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Bellefonte dealing with feral cats

by on October 11, 2018 9:01 AM

BELLEFONTE — Bellefonte Borough has been receiving more and more calls about feral cats causing problems for residents, so council is looking at adopting an ordinance that would prohibit people from feeding the stray animals, said board member Evan Duffey at an Oct. 1 meeting. 

Duffey is in charge of dealing with calls about feral cats and he said three people have called with complaints in the last month.

“One of the residents said that if they pull into their neighborhood late enough at night when everything is dark they see eyes everywhere that scatter upon their arrival,” said Duffey. “And, they have to scoop their garden with the frequency of a litter box, and I don’t think anyone should have to deal with that.

“Part of the problem, from what it sounds like, is that certain borough residents are more than eager to feed the stray animals and basically take care of them without actually restraining them into their yard/house/whatever,” continued Duffey. “It's ‘Oh, I will feed this animal, but then let it go tear up my neighbors' screen door and leave presents in their garden.’ There is a lot of them, to the point that that if they weren’t being supported, there wouldn’t be so many of them.”

Duffey plans to start drafting an ordinance that would prohibit the indiscriminate feeding of stray mammals. He said he used the term “mammals” because he did not want to prohibit feeding birds. He said those that do not follow the ordinance will receive a first offense of a cease and desist letter and the second offense would be a fine.

Mayor Tom Wilson said another issue with the feeding of cats is that it could draw in skunks to the area.

Vincent Corso is writer for Town&Gown and the Centre County Gazette.
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