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Jerry Fisher: A Rundown of Recent Events in State College

by on February 20, 2012 6:00 AM

All right, I know what a lot of you are thinking, what is Fisher gonna write about this week? Is it more on the Sandusky scandal? How about THON? Perhaps a little diddy about the Lady Lion basketball team or perhaps more on the skunk issue that was our topic last week?

Well, how about a little of each. First, nothing really to report on the Sandusky issue except that things continue to develop in regard to the legal system and when and where and how long this entire fiasco will drag out.

Sandusky was granted the ability to see most of his grandchildren and is able to leave the house to help his defense and investigative teams do their thing. Considering the magnitude of his charges, I think Jerry is very lucky to be able to do these things, while people with far less charges against them are behind bars with no chance of being granted these kinds of privileges. Again, we really need to let the judicial system do its thing and see how it all plays out.

THON, what more can you say about this unbelievable event that brings every single phase of this great university together to raise millions of dollars for research for pediatric cancer. Thousands upon thousands of people are a part of this event, from the overall chair to the morale committees, security, dancers, public relations people — all of whom are Penn State students. Now add in the people from the Jordan Center who literally give up their entire weekend to prepare the facility from top to bottom for this awesome event, to then tearing it all down for a nationally televised Lady Lion basketball game Monday night.

Speaking about the Lady Lions, as of this writing, the Lady Lions hold their fate in their own hands after defeating Purdue in West Lafayette for the first time since 2004. Now the Lady Lions will host No. 10 Ohio State in that Monday night game, and a victory will assure them of at least a first-place tie for the Big Ten regular season championship. A win Monday night and then a win next Sunday against Minnesota in the annual Pink Zone game will give the Lady Lions the outright championship.

This team is playing very well and hoping not to jinx them, I am feeling some really good things are about to happen with this program, especially with top notch players like Maggie Lucas, Alex Bentley, Zhaque Gray and others leading the way. Monday night’s game is a white out game, and I am sure the atmosphere will be electric and very exciting.

OK, back to the skunks, in which everyone read my column and said, “What is this idiot writing about skunks for?” Well, apparently I am some sort of psychic, as now the borough of Bellefonte is a bit concerned about the skunk issue as can be seen in a Centre Daily Times article on Sunday.

I will admit my concern for the skunks was not quite as serious as the leaders of the Bellefonte community, but perhaps it kicked something in motion that we all do need to be concerned about. Thanks to those that commented on the column of last week alerting us that it is indeed the skunk’s breeding season, and that is why they are all over the place.

But as Frank Halderman mentioned in the CDT article, he doesn’t want anyone getting sprayed by a skunk when going outside at night. Apparently Bellefonte is going to make traps available to residents who notice skunks around their property, then you can call and have the trapped skunk removed by someone that knows what they are doing.

One other thing I wanted to mention. I accompanied my father to the private showing of “The Joe We Know” Saturday evening at the State Theatre, which was put together by some Penn State football lettermen to honor their coach, Joe Paterno.

Seeing former players such as Tom Donchez, Bobby Campbell, Tom Giotto, Brad Scovill and others on hand to seeing greats such as Franco Harris, Greg Buttle, Greg Murphy, Brandon Short and Shane Conlan take part in this film was incredibly heartwarming. Sue Paterno, who was on the Nike trip as a guest of Phil Knight, was unable to attend but did see the video prior to leaving and took a copy for Mr. Knight to see. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was something shown to many, if not all, of the Nike coaches on the trip.

And finally, for the first time Jay Paterno, who has been rock solid throughout this entire debacle, finally showed some emotion. After the showing, Tom Donchez asked him to come on stage and give the family’s reaction to the film. Let’s just say emotion was overflowing not only by Jay, but by everyone in the audience.

It was put together by a State College native named Eric Porterfield. If you have a chance to see “The Joe We Know,” do not pass up the opportunity. Incredible, well done, funny, touching, heart wrenching, beautiful, emotional and classy. When you see it, the words We Are . . . Penn State will ring through your heart and soul.

So there you have it, a glimpse into the constant rapid succession of thought in my mind. I’ll try to pick one topic next week.

Jerry Fisher hosts "Centre County This Morning," appearing weekdays from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on 970 WBLF. He is now a regular columnist for, as well.
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