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Can America Last? Only If We Use the Lessons of the Past

on June 28, 2011 6:00 AM

If you knew about the climate and nation's weather the way I have to, you would see the links between what happened from 1925 to 1950 and what is going on now. During that time, we were in a warm version of the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic turned warm, and the weather went haywire. And there were other challenges as great as the weather facing the nation.

I get a kick out of those blaming carbon dioxide for the weather problems. Why? Because it has happened before and will happen again. The Earth has been going through 30 years of a warm Pacific Ocean; that reversed in 2007 and, lo and behold, weather similar to the last time it happened showed up. Tornado deaths in this nation were greatest in the 1950s, for instance. And there have been far worse tornado disasters worldwide spread out evenly over the centuries.

In any case, back to the U.S. The Atlantic will reverse in 10 to 15 years, and the results will be similar to the last time – the 1960s and '70s – the two oceans were cold in tandem. Throw two other factors – low solar activity and increased volcanic cycles – into what I referred to on national TV more than three years ago as "the Triple Crown of Cooling" and you have the recipe for what could be a rapid planetary cool-down beyond the forecast I have: that by 2030, the global temps return to where they were in the '70s. Walking from East Halls to Rec Hall could get a man frozen as if on the Russian Front in World War II.

The snowfall records being broken in the Pacific Northwest now go back to the early 1950s; as the Pacific reversed to cooler, on came the snows. Recall five years ago the lamentations about no snow in the Rockies, and, of course, the blame was global warming. Now that it's snowing, it's global warming. Drought, floods, anything under the sun is global warming.

My suggestion as to the answer comes from the book of Ecclesiastes: There is nothing new under the sun. Of course, that would not sit well with anyone wishing to save the planet from man-made demons in the air – and getting paid to do so.

And by the way, while proponents of global warming claim that all this wild weather is consistent with their models – which unknown to many are starting to forecast global cooling, though they won't tell you that yet – it is also consistent with what happens in the weather when any given pattern changes.

In fact, all weather is the atmosphere's attempt, sometimes in an extreme way, to balance out a natural imbalance caused by the fact that no two days can be the same around the Earth because of the amount of land and ocean in the hemispheres being out of whack, and the constant change in the feedback from the sun, which is changing its position relative to the Earth every day.

Climate change is a redundant term. The climate is always changing.

Look at this: The big Mississippi floods this year, right? Well, in 1927 and 1937, within 11 years of each other, two monster floods occurred.

Between the two floods came the drought of 1934, the worst in U.S. history (see the graphic that accompanies this column). The graphic is from NOAA – the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – not some right-wing think tank.

By the way, CO2 during all this time was around 100 parts per million lower than what it is now. So look at all this: the worst floods and the worst drought, with CO2 far below what it is today.

Then there was the 1938 Hurricane, which may be the most extreme tropical event, relative to how far north it hit, that the nation has ever experienced. That hurricane was estimated to have killed between 682 and 800 people.

The 1925 Tri-State Tornado resulted in 695 confirmed fatalities. Such an event would probably kill more than 10,000 today, given the increase in population density.

I can go on and on with examples. My point, of course, is made to the open-minded. To those who don't want to accept that doubt and challenge are inherent in an infinite, changing, dynamic system, nothing I say could change their minds.

So on to the parallel point. Like the 1920s into the 1940s, the nation has a looming test for our survival, economically and geopolitically. The pre-WWII generations had to fight a depression and then a war for our very survival without an anchor from what simply may be a ghost of global warming tying them down.

Given the outside and inside attacks on what this nation is supposed to be about, you could not design a better storm to shipwreck the America that has been the greatest experiment in freedom ever attempted. We are facing similar weather – a time of climatic hardship, as a I called it several years ago – and what I believe is a looming challenge from the weather because of cooling, and the far worse effects it would have than warming.

The weather evidence presented here is but a small part of what there is to show that the nation faced weather as bad or worse than what is being pushed down your throat now. The people then were tough enough to realize that is what nature does and deal directly with the true man-made problems using the freedoms and blessings they were given. This is why they managed to save the nation.

The anchors that weigh us down today, some of which may simply be the narcissism of a generation trying to justify its place in history, may be enough to do what a generation that dealt with reality rather than fantasy fought off: destroy the greatest experiment in freedom ever tried.

We will have no one to blame but ourselves, because we trashed, rather than treasured, lessons from the past.

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