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Adding New Words to Our Lexicon

by on May 27, 2014 10:35 AM

So, Merriam-Webster has come out with its new list of approved words for 2014, including selfie, fracking, hashtag and Yooper.

(A Yooper is someone from Michigan's Upper Penninsula. U-P, get it?)

I have no problem with these additions but I think there is room for at least a few more.

Obcampustacle Course - noun; when a route becomes so filled with detours that commuters feel like they have to detour around the detours.

Used in a sentence: Although the drive from the stadium to the bus station normally took about five minutes, because of the obcampustacle course, the trip now took an hour and a half.

CaelaFournia - noun; a state of mind which allows one to rise to unprecedented heights.

Used in a sentence: Penn State wrestling had a proud tradition but with David Taylor and Ed Ruth, it has achieved CaelaFournia.

Anticrastinate - verb: the act of getting something done on time, even when not expected.

Used in a sentence: Editors had long come to expect Ironhead's assignments to come in at the deadline or a little after but once in a blue moon he would anticrastinate and turn in the assignment a day ahead of time.

Mautiship - noun; meaning supreme leadership, a leader among leaders.

Used in a sentence: While the United States was fighting its Civil War, many questioned what would come of it but Abraham Lincoln's Mautiship allowed the nation to come together and forge ahead.

Urschel - verb; to excel at something, to master, as a craft.

Used in a sentence: Although he was skilled in many areas, Joe Humphreys was able to urschel fly fishing over the years.

Pennsylweather - noun; a weather pattern where things can change dramatically within the span of days, hours or minutes and is rarely predicted with accuracy.

Used in a sentence: Although it seemed like a great day for a picnic on that April morning, the Pennsylweather did not cooperate and the snowstorm ruined the lunch plans and then the air conditioning had to be turned on while they ate dinner in 88 degree heat with heavy humidity.

Buctober - noun; a phenomenon that has only occurred once in the last 20 years resulting in great excitement in Western Pennsylvania at the end of the baseball season. Scientists believe the phenomenon could occur more regularly under the right circumstances.

Used in a sentence: Although the Steelers were struggling, Pittsburgh was vibrant because of the memorable win over Cincinnati during Buctober.

Phonegrossed - adjective; being obsessed with a phone to such a degree that you are oblivious to what's happening around you.

Used in a sentence: The accident was inevitable because the driver of the car, the bicyclist and the pedestrian were all phonegrossed.

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Soroptimist International Donates to Food Bank Kids' Summer Lunch Bag Program
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Soroptimist International Donates to Food Bank Kids' Summer Lunch Bag Program
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