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Area Gyms Offer Workout Solutions for the New Year

by and on January 05, 2014 12:00 PM

Every year, getting in shape and living a healthier lifestyle is always among the most popular New Year’s resolutions made by Americans.

Exercising more and eating well allows people to start the year out the right way — healthy, fit and positive.

The popularity of work out resolutions often leads to a large increase in gym memberships. April Salinas, a personal trainer at East Coast Health & Fitness in State College says the gym sees a big boom in memberships at the beginning of the year.

“Definitely in the first month we notice a rise in people working out and wanting to work with a trainer,” she says. “There’s definitely more people interested in getting fit for the new year.”

John Kmiecinski, owner and head personal trainer and sports performance coach at Elite Edge Athletics in Bellefonte, says his gym also sees an increase in memberships early into the new year.

“With the new year, everyone has their New Year’s resolution. They are weighing out their gym membership options,” he says. “Everyone wants to be healthier. It’s a very common New Year’s resolution.”

To aid those with work out resolutions, both gyms will be offering new classes and specials for the new year.

East Coast has deals on personal training sessions and promotions.

New programs include a functional and group training class that will be held in East Coast’s power lifting room and Yogalaties, a new class that combines yoga and Pilates. Other popular classes include different small group training classes, Zumba and a turbo barre class that utilizes a barre along the wall to complete different exercises.

This variety allows East Coast to offer something for everyone, creating a fun and motivating atmosphere.

“If people aren’t motivated, they just aren’t going to do it. Look at it as have fun with it. If you enjoy it, the more you are going to want to stick with it,” Salinas says. “You want to try to find something that you can be passionate about, something you enjoy. Then you will return to it and keep doing it every day.”

At Elite Edge, Kmiecinski has created a small group personal training program for the start of the year.

“Adults can sign up for themselves and pay the small group price and train on a progressive, functional, movement training program,” he says.

For New Year’s, these classes will be $15 apiece when 20 classes are purchased.

To make sure results happen, Kmiecinski advises those who are new to the gym to look into taking classes like his small group personal training program.

“It just has to be self-control and dedication and surrounding yourself with positive people that have the same goals and the same desires as you,” he says.

To do this, he feels it is very important for those who are less experienced with gym equipment to work with a professional who is qualified to prescribe a workout that guarantees results.

“Make a change and get help. Seek a qualified professional and live on,” he says. “You get the most bang for your buck.”  

In addition to working out, Salinas believes people with health-oriented New Year’s resolutions need to know the right way to go about nutrition.

“The nutrition aspect has to be a large part as well. They have to make sure they’re eating properly before and after (working out),” she says.

Combined with knowing the right way to eat, Salinas says it is also important to understand the proper guidelines for work out time and form. She feels when all the right steps are taken, people are more willing to turn their New Year’s resolutions into a lifestyle change.

“Try to push it beyond just starting in the first couple weeks of the year. Continue it. Stick with it because before you know it, it’s just a part of your daily habit.”

When it comes to results, both Salinas and Kmiecinski recommend setting small, attainable goals in order to stay motivated.

“Set reachable goals. You don’t want to set goals that are only achievable after a year of training. You want to set small goals and set yourself up to be successful,” Kmiecinski says.

Salinas says reachable goals can simply include setting a specific time of the day to work out and sticking to it or signing up to run a race a few weeks after starting a program.

“Map it out day-by-day and set some goals for yourself,” she says. “Make it a part of your routine. Don’t do it just for a New Year’s resolution, but for the entire year.”

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