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Penn State Coaching Search: What I’ve Heard Is Telling

by on January 09, 2014 2:03 AM


...James Franklin was on an airplane. And that he wasn’t.

...James Franklin was on an airplane. And then he wasn’t.

…two Penn State sources said James Franklin was offered the job. And that another one said he wasn’t.

…one former Penn State coach phoned about the job and his call wasn’t returned for two days. And that another one submitted an application and didn’t get a call at all.

…Bill O’Brien doesn’t like one of the candidates. And it wasn’t Bill O’Brien doing the telling.

…some players will leave if one of the candidates became head coach. And then by them that they won’t.

...Al Golden said he loves it in Miami. And then I don’t think I heard him say it.


...there are oodles of candidates. And then Franklin, my dear, I see only new one.

...there are oodles of candidates. But there's so much recycling, I expect Bill O'Brien to get another call.

...six recruits were going to be lost. And then I heard just one.

...Larry Johnson is leaving if he doesn’t get it. And then someone I know he knows said he would stay.

...Bill O’Brien had his mind made up about leaving a long time ago. And then I heard he decided mid-day or later on Dec. 31st.

...last night's plane was full of search committee members. And that's after only two got off.

...Al Golden was leaving. And then I get an email, saying U-M assistant Artie Kehoe was in a Miami bar, singing, “Coach is stayin’.”

...the search isn’t news to be covered. And then I saw two dozen reporters and a couple TV trucks at the airport in the snow at 10 o’clock at night.


...Mike Munchak doesn’t have any experience. And then I read he’s been a head coach in the NFL as long as Franklin’s been a head coach at Vandy, is in the Hall of Fame and has been in pro football since Franklin was about 9.

...being a Penn Stater wasn’t necessarily a trait necessary for the job. And then I keep on seeing a great university divided, only really brought together in classrooms across campus and on the football field -- by a coach who just left.

...being a Penn Stater wasn’t necessarily a trait necessary for the job. And then it doesn't seem like they're hiring Penn Staters to coach in any sport any more.

...the committee is looking for men with head coaching experience and special leadership skills that will translate well to the situation at Penn State. And then I see Al Golden has resurrected two programs two ways as a head coach, with more head coaching experience than the rest of the field – combined.

...a really decent and caring guy like Jim Caldwell, who coached in two Super Bowls, eight years at Wake Forest, seven years at Penn State and with quarterbacks like Peyton Manning, Joe Flacco and Kerry Collins, is interested in the job. And then I heard he wasn’t even interviewed.

...and taught others to use at minimum of two sources or a direct conversation with the person involved. And at times I’ve gone with just one :(


...Al Golden wants $3.2 million, James Franklin wants $4 million and Mike Munchak simply wants the job. And now, having written about PSU football for 85.3% of James Franklin's years on this planet, I'm offering to do it for what Penn State's paying me right now.

...the search and hire should all be done by Friday, with a press conference on Saturday. And I hope they’re right.

I'm telling you, this coaching search stuff has been exhausting.

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Penn State Football: Franklin In Crosshairs As Search Continues
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