702 Devonshire Drive, $354,900 Scott William Sipple Estate and Joyce G. Sipple to Joyce G. Sipple, 4824 W. Whitehall Road, $1 Anthony C. Warren and Kristen H. Jepp to Cody Cogan, 2679 W. Gatesburg Road, $489,900 Bart D. Grande and Carolyn Grande to Carolyn Grande and Fraser Prescott Ward, 210 Val Verda Drive, $1 Steven W. Krammer and Eleanor N. Krammer to Steven W. & Eleanor N. Krammer Primary, Steven W. Krammer and Eleanor N. Krammer, 2317 Falconpointe Drive, $1 Ralph B. Grimm Revocable Trust, Ralph B. Grimm, Irma P. Grimm Revocable Trust and Irma P. Grimm to Ralph B. Grimm and Irma P. Grimm, 3222 Shellers Bend 238, $1 Ben Richard King and Vicki McCormick King to Joseph D. Houck and Emma M. Houck, 218 Val Verda Drive, $340,000


Janice D. Shook Estate and Justin Douglas Shook to Brian Douglas Shook and Jennifer Lynn Shook, 212 Heckman Cemetery Road, $1


Willem H. Van Den Berg and Nancy F. Parks to Nancy F. Parks, C. Pear St., Pine St., $1 Michael Bzdil to Michael Bzdil, 172 Sugar Shack Drive, $1 Michael Bzdil to John Bzdil III, Sugar Shack Drive, $1


Dennis E. Lorah and Connie L. Lorah to Jerry R. Yoder, 157 Doe Drive, $262,000 Peter R. Ahnert, Giselle A. Ahnert and Giselle A. Kuser-Ahnert to Donald N. Mottin and Janice L. Mottin, Autumn Road, $69,900 Michael E. Haas to Michael E. Haas and Lisa Anne Haas, 11 Tina Circle, $1


Lisa Rae Spalsbury to David R. Williams Jr. and Sophia D. D. Williams, 944 Tressler St., $224,900 Berks at Kaywood LLC, Berks New Homes LLC and Berks Homes to Amy Sliman and Kevin Sliman, 1038 Andrea Way, $386,456 Rockey Ridge Partnership to Timothy A. Damico and Andrea Damico, 215 Derek Drive, $580,000


Virginia G. Harpster and Donna C. Preskitt to Virginia G. Harpster and Donna C. Preskitt, 5970 Eagle Valley Road, $1 Edward Herman Donley Estate, Edward H. Donley Estate and Ethele E. Donley to Ethele E. and Ethele E. Donley, 1355 Beaver Road, $1


Haranin Marsh Creek Trust and Judy S. Haranin to Henry S. Haranin and Todd H. Davis, Schencks Grove Road, $1 James R. Thor and Patti L. Thor to Nicholas L. Rhoads and Sharon L. Rhoads, 160 Nyman Lane, $26,000


David D. Bierly and Darlene R. Bierly to Marshall W. Brooks and Linda A. Brooks, SR 880 (South of), $35,000 Earlene S. Stewart and Clifford R. Stewart to Bonnie L. Thompson and Diana L. Donofrio, 172 Animal Drive, $1


Bee Yan Roberts and Mark J. Roberts to Curtis M. Grenoble and Amy L. Grenoble, 254 Meeks Lane, $481,000 Kamesh Madduri and Prasanna Sree Sowmya Pasu Nagah to Christine R. Thomson and John C. Thomson, 169 Garret Way, $300,000 Peng Liu and JingJing Lai to Samuel E. Amory and Amy P. Amory, 174 Presidents Drive, $438,000 Nino F. Vella and Diane E. Vella to Vella Revocable Trust, Nino F. Vella and Diane E. Vella, 121 Beaumanor Road, $1 Sanket Amin and Caroline to Mohammadkeivan Azhdari, 104 Westminster Court, $235,000 Nancy Renee Kuhn Whyte Primary Residence and Nancy Renee Kuhn Whyte to David Pellerano, 112 Westminster Court, $256,221 Tomasz R. Letowski and Anna Z. Letowski to Tomasz R. and Anna Z. Letowski, Tomasz R. Letowski and Anna Z. Letowski, 2015 Fairwood Lane, $1 Timothy A. Damico and Andrea Damico to Elwood L. Petchel and Sharon Petchel, 680 B Oakwood Ave., $334,900 Donghai Wang and Rong Kou to Qian Liang, 2026 Mary Ellen Lane, $178,900 Bourke R. Maddox and Ewa Maddox to Ewa Maddox, 5554 E. Hillside Ave., $1


Briona A. Rodgers, Jeremy M. Pollick and Briona A. Pollick to Briona A. Pollick and Jeremy M. Pollick, 114 Frank Road, $1 Aaron A. Albright and Lindsey D. Albright to Gregory A. Dixon, Shelley L. Walstrom and Kelly L. Kephart, 3611 Casanova Road, $147,000 Carolyn M. Trimpey to Carolyn M. Trimpey, Wanda Kline and Tonia R. Beck, 132 Carr St., $1 Christine A. Dearmitt, Christine A. Moore and Earl G. Moore to Brett Rossman, Terry Rossman and Brenda Rossman, 488 State St., $74,000


George W. Haynes and Deborah L. Haynes to George W. Haynes and Deborah L. Haynes, 250 Preslovich Rod, $1 George W. Haynes and Deborah L. Haynes to George W. Haynes and Deborah L. Haynes, Preslovich Road, $1 Marcia Klimsak to Evan W. Lewis and Haley R. Furrow, 402 Fountain Road, $164,847


Springfield Limited Partnership and Fine Line Homes Inc. to Mark A. Noel and Molly M. Noel, Landon Drive, $381,878


Gregory A. Overturf and Morgan L. Overturf to Darius Valcan, 490 Hublersburg Road, $170,000 Catherine L. Williams Estate, Catherine Louise Williams Estate, Mary Louise Williams Walker, Joseph Williams and Mary Lou Williams to Danielle K. James, 323 Hecla Road, $154,000


Scott William Estate Sipple and Joyce G. Sipple to Gregory Harpster, South Eagle Valley Road, $1

— Compiled by Leeann Stapleton


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