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WWE Smackdown Recap from the Bryce Jordan Center!

by on January 22, 2008 12:57 PM

The crowd at the BJC was ready for some wrestling as signature theme music thumped loudly, introducing each wrestler’s entry into the arena.  The music intro gave the enthusiastic crowd ample opportunity to heckle or scream their allegiance for different wrestlers!

The night started off a little slow but the energy began to increase as the night progressed.  In the first match of the night Kane defeated Big Daddy V in the only snoozer of the evening. Both wrestlers droned their way through the match, not giving the fans much to get excited about.   Perhaps the slow first match allowed the stragglers to get to their seats without missing anything (though it was fun to heckle Big Daddy V).

John Morrison and The Miz robbed Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore in the second match of the night, allowing John Morrison and The MIZ to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship. In what was one of the most athletic filled bouts of the night, Shannon Moore had the stuffing beat out of him.  After the beating, Jimmy Wang Yang came storming in on the tag to repeatedly put Morrison and The Miz to the canvas. The ref was disappointingly distracted by The Miz and missed what should have clearly been a three count by Jimmy Wang Yang on Johnny Morrison.  Instead, Johnny Morrison turned the tables on Jimmy Wang Yang and received a quick pin.

The third bout saw Kelly Kelly come from behind with a few sweet moves and one MASSIVE, crowd pleasing atomic wedgie to take down Victoria. Kelly Kelly left victorious, and Victoria never did recover from that atomic wedgie!

Tommy Dreamer shockingly fell to Elijah Burke, and fell hard. As Elijah reveled in his victory parade out of the arena, Dreamer remained on the canvas, needing a little assistance to stand up and leave the ring.  Kofi Kingston outclassed and outwrestled the smarmy Deuce on every front much to the crowds delight. It didn’t take long for Kingston’s speed and power to overwhelm the greasy Deuce.

Also, CM Punk survived a brutal beating, including some big hits and abuse to his left knee, to beat Shelton Benjamin and to retain his ECW Championship. CM Punk limped out with the belt and Shelton Benjamin staggered out of the ring empty handed.

Flashy “Nature Boy” Rick Flair (WOOOOoooooooo), clearly the crowd favorite, survived his “career match” against Mark Henry. It was hard to find a fan of the world’s strongest man (Henry) against old school opponent Rick Flair.  Flair did not disappoint the crowd. Using wisdom and experience rather than raw strength and speed, the elder wrestling statesman dispensed of Mark Henry without suffering too much punishment.  

Finlay overcame mountainous odds to pin The Great Khali with the help of Hornswoggle and the shillelagh. In the revelry following the incredible victory, the celebratory Finlay pulled a kid from the crowd onto the stage to help celebrate. The crowd was ecstatic and the celebration and fun lasted for quite a few minutes. The happy child was eventually returned to his parents after a quick once in a lifetime photo op.

In the main event of the night, the cowardly Edge stole one from Batista in a no DQ match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Batista, clearly the crowd favorite, had mopped the ring as well as the surrounding seats with Edge, and was clearly on his way to victory.  However, Edge’s friends came into the ring and assisted him in stealing the match and the belt to close the evening out!

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