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The Year's Greatest Bloom: Penn State Graduates

by on May 12, 2010 6:28 AM

Spring is in full bloom, and graduation is this weekend. I would like to congratulate the senior class of 2010.

Poetically, you started here probably in East Halls, the dorms closest to the (now former) flower gardens. Like the flowers you started as seeds and have by now blossomed into your full potential, ready to present yourself to the working world. My advice to you is this: Remember that throughout your path of travel to stop and smell the roses regularly.

In fact, I suggest you smell all of the flowers over at the Hintz Family Alumni Center. After all, you are now officially an alumnus or alumna! I strolled through the garden earlier this week, and what a delight! You will feel revitalized by the landscaping, the flowers, the pond and the cute little ducklings frolicking around. Be warned: If you stop by during your lunch break, you might not return to your job that day.

If you're looking for some celebration before graduation, join me tomorrow for the 27th annual Cheers First Class Tour (patent pending!). This celebratory tradition combines one of television's most loved sitcoms about everyday life with the sendoff of the senior class into the real world. It's about making one more lasting memory of Happy Valley.

The tour has not only a lot of graduating seniors, but also some faculty, staff, friends and families of mine and students. It's a great way for me to give a final stamp of approval for these first class young adults. Come and join us! We'll be found on any and every dance floor downtown. Cheers!

In the spirit of graduation, two fine gentlemen in my town of Linden Hall have taken on a "senior project" of sorts.

We are in the process of restoring the Rock Hill School, and lots of folks are working hard to bring this unique and historic school back to life. But Len Rocky (no relation to either "Rock" hill or Mr. Balboa) and Ron Kreidler have been instrumental to this renovation through fund raising, grant proposals and their overall vision.

The Rock Hill School was built in 1893 and was used as a one-room school house until 1937. In the '40s, '50s and '60s, it became a community meeting area. The renovation started five years ago, and is set to be completed (hopefully) by this October. The goal is for the new and improved historic building to be utilized by non-profit organizations, including the Boy and Girl Scouts, the American Red Cross, school field trips, weddings, and -- possibly, with the help and support of Rep. Kerry Bennighoff and Sen. Jake Corman -- community meetings.

Most recently, the school house was used by the Linden Hall Garden Club for its annual plant auction. The club's president, Eva Mae Reese, told me before the auction that the Linden Hall Garden Club began in 1950 with 35 members and today has only 17 members. The club does a great job with its main function: maintaining the Linden Hall Cemetery.

She also informed me that the plant auction, though popular, wasn't the group's biggest fundraiser. That award goes to the pie sale at the Day in Town in Boalsburg on Memorial Day (May 31). As you may or may not know, Boalsburg is known as the birthplace of Memorial Day.

If you are around for this hometown holiday, it is definitely worth it to stop by and eat a piece or two (or -- live me last year -- five) of one of the Garden Club's pies.

Mike (The Mailman) Herr gives his stamp of approval to all visitors Monday through Friday at the University Park post office in the ground floor of McAllister Building, adjacent to the HUB. His views and opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Penn State University.
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