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Mike the Mailman Catches Senior Fever

by on May 08, 2012 6:16 AM

Hi everyone. First, to all of you who came along, joined in, and/or danced the night away on this year's Cheers tour, thanks for being a part of it. It was a night on the town that I will not forget. It was great to toast to the most recent graduating class of Penn State.

Congratulations to all of you most recent PSU alumni. I always want to give you some words of wisdom, but I'm never sure exactly what to touch on, as life after you graduate can be unexpected and unplanned but nonetheless, very exciting. I'm sure it can make any recent graduate sick just thinking about what their future has in store for them.

Like most of you, I have experienced many kinds of "sickness." I've been love sick for over 35 years (hi Katie), homesick just about every time I'm away from Happy Valley for a little too long, and depending on which daughter of mine is behind the wheel, often times some degree of car sick.

Ironically, I was recently acknowledged by the USPS for the following achievement: over 3,000 hours of sick leave. Which ranks me in the top one half of 1 percent of all postal employees. I am thankful that I have been blessed with good health. As much as I've enjoyed working, I think it might be time to utilize some of these available 3,000-plus hours.

My first (doctor's) note of advice for the PSU Class of 2012: Do not save your sick days for when you are sick. Hopefully, you will not need to keep them for feeling ill and instead you can take a day every now and then to come back here to visit or sit down and write some personal letters to close friends just to say hello, not via email or Facebook.

Or even take a day to bake. Last week, a graduating senior brought me cookies she made that spelled out Mike the Mailman. She presented these to me with tears in her eyes. I was so touched by her gift to me.

So my second piece of advice, or more appropriately, food for thought: Always be thankful and gracious. Be thankful to those around you who, without trying to, made your day a little bit better and be gracious when one thanks you for being you.

In saying that, thank you Class of 2012 for all of your visits to my office, the conversations, cookie of the month contest entries and for going out into post-college life and representing Penn State University as the first-class school that it is. Good luck, and don't forget to stop in and say hello when you decide to be 'sick.'

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