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CPCVB announce tourism grant recipients

by on June 06, 2019 3:09 PM

Efforts by local non-profit organizations and private businesses to attract more visitors to Centre County received a boost June 5 as the Central Pennsylvania Convention & Visitors Bureau (CPCVB) and Centre County Commissioners announced the recipients of 2019-20 Tourism Grants, according to a press release.

In total, 50 applicants received a total of $725,500 in financial assistance to use for visitor marketing and/or resource improvements to enhance the visitor experience. The funds will support major events such as the Central Pennsylvania Festival for the Arts and Central PA 4th Fest, and smaller events, including the Howard Volunteer Fire Company’s Punkin’ Chunkin’ Fall Festival and the Aaronsburg Civic Club’s Dutch Fall Festival, with a focus on building attendance through regional marketing and more.

“Centre County has tremendous outdoor, cultural, athletic, agricultural and historical assets; we have unique, popular festivals — some nationally recognized — and a variety of attractions that are appealing to visitors,” said Fritz Smith, CPCVB executive director. “The annual tourism grant program is an important opportunity to help these organizations and initiatives grow, enhance and raise greater awareness about their offerings in order to bring new and repeat visitors to the county.”

Smith said the 2019 Tourism Grant allocation represents an approximately $239,500 increase over last year, and includes nine first-time recipients.

Tussey Mountain Ski Corporation is one of those new recipients, receiving two grants that will help promote two events — CelticFest and Oktoberfest — to audiences beyond its traditional central Pennsylvania market.

“We are incredibly excited to be a part of this program and eager to begin work on attracting even more visitors to our area,” said Aaron Weyman, director of marketing for Tussey Mountain Ski Corporation. “With this support, we are now able to showcase select festivals to city markets that we previously were unable to reach. We remain committed to hosting unique, fun and safe all-ages events that we expect will contribute toward the CPCVB’s vision of inspiring amazement among our Happy Valley guests.”

Centre County Commissioner Chairman Michael Pipe said Centre County is blessed to have so many organizations that put on amazing events that showcase the endless fun and incredible environment of Centre County’s communities.

“Tourism grants help sustain the mission of these organizations and further increase the awareness about the events that help drive our local economy,” he said.

The Boalsburg Farmers Market/North Atherton Farmers Market is another first-time grant recipient, submitting an application for an initiative that will organize Centre County’s farmers markets under the CentreMarkets umbrella for marketing and promotional purposes.

“CentreMarkets is excited to kick off our local farmers market season with a marketing grant from the Central Pennsylvania Convention and Visitors Bureau,” said Sabine Carey, officer, board of directors, North Atherton Farmers Market. “We’re pleased that the CPCVB recognizes the incredible value that our farmers markets and local agriculture bring to our area. At a time when access to fresh, safe and local food is more important than ever, it is CentreMarkets’ mission to connect our vibrant regional agricultural producers and food entrepreneurs with our local community and its many visitors.”

Commissioner Mark Higgins pointed out that the tourism grant committee received record funding requests this year.

“Fortunately, we were able to provide a record level of funding,” he added.

Smith said with the April implementation of the Centre County lodging tax increase, the CPCVB anticipates that more funding will be available for next year’s tourism grant program.

“Our ability to fund even more organizations and initiatives that are focused on bringing visitors into the county is one of the reasons for the Lodging Tax increase,” Smith said. “If the county’s individual assets and attractions can better reach broader audiences, it helps raise the county’s overall attractiveness as a tourism destination.”




Boalsburg Farmers Market -                                                   $6,000                                  

Centre County Pomona Grange #13 -                                      $5,000                  

Happy Valley Music Fest (Lucky Dog Mgmt.) -                         $40,000


PA Parks & Forest/Friends of Rothrock -                                 $10,000

Philipsburg Revitalization Corp. -                                             $5,000                                 

Pine Grove Mills Farmers Market -                                            $2,000                  

Tussey Mountain Ski Corp. -                                                     $3,000                  

Tussey Mountain Ski Corp. -                                                     $3,000                  





Aaronsburg Civic Club -                                                          $3,500

Central PA Festival of the Arts -                                             $45,000

Central PA Tasting Trail -                                                         $3,000

Centre County Grange Encampment -                                      $25,000

Centre County Historical Society -                                            $18,500

First Night State College              -                                             $5,500

Philipsburg Heritage Days -                                                      $10,000

Central PA 4thFest -                                                                  $60,000 

Centre County Library & Historical Museum -                              $20,000  

Downtown SC Improvement District -                                         $28,000

Mountaintop Swimming Pool Association -                                    $7,000

Mount Nittany Biking Association -                                              $15,000

Nittany Valley Symphony -                                                            $7,000

The Rivet at Discovery Space -                                                       $5,000

Penn’s Woods Music Festival -                                                        $3,000                                                                                  

State Theatre -                                                                              $25,000

YMCA of Centre County                                                                 $15,000

The Arboretum at Penn State -                                                       $18,000

Art Alliance of Central PA -                                                                $2,500

Bellefonte American Legion Baseball -                                                $5,000

Bellefonte Art Museum Centre County -                                             $22,000

Bryce Jordan Center -                                                                      $31,500

Bryce Jordan Center -                                                                      $15,000

Central PA Theatre & Dance Fest -                                                    $30,000

Centre County Grange Encampment -                                                $40,000

Centre Region Parks & Recreation -                                                      $6,000

Clearwater Conservancy -                                                                   $4,000

Constitution Day Centre Hall -                                                             $5,000

Discovery Space -                                                                             $18,000

Downtown Bellefonte -                                                                       $9,000

Friends of the PA Military Museum -                                                    $12,000

Historic Bellefonte Inc. -                                                                     $55,000

Howard Volunteer Fire Company -                                                         $2,000

Lemont Village Association -                                                                  $5,000

PA Chamber Orchestra -                                                                        $6,000

Rowland Theater -                                                                                 $5,000

PSU Center for Performing Arts -                                                           $15,000

PSU Centre Stage -                                                                              $10,000

Palmer Museum -                                                                                  $12,000

State Theatre -                                                                                      $25,000


GRAND TOTAL                                                       =                            $725,500



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