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From Flowers to Penn State Football, Mike the Mailman Has Spring in His Step

by on April 12, 2011 6:00 AM

I always find that I have a little more spring in my step this time of year for several reasons.

First, as the official unofficial landscaping manager of our home in Linden Hall, I’m excited to welcome back all the perennials starting to peak through our grounds. It’s also fun to decide which annuals to plant. I really enjoy going to different places in and around State College collecting all different kinds of flowers to plant. This year, I’m really looking forward to attending the Linden Hall Garden Club’s auction that’s being held in the newly renovated Rock Hill Schoolhouse on the first Wednesday in May. 

But back to this month. I will spend all but one weekend in April on our land landscaping. Which brings me to my second reason for the extra spring: the Blue-White game this weekend! It’s one of my favorite games, and a great chance to see new talent and welcome back the upperclassmen. Plus, Penn State always wins!

Easter weekend rounds out my list of reasons for loving this month. My daughters are coming home for the holiday and I can’t wait to participate in all of our family rituals with them. From coloring Easter eggs to enjoying a lovely family dinner on Sunday, the weekend will be a whirlwind, but my wife and I plan on enjoying every minute of it.

One thing we will NOT be participating in this year is any community egg hunt. Two reasons: Both daughters are well over the age of six (times four—at least!!) and one of them had a very traumatic experience on such a hunt.

Helpful hint: When giving “tips” to your child about an egg hunt, after you tell her to “run really fast,” make sure you follow that advice up with “AND PICK UP THE EGGS.” Our daughter is a very good listener, which means she ran very fast—and never picked up any of the eggs. So one Easter weekend involved a lot of tears!

This year the only tears may be from my wife and I when our daughters return to their lives in Philadelphia and Boston.

As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” But, as you can see, there is so much more to this month: important flower decisions and fun family visits for the Easter holiday to the conclusion of the NCAA men's and women’s basketball championships (congrats to the University of Connecticut and Texas A&M). And—of course—college football, which, thankfully, is unaffected by any kind of lockout.

April is a great month to welcome spring, look forward to warmer weather and wish my wonderful wife, Katie, a very happy birthday!

Mike (The Mailman) Herr gives his stamp of approval to all visitors Monday through Friday at the University Park post office in the ground floor of McAllister Building, adjacent to the HUB. His views and opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Penn State University.
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