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Blogging from Bellefonte: Ongoing Coverage of the Sandusky Preliminary Hearing

by on December 12, 2011 11:30 PM

2:43 p.m. Dec. 13: Video from Amendola's Bellefonte press conference is posted on this page. A full text report about the waiver of the preliminary hearing is posted on this page.

11:40 a.m. Dec. 13: A lawyer for Victim No. 4 released a statement on behalf of his client in response to Sandusky waiving his preliminary hearing:

“I can’t put into words how unbearable this has been all my life both physically and mentally. I can’t believe they put us through this to the last second only to waive the hearing. I want to thank all of the people who have shown support. Regardless of the decision to waive the hearing, nothing has changed. I still will stand my ground to testify and speak the truth.”

10:30: a.m. Dec 13: Lawyer for Victim no. 4 says in statement: "I can't believe they put us through this to the last second to waive the hearing."

10:17 a.m. Dec 13: Sandusky defense says that they hope for a trial this summer or next fall.-Ben

10:15 a.m. Dec 13:  Sandusky defense says that this is the biggest game of Sandusky's life and that they will fight like hell for his innocence.-Ben

10:00 a.m Dec 13: Sandusky defense says that they have no idea what happened to missing Second Mile travel records.-Ben

9:40 a.m Dec 13: Sandusky defense says that they are "pretty sure" of the identities of most all of the accusers.-Ben

9:36 a.m. Dec 13: Sandusky will not attend his formal arraignment January 11th and will plead "Not guilty"-Ben

9:35 a.m. Dec 13: Defense states that they will focus on McQueary's credibility, and that some victims may see money as a motivation to claim that they were abused.-Ben

9:30 a.m. Dec 13: Sandusky defense has begun to answer questions by the media-Ben

9:15 a.m. Dec 13: Sandusky's lawyer has not returned to courthouse after leaving with Sandusky, but media remain outside hopeful that a statement will come shortly.-Ben

8:49 a.m. Dec 13: Victim 1's lawyer addresses media and says that his client was ready to testify today.-Ben

8:45 a.m. Dec 13: Lawyer for Victim 6 said the he was here, ready to testify.-Ben

8:38 a.m. Dec 13: Jerry Sandusky exits the back of the courthouse and leaves with police escort in silver SUV.-Ben

8:30 a.m. Dec. 13: Jerry Sandusky has waived his right to a preliminary hearing. More to come.-Ben

8:00 a.m. Dec. 13: Jerry Sandusky arrives in a silver SUV with 2 police escorts. His family walks behind him as he is escorted to the back door of the courthouse. One reporter yells to Sandusky if he is ready to face his accusers.-Ben

7:30 a.m. Dec. 13: Area behind the courthouse has filled with media members waiting for those involved with the hearing to arrive.-Ben

6:02 a.m. Dec. 13: will be updating a running photo gallery of the day's events. You can view that gallery here.-Ben

5:15 a.m. Dec. 13: The parking lot in the back of the courthouse has been blocked off and is surrounded by some camera equipment. Typically this is the area where those involved with court proceedings enter and exit.-Ben

4:20 a.m. Dec. 13: Major and local media outlets have already set-up outside the courthouse. CNN, Fox News, and ABC are all accounted for in the parking areas closest to the building. In total there are 20 or more news vans in the area. Some local shops have started to open up and will be serving breakfast.-Ben


11:30 p.m. Dec. 12: will have four journalists Tuesday in Bellefonte to cover Jerry Sandusky's preliminary hearing. One of them is Ben Jones, who will be updating this live-blog page regularly with information from the court proceedings and from the scene outside in downtown Bellefonte.

Earlier coverage is aggregated on this special page. Other reporters covering the case can be found on Twitter at @SCNewsDesk and @MinkNate. --Adam Smeltz

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December 12, 2011 10:23 PM
by Staff to Cover Sandusky Hearing; Here's How
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