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A Nice Day For A Blue and White Wedding

by on June 09, 2010 7:49 AM

Welcome to the month of June, the month most known for the love, laughter and "happily ever afters" that usually take place within its 30 days. For me, my wife and daughters, this is the month that has every weekend booked for a wedding!

This month actually marks my wife's and my 34th wedding anniversary: June 26, 1976. I'm pretty sure my wife, Katie, picked that date because it was easy to remember (6-26-76). I mean, it does have a nice "ring" to it.

As silly as it may sound, I laugh a little bit when people this day in age refer to a wedding date as one of the following: tying the knot, taking the plunge, getting hitched, or acquiring the 'ole ball and chain. For me, it's always been the union between me and my best friend, truly my better half.

So far this year we have been invited to and will be attending five weddings. We were at one over Memorial Day weekend and one this past weekend, we have a couple coming up later this summer and to close it out, and one on New Year's Eve -- our second New Year's Eve wedding in the last years! To top that, this past Memorial Day wedding was the third in three years held on this weekend!

What even crazier is we had last Memorial Day weekend was wedding-free. Wondering how this worked? Well, two years ago (2008) my one daughter (Marykate) and I flew down to Ashville, NC, on Friday to attend my sister Alice's wedding on Saturday. Marykate was in it! Early Sunday morning, we flew back to State College to attend the wedding of my other daughter's (Michaela) best friend, Sarah. Michaela was in that one! Thank goodness that Monday was a holiday!

Some of the weddings our family have been a part of haven't even been family and best friends. I've been lucky enough to work at a place where I've become friends with several of my regular customers. It's always fun to go to their weddings because most of them are (and marry) die-hard Penn State fans.

About 20 years ago, I went to one of these weddings in Virginia, and the two limos for the wedding party, well, one was blue and the other was white. At another wedding that took place here on campus one fall on a off football weekend at the Eisenhower chapel, the bride and groom went as far as requiring the priest to conclude the ceremony with "Beat Michigan!" since the Wolverines were our next opponent. Another couple had their reception at the Nittany Lion Inn and walked into some of the Blue Band members playing the fight song. As luck would have it (this was not planned) the Nittany Lion made a guest appearance on their dance floor!

Throughout the years I have been to 27 Penn State-related weddings. I am happy to report that all 27 couples are still married. Most recently, last weekend I attended one of my favorite customer-turned-friend's wedding in New York, number 28. And so far, they're still together! I'm thinking that I may be a good luck charm. Forget the "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue" -- just invite me to your knot, hitch, or plunge, and you and your better half are golden (the official gift for celebrating 50 years of marriage)!

Though each wedding stands out for different reasons, it is always fun to observe is the guest list and wedding party as well as the beautiful bride and groom. You can tell a lot about the newlyweds by their friends and family, -- the company you keep. One piece of advice my girls always tell me they receive from married friends is that you marry not only your husband, but also his family. All I have to say about that is there are two guys out there who are hopefully going to love ours.

At my wedding, my Dad was the best man. He really was. At last weekend's wedding, I have never laughed so hard at the best man's speech/toast/power point presentation!

There have been several weddings our family has attended where we danced the entire night away and still talk about to this day. We have been to weddings all across the country (from California to New York) to right here in Happy Valley (from the Nittany Lion Inn to Beaver Stadium) and one thing is the same no matter where the vows take place: It's always a wonderful celebration.

My one bit of advice for upcoming newlyweds is to do things your way, because it is your special day, but also keep in mind that the journey you are about to embark upon together is not just about throwing a good party at your wedding, but about your constant commitment to love and laugh with one another throughout the many years ahead of you.

Throughout the past 34 years Katie and I have found plenty of things to love, laugh and be thankful about.

One of these things that emulates all three, because of the amount and variety of amazing weddings we've been a part of, when it's either of our daughters' turn, we definitely will not need a wedding planner!

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