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Living Well: The Power of a Father’s Blessing

by on June 17, 2017 5:00 AM

The words we speak over ourselves, our children, our health, finances and careers have the power to create blessings and health in every area of our lives. The power of our words has the power to bring us healing, peace, encouragement and energy or dis-ease, anxiety, dread and exhaustion.

As we celebrate Father’s Day, take the time to think about what kind of words were spoken over you, specifically by your father or strong male role model in your life.

Spiritually, the role of a father is to shape his child’s self-esteem and identity in the world. Fathers tell us who we are and what we are capable of. They let us know whether they believe in our ability to accomplish the impossible. They arm us with courage to go out into the world and leave footprints with our unique gifts and talents.

A father’s blessing has the power to launch us into success and give us the courage to take risks and try new things. Every child has the deeply rooted desire to hear that their father is proud of them.

If you struggle with chronically low self-esteem and self-loathing thoughts and behavior, take a minute to think about the words spoken to you as a child, teen and young adult. Perhaps you had a father that always made you feel like you weren’t quite good enough, or equally damaging a father that was extremely passive and not involved in your day to day life.

The words spoken over us from birth have a tremendous impact on how we interact with others and how we feel about ourselves.

If you have/had a father who did not speak blessings into your life, recognize that another person can’t give you what they don’t have for themselves. If your father was not raised in love, compassion, acceptance and confidence he may not have the tools necessary to break the curse and pass on health and wellness to the next generation.

We can only break the dysfunctional generational patterns and curses when we are conscious and aware enough that we have the power to change how we raise our own children. If your father could not do that for you he was not aware enough of how to break the patterns of generations past.

Become more aware of the words you speak over yourself and others. Bless your children with affirming words and encouragement daily.  Do not leave them without giving them a positive blessing to start their day. Likewise, tuck them in at night and bless their health and sleep.

This pattern has the power to build their confidence and trust in the fact that you believe in them and that you accept them with all their imperfections. Your entire household will feel more peaceful and loving and the negative charge of pressure and stress will start to dissolve with the power of love and peace.

Celebrate this Father’s Day knowing that your love, attention, care and blessing can impact a child’s life in amazing ways. 

May we all know that we are worthy, valuable, loved, accepted and cherished not because of what we do but because we are here, perfectly imperfect.

You are worth it!

Meghan Fritz is a psychotherapist at Sunpointe Health in State College.
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