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Repeat After Me — Food First

by on May 19, 2012 11:41 AM

Not much time goes by when I don’t miss my time on the radio. I really miss having the avenue of sharing my voice, my opinions and my educational insight with all the listeners that I had while I was on air.

For those of you who don’t know or don’t remember, for five years I was an on-air personality on local radio. My live show focused on natural health, detoxification, living a vibrant life, fitness and supplementation … of course. What else I would be passionate enough to talk about?

One phrase that repeatedly came out of my mouth every show was, “food first.”  I was often asked what changes would provide the greatest amount of benefit to the starving and unhealthy bodies we are working hard to feed, nourish, balance and heal.

I was asked which supplement or combinations of supplements were the one true fix, the “magic bullet” if you will, to repair all that ails us these days. I was asked which detox method would best fix dysfunction, imbalance, pain and inflammation or which diet supplementation protocol would help lose those unwanted pounds and keep them off forever.

Food first! What I meant by this then and what I want us all to remember today is that all the supplements in the world will not heal a body if you are still eating garbage and junk. You cannot take handfuls and mouthfuls of supplements every day and continue to feed your body empty and fake foods and expect to bring about any form of healthy change. It simply will not work.

Our bodies are designed to run on food, clean food, pure food, and complete food. Once you have made significant changes to your diet (eeeeew ... diet ... it’s almost a dirty word... but when we talk about eating healthy … diet is a good word) — designing a diet that actually fuels your body — fuels it in a way that your body was designed to burn, you can then fill the holes with the necessary supplementation.

Does food first mean that we never need supplements? Nope, quite the opposite. We do need supplements. Our food sources are so depleted of complete nutrients that we need to provide the helping hand of some supplementation. Clean and natural multivitamins should be taken daily by everyone.

Probiotics and digestive enzymes should be taken by those with digestive malfunction. Immuno-supportive supplementation should be taken by those of us who suffer with weakened immune systems.

How do we determine how we should eat, how to put food first and then how to supplement? We can break down your dietary and supplementary needs simply and effectively with metabolic profiling and nutritional evaluation and hair mineral analysis.

Read your supplement label and learn to determine which supplements are better than others. I have put a list of natural versus synthetic sources so you can quickly and easily determine if your supplements are doing you more harm than good.

I have uploaded information to my website to assist you with your supplementation needs:

Julie A. Wilczynski is a Traditional Naturopath, Counselor of Natural Health, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga and Pilates instructor. For more information, contact Julie at

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