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Mike the Mailman: Penn State, Established Eighteen Fifty 5-5-5

by on April 08, 2012 6:00 AM

I have always loved numbers. And though they have not always been lucky for me in the lottery, I have a few that I would like to encourage you to review.

Five, five and five.

These three fives are part of three very important numbers to me at this time: No. 35, No. 45 and No. 55. They represent the three ballot numbers of the candidates that I am supporting for this year's Board of Trustees election.

Voting is taking place starting today through May 3, and as you all are probably aware of, there are 86 people running for three open seats.

This year, the spotlight is brighter than ever on this board. I thought for my column this week, I would tell you a little about No. 35, No. 45 and No. 55 from a personal perspective. All three have exceptional professional resumes, but here are some fun personal experiences I would like to share about each of them:
O. Richard Bundy III
No. 35 on your ballot, I've known Rich for over 20 years. I can remember when he was a senior here at Penn State, I remember thinking that someday this kid is going to be the president of this university.

With his enthusiasm for life, along with his passion for Penn State, he has always been charismatic and kind. Our families have been friends for years. His father is the director of the PSU Blue Band, his brother a classmate and friend of my older daughter, Marykate. His mother and father, like my wife, Katie and I, have raised our families in Happy Valley, engaging in all the town and university had to offer.

We have had a few competitive badminton games in his backyard, and when my family moved from the borough of State College to our current address in Linden Hall (Boalsburg), Rich helped us over the moving weekend — so involved that he injured his finger. He made a joke about it and kept lifting.
Rudolph K. Glocker
No. 45 on your ballot, my family and I have known Rudy for over 22 years. I remember when he played football here, his mom, dad and sister would stay with us on football weekends.

As the circle of goodness would cycle true, it was very recently that my younger daughter, Michaela, was about to choose a university to attend for her to attain a Masters Degree in Art Therapy. The school that was her favorite happened to be in Cambridge, Mass.

While my wife and Michaela were up there visiting the campus, Rudy, who lived in Boston at that time, helped guide them all over the city. In fact, once Michaela decided on Leslie University for her Master's program, it just so happened to work out that Rudy was looking for a house-sitter for his Boston home as he started a new out-of-state business venture.

The former football player who 16 years ago taught my 6-year-old daughter how to throw football, housed her for the three years she lived in Boston.
George T. Henning Jr.
No. 55 on your ballot, George and I have been friends for many years. I thought I held the record for attending the most Penn State athletic events, but George and his wife, Sue, may have me beat.

George is a very seasoned business executive in town but has been involved on campus as long as I can remember. It's great to know a guy that is a long-standing community member that is not only highly involved with State College's development but with Penn State's as well.

I have been advised by both George and Sue that I am their exclusive stamps supplier.
I know that every single person on the list of 86 candidates is intelligent, Penn State proud individuals looking to become a positive addition to the BOT. I personally know the above three exceptionally well and felt that though their platforms will speak highly for them, offering a more personal side to their characters would be good to tell you about.

All three candidates are grounded in their beliefs and have great ambition to move Penn State forward.
Back to the numbers.

ONE more time,
TO make you remember these
THREE great candidates
thirty-FIVE, forty-FIVE, fifty-FIVE.

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